NCSRC Charter Members The NCSRC became a Chartered Affiliate of the AARC in 1968. Known Charter Members Include: Houston Anderson Harold Bass Von Baker Bill Brown Hal Brown Joyce Crowe Bob Darrenkamp Fern Fuller Herb Grubbs Edith Helms Jerry Hines Buddy Holt Harvey Jacobs James Johnson Maxine Lentz Don McNeal Joe Nations Connie Paladenech Johnny Robbins Tom Roddy Ava Saylor Roy Taylor David Gurley Significant Events in NCSRC History Date 1965 1968 1968 1970s 1980 1986 1987 1991 1991 A group of salesmen from Bennett, Inc and from Air Products and Chemicals, Inc offered financial sponsorship for a group of Inhalation Therapists from North and South Carolina to meet. This group had two meetings, in WinstonSalem, NC and Charlotte, NC. Shortly thereafter, and stemming from these meetings, the NC/SC Society of Inhalation Therapy was formed. NC and SC split into two individual societies. Houston Anderson served as the first president of the North Carolina Society of the American Association for Inhalation Therapy The North Carolina Society of the American Association for Inhalation Therapy became a Chartered Affiliate of the American Association for Inhalation Therapy During this decade, the Society sponsored or endorsed two annual seminars, the "Symposium by the Sea" in the fall in the eastern part of the state, and the "Breath of Spring" in the spring in the western part of the state The first Sputum Bowl competition was held at that year's Symposium by the Sea March 14th - At its BOD Meeting, the NCSRC BOD voted in favor of the pursuit of legal credentialing of respiratory therapists in NC The Symposium by the Sea was moved for a few years to Myrtle Beach, SC, but the BOD passed a motion to permanently move it back to NC, where it has been held ever since. Three regions for the NCSRC were defined, and the regionalization concept began Vendor Representative position was conceived as an advisory role in the NSCRC governance Significant Events in NCSRC History Date 1991 North Carolina won the AARCs National Sputum Bowl Competition 1992 NC Sputum Bowl Team won the International Sputum Bowl Competition 1996 The NCSRC hired an Executive Secretary 1996 The NCSRC first developed its Internet Web Site 1999 The Political Advocacy Contact Team (PACT) was initiated in NC as a part of the AARC's plan for advocacy 1999

After the initial lecture, attendees to the Symposium by the Sea were evacuated from Atlantic Beach due to the approach of Hurricane Floyd 2000 The NC Legislature passed the Respiratory Care Practice Act 2001 Requested the North Carolina Respiratory Care Educators (NCARE) to be the administrator of the NCSRC funded student scholarship program. 2002 October 1st - Licensure of Respiratory Care Practitioners in NC became effective 2003 The NCSRC BOD voted to rotate the annual meeting to all geographical areas of the state 2004 The NCSRC wins the AARC Summit Award, recognizing the Chartered Affiliate of the Year Significant Events in NCSRC History Date 2004 The Annual Symposium was held at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. Attendees were treated to heavy flooding in area and water outages associated with the remnant of a hurricane passing through the area. 2005 NCSRC Vendor Hall officially designated as the Shelton "Boogie" Dixon Memorial Vendor Hall 2007 The NCSRC wins the AARC Summit Award, recognizing the Chartered Affiliate of the Year 2009 The NCSRC funded student scholarships were designated as the Jim Whitley Memorial Scholarship Program 2009 The NCSRC initiated the Respiratory Therapy Student Mentoring Program 2010 Attendees at the Annual Symposium, held in Wilmington, were treated to record rainfall resulting in area flooding. 2011 The NCSRC BOD voted to name one of the lectures at the NCSRC Annual Meeting in honor of Rick Sells for his long and devoted lifetime contribution to the NCSRC. The NCSRC Bylaws and Standing Rules were revised to enable a two year term for the officer positions of President and Treasurer. 2011 2012 North Carolina won the AARCs National Sputum Bowl Competition 2012 The NCSRC Educator of the Year Award was officially designed as the Gail Gane Educator of the Year Award 2013 The NCSRC BOD voted to approve a Social Media Policy, and initiated a Facebook page. Significant Events in NCSRC History Date 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018 The NCSRC Manager of the Year Award was officially designated as the Harvey Jacobs Leadership Award The NCSRC BOD voted to name the Open Forum portion of the NCSRC Annual Meeting in honor of Dan Grady for his contributions to the science and research in Respiratory Care in North Carolina. North Carolina won the AARCs National Sputum Bowl Competition With the resignation of the President-Elect, the BOD voted to extend the term of the existing President, Ricky Bowen. With this vote, Ricky became only the second president to serve for 3 year. Don Fletcher served for 3 years

