WS2 - Risk-Based Approach to IT Infrastructure Security and ...

WS2 - Risk-Based Approach to IT Infrastructure Security and ...

Next Generation Firewalls Do We Need Them? D12 Wednesday 18th July 10.30-11.45 am John Tannahill Mail: [email protected] 2018 J. Tannahill & Associates Network Security Key Risk Areas

Internet Network Perimeter Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Wireless LAN Networks Sensitive Network Segments WAN Connectivity Software Defined Networking (SDN) 2018 J. Tannahill & 2 Common Network Vulnerabilities

Network services with known vulnerabilities and not patched Network services with poor authentication Unnecessary network services that are not properly configured or secured Network transmission of clear text credentials and data 2018 J. Tannahill & Associates 3 Network Perimeter Controls Firewall Application Servers

External Router Internet Browser Defense in Depth: -Firewalls - Security Zones -Switch / VLAN -Hardened OS -Hardened TCP/IP Services -IDS/IPS Architecture -Sandbox Appliances 2018 J. Tannahill & Associates DMZ Servers: -Mail -Web

-VPN Database Servers Network Traffic Ingress Traffic Egress Traffic 2018 J. Tannahill & 5 Egress Traffic Controls

Network monitoring for egress traffic relating to C2 traffic Understand anomalous outbound traffic Firewall rules to restrict outbound protocols NGFW to inspect traffic (e.g. https) Use indicators of compromise Use blacklists for C&C Servers 2018 J. Tannahill & 6 Network Firewall Technologies

Packet Filters Stateful Inspection Next Generation Firewalls 2018 J. Tannahill & 7 NGFW Examples Palo Alto Cisco ASA with Firepower

Fortigate 2018 J. Tannahill & 8 Next Generation Firewall Functions Palo Alto Example

User-id / App-id Wildfire (Anti-malware) Vulnerability Protection URL Filtering Data Filtering (Data Loss Prevention) Zone Protection SSL Decryption 2018 J. Tannahill & 9 Critical Security Controls Source: 2018 J. Tannahill &

10 Key Network Controls Next Generation Firewalls Egress Filtering Network Segmentation and Isolation NetFlow (Detect Anomalous Activity) Network Access Control Threat / Vulnerability Intelligence Indicators of Compromise

Vulnerability Management 2018 J. Tannahill & 11 Network Security Assessment Network Discovery & Mapping TCP/IP Service Enumeration Network Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing / Red Team Exercises Firewall Security Assessment

Architecture Configuration Rules Wireless Security Assessment 2018 J. Tannahill & Associates Network Security Controls Configuration Management (Cisco ASA; Palo Alto) - STIGs (Cisco; Palo Alto) / Firewall SRG Compliance Process to ensure proper security configuration and patch levels Privilege Management Logging and Monitoring 2018 J. Tannahill & 13 Risks of Unsupported/Unpatched Network Perimeter Devices

E.g. Fortinet Firewall backdoor E.g. Cisco PIX 2018 J. Tannahill & 14 Summary No Silver Bullets

Avoid Snake Oil Pay Attention to NGFW Configuration Vulnerability Management Layered Defence Firewall as a Service 2018 J. Tannahill & 15

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