What is Go SOLAR - Welcome to Broward County!

What is Go SOLAR - Welcome to Broward County!

What is Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge? U.S. Department of Energy Grant Broward County and 14 partner cities collaborating to make solar rooftop systems easier, faster and cheaper for residents and businesses Why is Broward taking this Challenge? According to the Department of Energy, customer acquisition, permitting, inspection, installation, and interconnection currently make

up approximately 30-40% of the total installed cost of a rooftop solar system Permitting can be as much as 20% of the cost to install a solar system Why Go SOLAR? 1. Utility company rebates for up to $20,000 per system 2. Federal tax credit for up to 30% of the residential system cost 3. With tax incentives , rebates, and energy savings Nationally, recover up to 76% of initial cost Broward County example, recovered 56% of initial cost, with an

estimated payback of 15 years 4. Cleaner source of energy 5. Results in greenhouse gas reductions Local Example: Residential PV System Systems Output Power: 3.15 KW Estimated Annual Solar Energy Use: 4,570 kWh Powers 60% of the Home Up Front Cost $26,002 Rebates/Tax Credits $14,600

DOEs Expected Cost Savings (30% permitting , installation, etc.) $ 7,801 Net Cost $ 3,601 Estimated Annual Savings on FPL Bill $ 640 100% payback realized in 6 years from annual savings on FPL bill Total Estimated Cost Savings Over Life of System (25 years) $ 12,395 Greenhouse Gas Reductions for the Life of the System 80 Metric Tons Streamlining Solar Permitting! Solar

Contractor Go to City to Pay Fee and Obtain Permit Engineer Designs System Solar Contractor

Current process several weeks Review Comments/ Responses Process Apply in Person at City for Permit

Zoning Department Review Building Department Review Apply & Obtain Permit

Online Proposed Process A Few Minutes NEW Online Permit System Save Time: Apply online 24/7 Save Money: Select pre-approved engineered designs eliminate complicated plan review process One Fee: Pay standard permit fee online

Permitting Collaboration Broward County will Provide Electronic Permitting for 14 Cities and Unincorporated Areas Training Broward County will provide training on the new online permitting system to:

Building Officials Inspectors Plan Reviewers Zoning Officials Solar Contractors Residents Businesses

Outreach Go SOLAR brochure Website broward.org/gogreen/gosolar Staff available for presentations Partnerships Key to Success Solar Industry

Leveraging Resources Use of In-kind Exchange Agreement to obtain Structural design plans Solar powered permitting kiosks for Government Center and Government Center West Timeline E-Permits

Whats Next? Several County agencies working collaboratively to convert County manual permitting processes to electronic.

Environmental Review Building Permits Air Quality Permits Waste Regulation Permits Surface Water Management Permits Tree Removal Permits Aquatic and Wetlands Resource Permits Storage Tank Modification Permits

Highway Engineering Permits Water & Wastewater Permits For more information: broward.org/gogreen/gosolar

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