total over the course of 3 separate terms. The NCRCB adopted a Declaratory Ruling for Advanced Practice Respiratory Therapist. History of Respiratory Care Education in North Carolina The first Inhalation Therapy Education Program in the state was at NC Baptist Hospital, starting in 1964. In 1972, this hospital based program moved to Forsyth Technical Institute, which became Forsyth Community College. The second Inhalation Therapy Education Program, established in 1965, was at Duke University Hospital. This program moved to Durham Technical Institute in 1970 to become the state's first college-based Inhalation Therapy Program. The first baccalaureate Respiratory Care Program in the state was established at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2007. COLLEGE PROGRAM STARTED Forsyth Technical Community College 1964 Durham Community College 1965 Central Piedmont Community College 1973 Stanly Community College 1975 Sandhills Community College 1975 Fayetteville Community College 1978 Carteret Community College 1979 Pitt Community College 1983 Edgecomb Community College 1988 Robeson Community College 1988 Southwestern Community College 1990 Catawba Valley Community College 1991 Rockingham Community College 1999 University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2007 Wilkes Community College 2008 NCSRC Presidents Year

President Year 1965 Roy Taylor 1978 1966 Bill Brown 1967 Year President Year President Bruce Steinbach 1991 Garry Dukes 2004 Ray Braxton 1979 Stan Engle 1992 Kelly McClure 2005 Diana Statler Fern Fuller 1980 Fred Castrovinci 1993 Dan Grady 2006 Connie Paladenech 1968 Houston Anderson 1981 Archie McKenzie 1994 2007 1969 Johnny Robbins 1982 Terry Garland Rick Leonard Bill Kiger 1970

Von Baker 1983 Bill Young 1995 Rick Sells 2008 Terry Smith 1971 Harvey Jacobs 1984 Carol Bengston 1996 Bob Ricker 2009 Jimmy Phillips 1972 Tom Morris 1985 Don Fletcher 1997 Wanda Marlow 2010 Jill Saye 1973 Harold Bass 1986 1998 Ralph Webb 2011 Kim Clark Bob Darenkamp 1987 1999 Beverly Dukes 2012 Robin Ross 2000 1975 1988 Bill Croft 2013-14 Myra Stearns Don Fletcher

Jan Thalman Susan RinaldoGallo Don Fletcher 1976 Dave Varner 1989 2001 Ken Powell Ray Braxton 2015-17 Ricky Bowen 1977 Fred Detterman 1990 Pat Lovell 2002 Tommy Williams 2018-19 Trish Miller 2003 June Beck 1974 President NCSRC Symposium Lectures Year Keynote Speaker Rick Sells Lecturer Houston Anderson Lecturer 1993 H. A. "Bones" McKinney 1994 Jim Jones, MD 1995 Tiffini Turner 1996 Dean Hess, RRT 1997 Bob Demers, RRT 1998 William Dubbs, RRT 1999 Symposium Cancelled 2000 Bruce Rubin, MD Neil MacIntyre, MD 2001

Sam Giordano, RRT Dean Hess, RRT 2002 E. Norris Tolson David Collins, MD 2003 Rick Sells, RRT Ira Cheifetz, MD 2004 Tommy Williams, RRT Edward Haponik, MD 2005 Kevin Shrake, RRT A. L. DeWitt, RRT, JD 2006 Ira Cheifetz, MD Nick Hill, MD 2007 Bruce Rubin, MD Ira Cheifetz, MD 2008 Ira Cheifetz, MD Thomas Kallstrom, RRT 2009 Jill Saye, RRT Neil MacIntyre, MD 2010 Marci Wilding Dan Grady, RRT 2011 Senator William Purcell, MD Richard Branson, RRT 2012 Joseph Coyle, MD Jim Ginda, RRT 2013 Joseph Coyle, MD David Vines, RRT 2014 Garry Kauffman, RRT Tom Kallstrom, RRT 2015 Shelbourn Stevens, RRT

