William Shakespeare's Hamlet

William Shakespeare's Hamlet

William Shakespeares Hamlet Part I: Elizabethan England Queen Elizabeth ruled England Daughter of Henry VIII Mother was beheaded

Ruled England for 44 years Acting troupes came to palace To put on performances Interesting Elizabethan Facts People thought that bad smells were the

cause of diseases. In order to get rid of germs and disease, they had to get rid of the smells. People carried flowers and herbs to ward off diseases. Cant escape

Elizabethan Facts Cont. Purple clothes was a symbol or royalty. People outside of royalty were not allowed to wear purple. Elizabethan Hygiene Low class citizens would bathe a few

times a year. Upper class citizens were able to bath once every couple of weeks. Hygiene Cont. Instead of toilet paper, people would use clumps of grass or hay for cleaning.

People would also dump contents of chamber pots in the streets. Education Only boys went to school. Because of the Renaissance, people took an interest in art, poetry and writing.

Part II: Shakespeare Shakespeares actual birthday is unknown, but April 23rd has been generally used. Strangely, April 23rd is also used as the date of his death.

Pictures Not one picture of Shakespeare was painted of him when he was alive. Copyrights Most of his plays were published years after his death.

Since there were no copyright laws, many people made money off his work. This lead to different versions of his plays Scandal! Shakespeare married an older woman. This was uncommon during this time.

Rumor was that she was pregnant and the families were furious. He was 18, she was 26. Globe Theater The theater that Shakespeare built. It allowed for better viewing, by placing

seating on the sides, as well as the front of the stage. Globe Theater Cont. Actors had to yell lines in order to be heard. Women were not allowed to act, so young

boys had to play the parts of women. Successful plays had nonstop action, as the audiences would riot if they felt they werent being entertained. Globe Theater Cont. The theater eventually burnt down!

It was rebuilt in 1614. However, it was destroyed again by the Puritans in 1644. Shakespeare Rumors 1. Shakespeare was bisexual. 2. Shakespeare never wrote any of his

plays. Shakespeare resented his wife (In his will, he left her his second best bed) Shakespeares Plays Divided into 3 types: Histories

Comedies Tragedies (scene from Macbeth)

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