Women Go With the (Optical) Flow

Women Go With the (Optical) Flow

novel visualization and interaction for large displays mary czerwinski microsoft research Patrick Baudisch Mary Czerwinski Brian Meyers George Robertson Greg Smith Daniel Robbins Desney Tan

Nuria Oliver vibe team large display surfaces are here Workstation in the real world home setup Generic snapshot in real persons bedroom overview initial large display research prototypes around usability issues observed visualization and interaction

new user experiences have to scale the wide continuum of displays future directions harris poll responses (7/02, N=1197) Mutiple PCs and Displays Percent Respondants 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% All

30% 20% 10% 0% None Multiple monitors attached to multiple computers. Laptop and Dualmon or higher desktop monitor connected together.

Config why a larger display surface? Projected LCD Pricing 2002-2005 prices dropping fast footprints getting smaller $1,200 $1,000 $800 $US productivity benefits 10-30% (despite sw usability issues) users prefer more

display surface $600 $400 $1,089 $905 $699 $437 15" -13.5% $752 $597 $378 $510 $327

$200 $625 17" -14.6% $436 18" -16.9% $283 $0 2002 2003

2004 2005 1 prototype--dSharp display st triple projection matrox parhelia card 3028 x764 resolution 42 in. across slightly curved 120 degree FOV

task times significant Effects of Display Size on Task Times Average Task Time (Seconds) 160 140 120 100 Small 80 Large 60 40

20 0 DISPLAY user satisfaction - significant Average Rating (1=Disagree, 5=Agree) the tasks were easy to perform 5 4 3 2 1 0 Small Large

Display Size windows layout - significant Average Rating (1=Disagree, 5=Agree) I was satisfied with the ease of windows layout 5 4 3 2 1 0 Small

Large Display Size butusability issues why click to bring a clearly visible window into focus? caused many errors where is my cursor? where is my start button? where is my taskbar? where are my dialogs? the software doesnt know where the bezel is

input: high density cursor use mo ion t mo regular mouse cursor fi ursors p ll -in c c in fill e revio urso t fram us f rs curren ram e

high-density cursor use mo ion t mo problem at high mouse speeds, the mouse cursor seems to jump from one position to the next solution high-density cursor inserts additional cursor images between actual cursor positions the mouse cursor appear more continuous the windows mouse trail

makes mouse trail last longer drawback: cursor images lag behind Windows mouse trail ...is not high-density cursor hd cursor makes mouse trail denser lag-free: mouse stops =>cursor stops high-density cursor input: drag-and-pop problem large displays create long distance mouse movement touch & pen input has problems moving between screen units solution drag-and-pop brings proxies of targets

to the user from across display surfaces the user can complete drag interactions locallyno need to deal with distances or to cross display borders vibelog: 2 research paths 1st activity repository for studying windows usage in aggregate can profile users based on display size can be extended to visualize workflow and capture context single user: capture task contexts to surface pertinent ui or provide reminders

windows and task management issues emerge aggregation model not task-based users cant operate on groups of related windows Relationship between # of Monitors and # of Windows Left Open 18.00 16.00 Avg. # of Windows Left Open larger displays = more open windows multimon users arrange windows

spatially taskbar does not scale: 14.00 12.00 Single Monitor 10.00 DualMon 8.00 TripleMon 6.00 4.00

2.00 0.00 No. of Monitors changes in window access patterns 100 90 Percentage of Access Technique 80 70 60 Win

Taskbar 50 40 30 20 10 0 1 2 Number of Monitors

3 multitasking support vibelog projectbar, layoutbar, groupbar scalable fabric task management: groupbar taskbar for lightweight grouping of windows allows for multiple bars, spatial placement of bars ~400 internal downloads desktop snapshotting; task snapshots licensing to external companies task management: scalable fabric

configurable central focus + peripheral context easy task switch from periphery to focus area leverages human spatial memory over 600 downloads, licensing externally table cloth problem: user wants to access content physically far away solution:

pan the desktop to user compress content to the right of focus grab content you need and snap back meeting support: wincuts microsoft supports: individual user productivity (eg. word, excel, ) disseminating information (eg. powerpoint, sharepoint, )

communication (eg. outlook, MSN messenger, ) distance collaboration (eg. Netmeeting, Livemeeting, ) but what about co-located collaborative work? people bring different expertise and information on personal devices to meetings and need to share todays model is brokenonly one person gets to display entire desktop at a time (for better or worse) or, must share applications and files with others what about private information? what about ui that should be scaled for the task at hand? scalable ui research datelens with Ben Bederson facetmapvisualizing your digital memories

datelens with Ben Bederson fisheye representation of dates compact overviews user control over the view integrated search (keyword) enables overviews, fluid navigation to discover patterns and outliers integrated with outlook facetmap a way to visualize all of your digital

memories soon, everything will be recorded heart rate, blood oxygen levels, conversations, where you go, who you talk to, what you touch electronically, etc. need ways to browse all these streams of media most studying text lists of search results can we do something purely visually that scales? future vibe directions novel interaction and visualization techniques that scale from small to very large displays continued evaluation and iteration of designs from a user-centered perspective more focus on collaboration and group awareness with large displays

more information: http://research.microsoft.com/research/vibe thank you!

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