Shawna Strickland, RRT 2016 Joseph Coyle, MD Brian Walsh, RRT 2017 Matt Pavlichko, RRT Frank Salvatore, RRT 2018 Tom Jenike, MD Dean Hess, RRT NCSRC Scholarship Winner Year Name 2002 Laura Powers Kelly Shaw 2003 Earl Middleton Candace Kort College Rockingham CC John Tally Sandhills CC Jill Hoer Catawba Valley CC Nicholas Hagler Durham CC Judy Lee Carteret CC Kevin Thomas Catawba Valley CC Kelley Creed Central Piedmont CC Margie Floyd Catawba Valley CC Paul Forgues Catawba Valley CC Kasey Wilson Southwestern CC Brett Kerby Southwestern CC Edgecombe CC Portia Robinson Edgecombe CC Pitt CC Mark Bodnar Catawba Valley CC

Michael Winstead Central Piedmont CC Sinclair Fultz Rockingham CC Carteret CC Southwestern CC Stanly CC 2005 Robin Whitley Stanly CC Pitt CC 2007 Evelyn Cadle Catawba Valley CC 2009 Kevin Westbrook Nicole Nunamaker 2010 Marcia Schornak Myra Dotson 2013 2014 Pitt CC 2006 Samantha Baldree Sara Caras 2012 Carteret CC Candace Craig 2008 Kashunda Garrett College Pitt CC Stanly CC Jason Efird 2011 Name Kristy Hernandez 2004 Son (Liz) Cha Alina Hulsey Year Stanly CC Carteret CC Pitt CC Central Piedmont CC Durham CC 2015 2016 2017 NCSRC Special Service Recognition Year Practitioner of the Year Physician of the Year

Manager of the Year Educator of the Year 1992 Floyd Boyer 1993 Jim Whitley 1994 Tracy Holden 1995 Mike Hamilton 1996 Amy Jones 1997 Susan Thidemann 1998 Dan Grady 1999 Rick Leonard 2000 Gus Doescher Dr. Neil MacIntyre 2001 James Langley Dr. David Collins 2002 Diana Statler Dr. Ira Cheifetz Tommy Williams 2003 Connie Paladenech Dr. Gerald Maccioli Diana Statler and Kathy March 2004 Barry Linhart Dr. James Keel Bill Kiger Tom Morris 2005 Pat Daley Dr. Bruce Cairns Jan Thalman Donna Neal 2006

Burchie Thompson Dr. Joseph Coyle Jill Saye Tammy Crump 2007 Robert Petty Dr. Will Miles Paula Mendenhall 2008 Respiratory Care Staff of Haywood Regional Medical Center Dr. Robert Shaw Shelbourn Stevens Bill Croft 2009 Rebecca Williams Harold Finn William Sugg, Jr. 2010 Mark Leonard Dr. Gregory Campbell Mike Crabb Richard Miller 2011 Christy Ginn Dr. Toan Huynh Lanny Inabnit 2012 Sharon McRee Dr. Barry Sigal Robin Ross 2013 Charley Starnes Dr. Donald Brescia Dan Grady Dr. Joseph Coyle 2014 Jessica Gardner Dr. Ronald Perkin Charles (Skip) Bangley Lisa Cutshaw 2015 Malissa Lockamy

Dr. Barry Sigal Jody Miller Judy Adrian 2016 Lindsey Kreisher Dr. Robert Shaw 2017 Joseph Shepheard Dr. Tom Bice Garry Dukes Trisha Miller Travis Houston Lanny Inabnit Life and Honorary Members NCSRC Life Membership AARC Honorary Membership NCSRC AARC Houston Anderson Houston Anderson Neil MacIntyre, MD Donald Egan, MD Johnny Robbins Johnny Robbins Ed Landis, MD Don Fletcher Susan Rinaldo-Gallo Robert Shaw, MD Harvey Jacobs Ira Cheifetz, MD Bob Darrenkamp Joe Coyle, MD Susan Rinaldo-Gallo Floyd Boyer Tom Morris Garry Dukes Rick Sells Ralph Webb Dan Grady Connie Paladenech Neil MacIntyre, MD NCSRC Sputum Bowl History Practitioner Competition Champions Year 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990

1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 Chuck Alford Dan Grady Dan Grady Dan Grady Dan Grady Dan Grady Tom Hengel Jim Whitley Jim Whitley Mike Casey Pat Daley Dan Grady Pat Daley Nick Widder Dan Grady Dan Grady Tom Nelson Toni Jarvis Bill Byrtus Bill Byrtus Bill Byrtus Bill Byrtus Bill Byrtus Judi Joyner Debbie Ploeger Sammie Cecil Evelyn Woodie Jim Whitley Jim Whitley Les Foss Patrick Randolph Mike Casey Jim Whitley Nick Widder Elaine Campbell Jeff Walker Jeff Walker Hershell Cassel John Winks John Winks Chery Rollins Mitch Hayes Robin Dickerson Dena Johnson Sammie Cecil Mike Casey David Flaherty Yvette Michaels Beverly Smith Sammie Cecil Ronnie Sloan William Mashburn Mike Casey Brian Stearns William Mashburn Nicholas Pratt NCSRC Sputum Bowl History Practitioner Competition Champions Year 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

