West Virginia University - Welcome to SIGUCCS

West Virginia University - Welcome to SIGUCCS

SOFTWARE LICENSING HOW GOOD IS YOUR SAM ? ARE YOU PREPARED FOR A SOFTWARE AUDIT? Michael Cooper, West Virginia University West Virginia University Public, land-grant institution, founded in 1867. Located in Morgantown, West Virginia Sixteen colleges and schools offering 185 bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and professional degree programs Main campus: 29,500 students 21,500 undergraduate 8000 faculty/staff

Four regional campuses WVU Extension Offices in all 55 counties POLL Recently received Compliance Audit notice Ongoing Compliance Audit Completed Compliance Audit Never been audited WHAT IS SAM? Software asset management(SAM) is a process

managing and optimizing the purchase deployment maintenance utilization disposal ITIL DEFINES SAM AS all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assetsthroughout all stages of their lifecycle.

GOALS OF SAM Reduce costs Limit risk related to the ownership and use Maximize responsiveness and


A single interface to deploy all hardware/software inventory and IT asset management processes Asset data audit, tracking Tracking of all hardware/software assets within a single database Asset tracking throughout the lifecycle including move, add, change and delete activities Service and maintenance contracts ensuring accurate tracking of financial and service impacts of asset changes Software metering functionality providing accurate monitoring of application usage Details on discovered software applications LEVELS OF SAM

Post graduation employment Meaningful sense of inclusion Sensitivity and flexibility Fun place to work THE FUTURE IS CLOUD SaaS Software as a Service

PaaS Platform as a Service IaaS Infrastructure as a Service SAAS

most hype/focus USD $12bn in 2011 /$22bn by 2015. Salesforce.com and Office365. The SaaS providers bill monthly systems and processes can cope with monitoring SaaS spend PAAS

relatively uninteresting to the enterprise. Azure and Cloudbees are examples of PaaS. USD $0.5bn in 2011 / 2015 $1.7bn, PaaS is mainly used by SaaS companies as a platform for their offerings and to interconnect data. IAAS

Where your focus as an enterprise SAM practitioner needs to be. The phrases Internal Cloud, External Cloud and Hybrid Cloud typically refer to IaaS clouds. Moving from physical servers to an internal, shared services cloud of VMs is what IaaS is all about. Migrating from internal VMs to externally hosted VMs in Amazon AWS or Rackspace is also IaaS. USD $4.2bn in 2011. / $19.6bn by 2015

IaaS is the game changer for enterprise/corporate IT. TAKE ON TOO MUCH Prioritize the events and vendors Go for quick wins!! CRAWL, WALK, RUN

80% software spend = 20% supplier portfolio JUST A TOOL WONT DO IT!! People Processes

Tools = Savings and compliance DEFINE SUCCESS Define metrics and dashboards Measure

Not just back office function = Savings and compliance RESOURCES 1. ISACA audit program Software Licensing 2.

COBIT 5: a) APO10.02 Select suppliers b) BAI03.04 Procure solution components c) BAI09.05 Manage licenses

3. www.isaca.org TechRepublics Software license compliance in 6 easy steps: http://www.techrepublic.com/article/get-it-done-software-license-compliance-in-six-easy-steps/5034304 4. Business Software Alliance http://www.bsa.org/country.aspx?sc_lang=en 5. Business Software Alliance: Software Audit Tools http://www.bsa.org/country/Tools%20and%20Resources.aspx

6. Business Software Alliance: Government Guide for Software Management http://www.bsa.org/~/media/C72B329D6F7E4B46A7467DE0151210A1.ashx 7. eHows Prepare for Software Licensing Audit: http://www.ehow.com/how_2102721_prepare-software-licensing-audit.html 8. Sassafras KeyServer http://www.sassafras.com/auditing.html

CAN YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? How does your institution track software? How many resources are deployed for SAM? Have you used Engagement Services such as SoftAID or CDW? How are your resellers helping you with SAM? Does your Internal Audit office understand the risks? Are all your Software agreements reviewed by General Counsel? POLL Audited by

Microsoft Adobe Oracle Novell Other DISCUSSION ADOBE CHANGES - CONCURRENCY After your CLP expires, you no longer can use concurrent licenses in non-classroom/library installations. This impacts those who are using concurrent licenses to deliver Adobe products to staff and faculty in their administrative offices or laptop computers.

Concurrent licenses can be used to install the product on a single user PC. ADOBE MAINTENANCE As of Jan 1, 2013 not available on: Design Standard Design and Web Premium Master Collection Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS6 Extended Illustrator CS6 InDesign CS6 Flash Pro CS6 Dreamweaver CS6 Fireworks CS6 Premiere Pro CS6 After Effects CS6

Audition CS6 SpeedGrade CS6 Prelude CS6 InCopy CS6 Production Premium ADOBE OPTIONS Individual products perpetual license Enterprise Term Licensing Agreement Creative Cloud - Future DISCUSSION AUDIT PROCESS Software License Review Process

The Adobe softwa re license review process is comprised of the following standard procedures, including but not limited to: 1. West Virginia Universitys completion of the attached Adobe Environment Worksheet, which will help determine the scope of the review. Please be prepared to discuss these worksheets in detail at our initial conference call, to be set within five business days of the date of this letter. 2. Submission of an Active Directory hardware report exported via the Windows based CSVDE command tool (see attached instructions). This tool needs to be run on each domain within your organization (if more than one). This report(s) is due to Adobe within 15 days of the date of this letter. 3. Submission of two installation data reports from your specified Software Asset Management (SAM) tool or Adobe scan tool (if needed) for all regions deemed within scope, as agreed upon during the phone conference. These reports are due to Adobe within 30 days of the date of this letter and will include the following:

Desktop data - for all workstations in your organization Server data - supplemented by the Adobe Environment Worksheet 4. Submission of all additional purchase data, including data from your resellers, for all related entity names, for all regions, for all available historic dates, within 30 days of the date of this letter. To ensure completeness, please include the most data possible and go back in time as far as the reports allow. 5. Upon complete submission of the above deliverables, Adobe will compare your software deployment with your license purchases and the terms of the associated EULAs. Adobe will submit to you a findings report including complete license reconciliation for your records. 6. If the above analysis shows a deficit in licensing, we will ask that you work with your Adobe Account Manager and/or your reseller of choice to resolve any compliance findings by purchasing the deficient licenses immediately and no later than 14 days from the

notificat ion of findings by Adobe. Please prepare to make all supporting records available upon request. These steps will help to ensure an effi cie nt review process as well as proper licensing for your organization. We have also enclosed a document containing frequently asked questions for your review.

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