What's New in Python

What's New in Python

Python: Building an Open Source Project and Community SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series, 2/17/05 www.sdforum.org/dss Guido van Rossum Elemental Security, Inc. [email protected] [email protected] What to Talk About Elemental Security, Inc. Personal history Python's history Python, the language Python, the software The Python community The Open Source community

Python's future Questions Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 2 Elemental Security, Inc. Enterprise security software cross-platform policy compliance reporting and enforcement Early stage startup in stealth mode but not much longer! :-) Using lots of Python

We're always hiring! See http://www.elementalsecurity.com Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 3 Personal History Age 4: first Lego kit Age 10: first electronics kit (with two transistors) Age 18: first computer program (on punched cards) Age 21: first girlfriend :-) 1982: "drs" math degree; joined CWI in Amsterdam 1987: first worldwide open source release 1989: started work on Python in spare time 1995: moved to USA to join CNRI

2000: got married 2001: became a father 2003: moved to California to join Elemental Security Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 4 Python's History Amsterdam Early '80s development of ABC (by others) 1990 Python developed & used internally 1991 Python released to the world Early '90s growing world-wide user base USA 1994 first Python workshop at NIST in Md

1995 Python's home moves to CNRI in Va Late '90s yearly Python conferences 2000 PythonLabs breaks loose from CNRI 2001 Python Software Foundation formed 2003 first PyCon organized by PSF Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 5 Python, the Langue Dynamically typed object-oriented language Python programs look like executable pseudo-code Supports multiple paradigms: procedural, object-oriented, some functional High level data types and namespaces

A bit like Lisp and Smalltalk Extensible in lower-level languages (C, Fortran, ...) that's the origin of its OO nature! Most controversial issues: block structure through indentation dynamic type checking Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 6 Example Function def gcd(a, b): "Greatest common divisor of two integers" while b != 0: a, b = b, a%b

return a Note: no declarations indentation+colon for statement grouping documentation string part of function syntax parallel assignment (to swap a and b: "a, b = b, a") Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 7 Comparison to Other Languages (Apart from syntax differences!) Perl: objects vs. regexps; TOOWTDI vs. TMTOWTDI PHP: general purpose vs. web language Java: dynamic vs. static typing

(and all that follows) C++: dynamic vs. static; memory management Lisp: code != data Smalltalk: namespaces Haskell, ML, Prolog: different paradigms Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 8 Python, the Software Open Source (non-GPL) Used by: Google, ILM, NASA, Disney, RealNetworks, Yahoo, ... BitTorrent, GNU mailman, games, ...

Runs on: Unix, Windows, Mac, Palm, VxWorks, PlayStation 2, ... Bundled with: Linux, Mac OS X Written in portable ANSI C Jython: Java version, translates to Java byte code IronPython: C#/.NET version, translates to IL Many 3rd party modules downloadable Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 9 Why Use Python? Dynamic languages are more productive

Burton Group: P-languages 5x as productive C-languages Python code is more readable Python code is more maintainable Burton Group: Python preferred for application development Python has fast built-in very high-level data types Developer time is more expensive than CPU time When Should You Not Use Python (Yet)? Things like packet filters, MP3 codecs, etc. Instead, write in C/C++ and wrap Python around it Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 10 Sample Use Areas

Server-side web programming (CGI, app servers) Client-side web programming (HTML, HTTP, ...) XML processing (including XML-RPC and SOAP) Databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ODBC, ...) GUI programming (Qt, GTK+, Tcl/Tk, wxPython, ...) Scientific/numeric computing (e.g. LLNL) Testing (popular area for Jython) Scripting Unix and Windows Rapid prototyping (e.g. at Google) Programming education (e.g. Oxford physics) from middle school to college Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 11 The Python Community

On line: website, newsgroups, mailing lists, IRC, blogs many subcommunities (Zope, Twisted, SciPi, ...) separate communities for developers and users In stores: books, T-shirts In your face: conferences, local user groups, meetups, workshops Legally: Python Software Foundation Other organizations e.g. EuroPython, EuroZope, PyBiz Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum

12 The Python Software Foundation Is a membership organization new members elected on merit special regards for paying sponsor members Is a 501(c)(3) non-profit receives US tax-free donations Owns or manages the copyrights to the software dedicated to release under Open Source license Takes financial responsibility for PyCon Sponsors a tiny bit of Python development only Does not control the developers if anything, it's the other way around! Feb. 17, 2005

2005 Guido van Rossum 13 Python's Development Processes Conservative release cycle new functionality release every 12-18 months 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 bug fix releases as needed, usually 3-9 months 2.3.1 ... 2.3.5 PEP (Python Enhancement Proposals) the RFC's of the Python world can propose community processes as well as software Checks and balances favoring slow growth

the user community wants it this way! BDFL (Benevolent Dictator For Life; me) breaks ties wields no actual power except through persuasion Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 14 Python's Developer Community Pyramid structure: 1 BDFL 10 key developers ("lieutenants") 100 core developers (checking privileges) 1000 contributors (numbers are rough approximations)

Key developers emerge through technical merit there ain't no shortcut to the top Other developers often have niche expertise e.g. a specific module or a specific platform Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 15 Python's User Community Often separate from the developer community Many roles: book authors, editors etc. 3rd party module developers teachers

self-appointed evangelists professional users packagers bloggers site administrators Python-based businesses Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 16 Related Communities Zope web application server, CMS framenwork Plone built on top of Zope Twisted networking Swiss army knife Scientific Python users Database module developers

PyPy Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 17 The Open Source Community Many separate communities Linux, languages, lots of individual applications Languages are biggest after Linux itself Apache is a case apart ASF served as model for PSF Similarities, differences exist; examples: Perl Foundation has no members

Apache has no single leader Unifying principle Open Source licenses (OSI-approved) The Free Software Foundation Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 18 Python's Future Slow growth Python 3000 is years away (still!) Optional type declarations?

Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 19 Questions Feb. 17, 2005 2005 Guido van Rossum 20

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