2011 2012 2015 Pat Daley Dan Grady Chuck Alford Gary Mims Jim Whitley Jim Whitley Mike Gentile Jim Whitley Cathy Bitsche Cathy Bitsche Cathy Bitsche Wendy Ayscue Trisha Miller Cathy Bitsche Cathy Bitsche Rusty Sugg Cathe Bitsche Mike Casey Jim Whitley Toni Jarvis Rita Heath Gary Mims Gary Mims John Davies Gary Mims Robin Ross Robin Ross Robin Ross Ray Braxton Laurie Freshwater Robin Ross Robin Ross Robin Ross Tricia Miller David Flaherty Mike Casey Elaine Campbell Cynthia Todd Rita Heath William Mashburn John Heinz William Mashburn Murphy Webber Trisha Miller Laurie Freshwater Rusty Sugg David Roach Kim Clark Pat Daley Tricia Miller Laurie Freshwater Ronnie Sloan William Mashburn Cynthia Todd Brady White Trisha Miller Wayne Trainor William Mashburn NCSRC Sputum Bowl History Student Competition Champions Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Stephanie Mitchem Robert Williams Jake Anderson Charles Mitchell Angela Chapman Chris Whelan Richard Palmerico Lauren Jackson Bobby DeGiosio Michelle Turnage Zachary Short Matt Hixon Mark Bodnar Matthew Steeno Kristin Rugg Megan McIntyre Krystal Kluttz Natalie Spencer Rachel Clifford Nikki Cagle Erika Revels Chris Denmark Tabitha Gonzales Danielle Dillane Noah Jones Jay Cleary Samantha Baucom Rachel Bowser Christy Stewart Billie Jo Deal Casey Smith Eunice Gilbert Niya Hagans Adam Conner Katiya Robinson Ashley Peaden Luv Hope Stephanie Spencer Benjamin Lackey Kasey Wilson Brian Burgess Gerri Maynor Erica Burnoski Cristy Bennett Kristy Hernandez Katie Lehman Michelle Wobles Landon Stevenson Chase Souza NCSRC Member Contribution at the National Level AARC Officer Positions Held AARC Board of Directors President 1972 Houston Anderson 1976 1972 Wayne McIntosh 1998-2001 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 2001-2005 Nick Widder 2004-2009 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 2007

Nick Widder Houston Anderson Vice President, Internal Affairs 2011 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo Secretary / Treasurer 2002 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 2003 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo Secretary 1969 Houston Anderson 1993 Jan Thalman AARC House of Delegates Treasurer 1995 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 1996 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 1997 Garry Dukes 1998 Garry Dukes NCSRC Member Contribution at the National Level AARC Specialty Section Chair Adult Acute Care Section 2000-2005 Nick Widder 2007 Nick Widder AARC Specialty Section Practitioner of the Year Adult Acute Care Section 1997 Nick Widder 2005 Joe Hylton 2007 Brady Scott 2008 Jhaymie Cappiello AARC Surface and Air Transport Section 2006 Scott Prater 2015 Joe Hylton AARC Specialty Section Practitioner of the Year AARC Management Section 2015 Garry Kauffman AARC Neonatal-Pediatrics Section 2007 Tiffany Mabe 2014 Karl Kaminski AARC Continuing Care / Rehabilitation Section 2013 Connie Paladenech NCSRC Member Honored at the National Level AARC Jimmy A. Young Award

1990 2007 Houston Anderson Neil MacIntyre American Respiratory Care Foundation Allen and Hansbury Award 1993 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 1993 Jan Thalman 1993 Neil MacIntyre, MD Fellow of the American Association for Respiratory Care 1998 Neil MacIntyre, MD 1999 Houston Anderson 1999 Jan Thalman 2001 Bruce Rubin, MD 2002 Ira Cheifetz, MD 2003 Donna Hammel 2004 Dan Grady 2004 Mike Gentile 2005 John Davies 2009 Susan Rinaldo-Gallo 2009 John Riggs 2010 Joe Hylton 2013 Garry Dukes 2013 Kathy Short 2014 Floyd Boyer 2015 Connie Paladenech

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