Covered Electronic Content in the Revised 508 Standards 2017 Inter Agency Accessibility Forum WCAG 2.0 Incorporation By Reference (IBR) 508/255 Rule WCAG 2.0 A AA

AAA WCAG 2.0 IBR for Electronic Content E205.4 Accessibility Standard Electronic content shall conform to Level A and Level AA Success Criteria and Conformance Requirements in WCAG 2.0 (incorporated by reference, see 702.10.1) E205.4 continues Exception for non-Web documents from the four Success Criteria that are for sets of Web pages E205.4.1 details the word substitution needed to read WCAG 2.0 to

apply to non-Web documents What is Electronic Content? E103 Definitions Content. Electronic information and data, as well as the encoding that defines its structure, presentation, and interactions Another Important Definition Public Facing. Content made available by an agency to members of the general public. Examples include, but are not limited to, an agency Web site, blog post, or social media pages

E205.3 Agency Official Communication A. An emergency notification B. An initial or final decision adjudicating an administrative claim or proceeding C. An internal or external program or policy announcement D. A notice of benefits, program eligibility, employment opportunity, or personnel action E. A formal acknowledgement of receipt F. A survey questionnaire G. A template or form H. Educational or training materials

I. Intranet content designed as a Web page What is Covered Electronic Content E205.2 Public Facing Electronic content that is public facing E205.3 Agency Official Communication

Electronic content that is not public facing Exception for NARA records Examples of an Emergency Notification Evacuation notice Text messages conveying emergency instructions (e.g., shelter in place)

Hazardous weather alert Operational notices e.g., unscheduled closure Example of an Initial or Final Decision Adjudicating an Administrative Claim or Proceeding An electronic notice or alert of an approved, denied, or

pending claim sent to a business or other organization, or to an individual Examples of an Internal or External Program or Policy Announcement An electronic notification of a new or changed agency

policy or program Examples of a Notice of Benefits, Program Eligibility, Employment Opportunity, or Personnel Action A notice of government benefits A notice of program eligibility Notification of a personnel action indicating a promotion, adverse action, or other decision affecting a government employee

Job announcements X Not covered content Examples of a Formal Acknowledgement of Receipt An email acknowledging receipt of payment

A notice posted to a program participants web page containing his or her personal account information and acknowledging that he or she successfully submitted certain records Examples of a Survey Questionnaire A set of written questions

(open-ended or multiple choice) developed for the purpose of a survey or data analysis This category does not include questions submitted during litigation or legal proceedings A questionnaire assessing employee training needs

An employee satisfaction survey A questionnaire used to gather information related to gauging satisfaction with a government program Examples of a Template or Form An electronic document template used to create official agency documents or

presentations a Web page template created to establish a common look and feel for a website an official agency form that must be completed by employees or members of the public Examples of Educational or Training Materials Interactive online training courses

Self-paced training course Educational webinars Support materials for educational activities including, electronic worksheets, training manuals, or tests Examples of Intranet Content Designed as a Web Page HTML Web pages distributed internally via an agency

Intranet An intranet page listing files for downloading Shared calendars An internal employee locator Does not include files within a listing distributed via the agency intranet that are not in one or more of the nine categories

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