Working with County Gardens Trusts

Working with County Gardens Trusts

Historic Landscape Project Gardens Trusts Whats the story? What are County Gardens Trusts? 35 County Gardens Trusts CGTs Association of Gardens Trusts (AGT) - Umbrella body Autonomous charitable organisations

Membership 50 400+ per county Members volunteers active and inactive Research & Recording Groups Conservation Groups Education initiatives Garden visiting groups Working Together merger Garden History Society (GHS) Historic Landscape Project

Gardens Trusts? Or Historic Designed Landscape Trusts? Historic Landscape Project Historic Landscape Project Historic Landscape Project

Historic Landscape Project Protect and conserve landscapes The kinds of things that can threaten landscapes are: Neglect Poor management

Lack of investment Development Change of use Lack of natural/historical balance Lack of understanding of significance Historic Landscape Project

Historic Landscape Project Who are CGT members? Professional and amateur skills Wide knowledge and specialisms Local (and national) knowledge Local and national contacts

Historic Landscape Project What do CGTs actually do? Historic Landscape Project Education

Historic Landscape Project Research Researching local landscapes Site survey and recording Understanding significance Writing up concisely, consistently, professionally

Historic Landscape Project Oxfordshire Walled Gardens Project

Focused project New members Reinvigorate research Increase knowledge and skills Add to records

Raise profile Contribute to conservation in county Historic Landscape Project Publishing Historic Landscape Project Designation

Great Ambrook Italian Garden A triumph for Devon Gardens Trust in successfully adding it to the National Heritage List! Historic Landscape Project Local listing Non-designated local sites

identified with local community against agreed criteria Local lists can be attached to the Local Plan Non-statutory Good way of achieving greater recognition for local heritage assets, albeit with potentially limited protection

Historic Landscape Project Kent Compendium Review Project Historic Landscape Project Historic Environment Records

(HER) Historic Landscape Project Avons Historic Environment Records Regular meetings with HER officer HER officer suggests sites to

research HER provides digital copies of historic maps Gardens Trust research sent to be added to HERs Historic Landscape Project Hastings Local Listing Project

Contact made with East Sussex HER Contact made with Hastings BC - took the bait! Timely approach Used all available local contacts Local archives training New audiences

Historic Landscape Project www.parkandgardens.o rg (PGUK) Yorkshires East Riding and Selby projects

Training volunteers Identifying sites of local interest Desktop research Site visits to record what is on the ground Adding in Statements of Significance

Historic Landscape Project Planning applications Commenting on Planning Applications affecting parks and gardens Now doing this in close liaison with the Garden History Society,

who are a statutory consultee Volunteers or paid staff Historic Landscape Project Planning applications: Warwick Castle Warwick Castle , Grade I Registered

Huge glamping proposal Warwickshire GT working with The Garden History Society, the Warwick District Council Conservation Advisory Forum and local objectors, including the Tree Wardens. Ongoing

Historic Landscape Project Planning applications: Boringdon Arch Wind with a 50m hub height, 77m tip height with associated infrastructure and formation of access track

Refused! Harm to historic interests Saltram and Boringdon Unacceptable landscape and visual impacts The significant harm to historic interests and landscape character, visual impacts and harm to neighbours are

considered to outweigh the benefits of the production of renewable energy Historic Landscape Project Conservation & Research working together Indio House, Bovey Tracey

Historic Landscape Project Joining Up Garden History Society English Heritage Natural England Parks & Gardens UK Local Authorities

National Amenity Societies Local History Groups! Historic Landscape Project @leapthehaha

Historic Landscape Project

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