What Is Politics?

What Is Politics?

HOW AND WHY DID THE US BECOME A GLOBAL POWER? How did WWI impact USFP? Woodrow Wilson (the political scientist) and neutrality Why did the US become militarily involved in a European war? Propaganda and politics Subs and the Zimmermann telegram What lesson did the US take away from WWI? The American economy tips wars Winning war doesnt win the peace Disarmament alone doesnt work; neither does humiliating

the enemy Wilsononian Idealism: (1) Self-determination as a natural right; (2) Isolationism no longer an option How did WW2 impact USFP? How did FDRs view of the US s interests and obligations differ from Wilsons? Why does the US get involved in WW2? What did Pearl Harbor tell us? Values finally matter again What are the major lessons and outcomes of WW2 for USFP? US hegemony can and should be protected with nukes And

everyone else should be prevented from having them A commitment to state-building and sovereignty Punish leaders, not populations: IMF, World Bank, and GATT Collective Security with a bite: The UN and the Security Council Communism had to be stopped And this allowed for defensive empire building which worked with Americas worldview Too bad the Cold War erupted before all of this had a chance to take hold? Why did we have the Cold War? Whats hegemony? IR (power) and Gramsci (ideas and ideology)

Why the Cold War? Ideology: Marxism vs. American liberalism Functionalism: The need for a unifying enemy & perception Soviet aggression: Exporting revolution, felling dominoes, building buffers? Lenin, Trosky, Stalin, Khrushchev, and Brezhnev Why did we have the Cold War? US aggression: Exporting revolution, containment, or dominance? Whats a security dilemma?

Truman Doctrine (1947) 1947 National Security Act Marshall Plan (1948) NATO (1949) Korea (1950) US benevolence or an effort to rig the global system? The IMF, World Bank, GATT, & various nuclear proliferation and WMD

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