Which is the most developed country in Asia?

Which is the most developed country in Asia?

SOCIAL WORLD This unit of work is related to people and the difference that exist between countries. One career link is a humanitarian aid worker, could this type of work be for you? Click and find out what it includes. Where is Asia? AF3 describe the development of countries in Asia.

Guess the country! Where in Asia is it? Mount Everest, Nepal, is the highest landform on Earth. Mount Everest is part of the Himalaya range that runs through central Asia. This view of Mount Everest was taken from Kala Pattar, another Himalayan

mountain. This flat, sandy wetland on the Tibetan Plateau of China is the headwaters of three major rivers: the Yangtze, the Yellow, and the Lancang. The streams on the Tibetan Plateau are fed by glaciers from the Himalayas.

Herding is the practice of caring for roaming groups of livestock over a large area. Sheep were one of the first animals to be domesticated by ancient herders. Here, a woman herds a large group of piebald sheep near Arbay Heere, Mongolia. Using your map of Asia,

answer the following questions. 1. Name the Ocean to the east of Asia. 2. Name the three Asian countries on 140E line of longitude. 3. How many Asian countries does the Tropic of Cancer run through? 4. Name the country 8N 82E. 5. Name the country 38N 30E. 6. Using the C of China as a starting point. Which countries are within a 1,000km radius? 7. In km, how far is the K of Pakistan from Brunei?

8. How far is Beijing from Lebanon? 9. Which countries border Iran? 10. What direction are the Maldives from North Korea? 11. What direction is Kazakhstan from Qatar? ANSWERS 1. Pacific Ocean 2. Russia, Japan and Indonesia 3. 8 Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, China, Taiwan

4. Sri Lanka 5. Turkey 6. Mongolia, India and Myanmar 7. 9.4cm/1.7cm = 5.53 1000 = 5530km 8. 10.7cm/1.7cm = 6.29 1000 = 6290km 9. Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE 10.South west 11.North east Development COPY: Development is a way of measuring the

standard of living of a country. Looking at how and why people and places change over time and the effects of these changes it is about progression and improvement. Some countries are rich with a higher standard of living and a good quality of life. Others are poor, have a lower standard of living and have a poor quality of life. Development Key Terms

COPY MEDC a more economically developed country (a rich country) LEDC - a less economically developed country (a poor country) The Brandt Line In the 1980s, former Chancellor Willy Brandt created this

line to show the northsouth divide. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1971 for his work reconciling with the countries of eastern Europe. MEDC North of the Brandt Line

LEDC South of the Brandt Line Indicators Economic: give information about the general wealth of a country. Social: Give information about people and how they live, what they do and their quality of life Environmental: Give information on the effect of the country on the

environment, e.g. air pollution Development Indicators Create a table to classify these development indicators. Social 1. Energy Use 2. Trade 3. Industrial Output

4. Education 5. Healthcare 6. Housing 7. Birth Rate 8. Death Rate Economic Environmental 9. Infant Mortality

Rate 17.Number of Internet 10.Child Mortality Users Rate 11.Number of Doctors 18.Calorie Consumption 19.CO2 Emissions 12.Give/Receive Aid 13.% Employed in 20.Access to safe drinking Primary Jobs

water 14.% Employed in 21.Adult Literacy Rate Tertiary Jobs Substandard housing in a slum near Jakarta, Indonesia Guess the countries and what features show whether they are

developed or not. The Land of the Rising Sun has more than 126 million people. Japan has the thirdlargest economy in the world based on nominal GDP, fourth based on purchasing power, fourth biggest exporter and fourth biggest importer. Brunei is ranked fifth in GDP per capita at purchasing power parity in the globe. It has a 0% public debt. Brunei is the fifthrichest country among 182 on petroleum

and natural gas fields. Poverty and hunger are major issues in this former Soviet Republic. Almost half the population of this country lives below the poverty line. Often the hunger crisis in Kyrgyzstan is exacerbated by natural disasters. The economic growth of Qatar is mainly based on its petroleum and natural gas. 14% of its households are millionaires,

while 94% of its workforce are migrant workers. Homework Find a picture of a country in Asia. Annotate it with descriptions of its development. Consider Social, Economic and Environmental development. Explain why you think it is an LEDC or an MEDC.

KEY Brandt Line My Brandt Line today On your map of Asia draw 2 lines. Draw on the real Brandt Line and where you think his line of development would be placed today.

Y R A N PLE Extra! Extra! Write a newspaper headline about todays lesson

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