Wilson Fights for Peace - Francis T. Maloney High School

Wilson Fights for Peace - Francis T. Maloney High School

Wilson Fights for Peace Chapter 11 Section 4 Wilsons 14 Points

1. No secret treaties 2. Freedom of the seas 3. Tariffs lowered or abolished 4. Decrease in armaments 5. Colonial policies should take into

account the interests of the colonized Points 6-13 6-13: Deal with specific boundary changes Point 14 14. Created the League of Nations

Allies Reject the Points France: wanted to weaken Germany to prevent another attack and keep their military strong to defend themselves Great Britain: Prime Minister won election with slogan Make Germany Pay Italy: Wanted control of Austrian territory

A Strange Peace Conference No Central Powers invited Russia and other allies not invited Big Four Wilson: U.S. Clemenceau: France Lloyd George: Great Britain

Orlando: Italy The Treaty of Versailles Signed June 28, 1919 Established nine new nations Gave France and Great Britain mandates in the Middle East Demilitarized Germany

Alsace-Lorraine returned to France $33 Billion in reparations War guilt clause Weaknesses of the Treaty 1. Humiliated Germany Germany couldnt pay reparations

2. Russians felt ignored Lost more territory than Germany 3. Colonial issues dealt with poorly Germany stripped of colonies it needed to pay reparations Ignored calls for independence from Southeast Asia

Opposition to the Treaty Hoover and others felt it was too harsh Some saw it as a sell out to imperialism Ethnic groups upset over new boundaries The League of Nations

Many felt it would draw U.S. into further war Senate wanted to weaken it, but Wilson would not back down Senate refused to ratify Treaty of Versailles U.S. signed a separate peace in 1921, never joined the League Pershings Fears

Most Germans did not know they had been defeated Germans shocked by Armistice and angered by the Treaty Believed war would have to be fought again

Rise of Hitler German Economy destroyed Looking for scapegoats Hitler blamed Jews and socialists in the Weimar Republic Rose to power in 1933

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