WIOA TAA Call October 5, 2017

WIOA TAA Call October 5, 2017

WIOA Technical Assistance September 5, 2019 CONNIE KINSEY, JARRED ROOPE, MICHELLE MARSH, CANDI SPENCER, AND JESSI WESTERHOLD Training Materials Welcome to our new HelpLink Program Manager Jessi Westerhold All questions regarding this program should be directed to her Materials for the Monthly TA calls will no longer be sent out PowerPoints will be posted on the WIOA website at http://

wsd.dli.mt.gov/wioa/service-provider-resources/resources Recordings will not be posted on the website, but will be available for state providers on the T drive and non-state providers upon request Funding Beginning July 1st Two Local Areas Required by USDOL Local Area 1

Butte Helena Local Area 2 Remaining area of the state WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Funds are allocated in 2 increments 1st increment as of July 1st June 30th

2nd increment as of October 1st June 30th WIOA Youth funds are from July 1st June 30th Funding Continued Recording activity in Mworks Obligations - the total amount budgeted for a participant that can be spent throughout the fiscal year. This figure can be changed at any time.

Authorizations - invoices received that will be paid on behalf of a participant and are specific to services and vendors. A single invoice may be paid with more than one fund source using the same authorization Tuition may be prorated FISCAL UPDATES A few reminders! ECM Documentation

Please do not send receipts in a jpeg format. They are scanning into ECM too dark and are not legible. Advertising and Public Relations 2 CFR 200.421 Allowable Costs include: Program Outreach

Recruitment of personnel Procurement of goods and services Disposal of surplus items Communication costs including community outreach Unallowable Costs include: Memorabilia Organizational Recognition Promotional Items

Fiscal training needs?? For case managers? For Fiscal staff? Please email Michelle Marsh Questions? Computer Requests Purchasing computers requires prior approval from the Program Manager New Process Form has been updated, is now fillable and is on the website This form should be used for any requests moving forward Research for the computer and any software should be

done prior to requesting approval Attach a copy of the cost of the computer and/or software Approval for the purchase is for the amount approved only, any purchases made that exceed the amount approved could be considered disallowed Questions? Applicant Statement Updated form posted on the website

No longer requires a corroborating witness signatures Clients should describe specifically what the applicant statement is being used for Case Manager should identify at the bottom what criteria is being documented

Questions? WIOA.49 Objectives and Service Definitions The WIOA.49 is a tool for case managers to use when determining the appropriate objective and service that to open in Mworks and the action needed for opening and closing the service(s) on the Mworks Employment Plan. The WIOA.49 helps case managers: Determine what services initiate participation and extend exit; Identify an Objective and determine what service(s) are available under that objective; Determine the appropriate service(s) to provide based on the service definition; and

Provides instruction on opening and closing services. WIOA.49 Continued The WIOA.49 Objectives and Services Definition document has been revised and will be posted on the WIOA website under Forms the week of September 9th. Revisions: Services that initiate and extend participation are incorporated into a single column; Removed the column with the service that does NOT initiate participation to extend exit; Removed the Outcome column; and Added $$$ to the services that have money attached

in the service definition. Questions? Measurable Skills Gains (MSGs) Reminder that CPR and First Aid certificates are not considered Measurable Skills Gain. The training people get for these does not lead to an industry recognized credential. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 10 Hour Course that provides awareness of job-related common safety and health hazards. This also does not count as a Measurable Skills

Gain because it is not considered a recognized credential for WIOA. Measurable Skills Gains (Continued) Youth Grades Great Measurable Skills Gain to record is a semester of grades for any Youth going to Secondary Education. Seeing more of these being recorded THANK YOU One of the low-hanging fruit of the MSGs HiSET This only needs to be recorded as a Credential on the Follow-Up screen in MWORKS. The MSG will be

calculated from there. There is not a place in MWORKS to put a HiSET as a MSG. Questions? Gap in Service USDOL guidance: Under WIOA the only allowable gap in service is to accommodate a delay in training. A gap in services will generally be for 90 days; If an additional gap is needed to resolve any issues the client may have in completing training in order to obtain employment the gap may be extended to a total of 180 days, but will never be longer than 180 days.

Document the dates and the reason for the gap in services in a case note. Open the appropriate service in Mworks. Clients currently in a temporary gap in service for health/medical or temporary move from the area may continue in this service but no extensions will be approved. Questions? Monitoring TA Call and the Process POST MONITORING EMAIL TO SCHEDULE CALL Greetings, Now that you have received the monitoring report

for the programs you operate, we would like to schedule a technical assistance (TA) call to review the findings. The TA call will also be your opportunity to ask additional questions. The TA call will generally last two hours. The response to the report will be due 30 days from the day of the TA call. Were looking at x-date. Please let us know what time on that day works best for your schedule. Post Technical Assistance Call Email Your report is due back to the Program Monitoring Unit 30 days from today, which is X/X/2019.

Please follow the steps below when responding to your monitoring report and attachments. Before Sending to the Monitors Contact the WIOA Help Desk for Mworks corrections. [email protected] Clearly state what needs corrected on the attachment in the resolution column. Send the entire attachment to the help desk so all Mworks corrections can be made at once. Highlight any corrections on the attachments that need Help Desk assistance with a statement that says, Help Desk change. Help Desk will return attachment when all corrections are completed. Enter your response in the resolution column on each attachment. Enter your response and action plan on the Findings Report to illustrate how you will prevent

the same occurrences in the future. After All Mworks & Other Corrections Are Made When your response to your monitoring is complete send the report, and all attachments to the monitoring group email at [email protected] If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Questions? Program Managers Connie Kinsey WIOA Youth & State Displaced Homemaker

444-2003 or [email protected] Jarred Roope Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), WIOA Adult 444-0401 or [email protected]

Candi Spencer WIOA Dislocated Worker, TAA, NDWGs, Rapid Response 444-0400 or [email protected] Jessi Westerhold Help Link

444-1647 or [email protected] Fiscal & Performance Michelle Marsh WIOA Fiscal Officer 444-3010 or [email protected]

Performance Program Manager position is vacant If you have questions, please contact your Program Manager

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