What Do Members Want From IAMSLIC? - University of Oregon

What Do Members Want From IAMSLIC? - University of Oregon

What Do Members
Want From IAMSLIC?
Barbara Butler
Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

The Survey:

23 percent of respondents were involved in only one of
the six IAMSLIC activities listed, and another 18 percent
did not report participating in any of the activities,
indicating that many members may be involved in
IAMSLIC for a single very specific benefit. In contrast, the
12 percent of respondents who reported being involved in
all six IAMSLIC activities would indicate that for some
members ALL aspects of IAMSLIC activities are important
to their jobs. Finally, the range of participation as
reflected in the pie chart below indicates the variety of
organizations involved in IAMSLIC.
Percentage of respondents by level of participation
(from zero to six activities)

An individual email was sent to each current IAMSLIC
member. Those who did not respond to the first email were
contacted again. A total of 115 (40%) of the IAMSLIC
members responded to the five question survey.

No activities
One activity
Two activities
Three activities

Membership Benefits:

Four activities

Some respondents chose the MOST important benefit of the
five options listed, but the vast majority could not limit the
choice to a single benefit. The percentages listed below
can be compared among the five benefits listed to
determine their relative importance to members, but should
not be construed to mean the overall importance of a
benefit. Clearly, communication was the reason IAMSLIC
was established and continues to be important to many
Resource Sharing
Duplicate Exchange
Aquatic Commons


Percent ofrespondents
who feel this is important

IAMSLIC Benefits

Fix activities
Six activities

IAMSLIC Membership Dues:
80 percent of respondents would be willing for dues
(developed nations) to increase to support additional
activities. Of those who responded positively, suggested
increases were:


Other Services Members Would Like:

Resource Sharing




Aquatic Commons

IAMSLIC Conferences:

51% of respondents can attend conferences regularly
62% of non-attendees cited cost as their reason for not
13% of non-attendees cited institutional policy or other
While 51% of respondents can attend conferences
regularly, cost is a major barrier to many. Even though it
was not asked as part of the question, twelve respondents (
20% of members who can attend conferences) mentioned
that they pay for some or all of their travel expenses. If we
had specifically asked this question we would undoubtedly
have learned that even a higher percentage of conference
attendees must personally pay some or all of their travel
in themust
expenses, so conferences
be as economical as
percent of respondents listed IAMSLIC as their major
professional organization. Members were asked to indicate
which of six IAMSLIC activities they participate in:
Member of a regional group (56%)
Resource sharing user (51%)
Union List or Z39.50 Distributed Library supplier (31%)
Duplicate exchange participant (28%)
Discussion list member (42%)
Conference attendee (40%)

Additional tutorials on the IAMSLIC website
Information on Open Access
List of experts for training or consulting (Arial, EndNote,
Tapes of IAMSLIC Conference sessions
Knowledge transfer (internships/professional visits)
Digital repository (Aquatic Commons)
Address language barriers within IAMSLIC
Do something about the high cost of journal
Consortial purchase of e-journals
Hands-on training at conferences
Small-group discussions at conferences
Strengthen services we already have
Live-chat reference
Self-help group for e-publication matters
Virtual posters at conference (non-attendee
Consortial purchase of ASFA
Grant writing tutorial
Members are happy with current services and resources,
but have also identified some possible new services as
Long time member Cathy Norton sums it up by saying:
I think IAMSLIC is the BEST organization for anyone who
is serving the marine science and fisheries communities in
the area of libraries and information retrieval -- Actually I
go further and say this should be a requirement for any
librarian who works in this area -- ALL of the participants
in the organization are helpful and more than generous
with their time to other colleagues and institutions when
help is needed. I think we should reach out into the IT
community in our discipline and bring them into the
IAMSLIC fold. I think our dues are a "paltry sum" and
should be increased to $50.00 at the very least! So, as
my brother used to say run that up the flagpole!"

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