WELCOMEto the Introductory Class! - Naslovna

WELCOMEto the Introductory Class! - Naslovna

WELCOME to the Introductory Class! Prvi strani poslovni jezik 2 engleski (bol. 12) Opte informacije o predmetu. General course information. Naziv predmeta: Prvi strani poslovni jezik 2 engleski (bolonja 12) Course name: First foreign business language 2 - English (Bologna Accord 12) Nina Kisin, MA in English Language and Literature PhD candidate (Teaching Methodology, The Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad) Konsultacije: SREDA, 11:00-13:00, kabinet 18, Liman Office hours: WEDNESDAY, 11:00-13:00, office 18, location: Liman E-mail: [email protected] Literatura: New Insights into Business, Students book (authors: Tullis G. and Trappe T.), Longman Engleski poslovni jezik (authors: Jasna Miloevi, Milka Markovi) skriptarnica kole (School bookshop) Formiranje konane ocene. Final mark formation

predispitni poeni (predispitne obaveze) ispit Unit 1. Company structures Key vocabulary: Listening, New Insights into Business, page 4 SHAREHOLDERS The Board (of Directors) Chairperson/ President Managing Director or Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MANAGEMENT COMPANY STRUCTURES Senior managers

OR company officers WORKFORCE Organisation chart Various departments or functions within a company Key vocabulary: Listening New Insights into Business, page 4 Marketing Research and Development, R and D Public Relations Information

Technology, IT Production Finance Personnel or Human Resources Unit 1: Company structures. Practice. Finish these sentences: 1. Organisation chart represents the management structure of a typical company. 2. The Board (of Directors) is headed by ... the Chairperson / President 3. Managing Director (Chief Executive Officer, CEO) has responsibility for...

the running of the business 4. Some of the various departments / functions within the company are the following: Marketing, Public Relations, Information Technology, Personnel (Human Resources), Finance, Production, R&D etc. Unit 1: Company structures. Practice. Fill in the gaps with the words given below. There are two words extra you do not need to use. MANAGING DIRECTOR (CEO), SHAREHOLDER, WORKFORCE, CHAIRPERSON, PERSONNEL, ORGANISATION CHART, BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2X) ___________________________ IS A PERSON WHO PROVIDES THE CAPITAL. SHAREHOLDER THE MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE OF A TYPICAL COMPANY IS SHOWN IN ITS ___________________________. AT THE TOP OF THE COMPANY HIERARCHY IS

ORGANISATION CHART THE ___________________________, BOARD (OF DIRECTORS) HEADED BY THE ___________________________. CHAIRPERSON / PRESIDENT THE ___________________________ IS RESPONSIBLE FOR POLICY DECISIONS BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND STRATEGY. ___________________________ MANAGING DIRECTOR (CEO) HAS THE OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RUNNING OF THE BUSINESS. ORGANISATION CHART Fill in the organisation chart with the following words: The Chairperson

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) Senior management Middle Management Chief Executive Officers (CEOs); Senior management; The Chairperson; Middle Management. Its time to delegate! TASK 1. Look at the picture below. What does it mean to delegate authority/responsibility?

Clues take into account the management structure of a company, shown in its organisation chart P.S. the job position of manager and subordinate in this picture can be vice versa Picture Source: LinkedIN Unit 1: Company structures The Philips Story, New Insights into Business, p. 6 Translate the following words from The Philips Story, p. 6 (prevedite sledee rei): diversification (of a product range) diversifikacija palete proizvoda headquarters sedite (kompanije) company's creed princip/parola kompanije product range paleta proizvoda to establish osnovati (kompaniju) Vocabulary development: verbs and prepositions (glagoli i predlozi)

teorija: Knjiga Engleski poslovni jezik, str. 26 knjiga New Insights into Business, str. 8 tasks: 25 i 26, str. 76-77, Engleski poslovni jezik + matching exercise! PRACTICE: VERBS AND PREPOSITIONS. Dopunite sledee reenice odgovarajuim predlozima (veba 25, str. 76, knjiga Engleski poslovni jezik) FOR the job. 1. We think Mr Tennant is suitable ______ 2. Oh no! I've sent the wrong letter ______ mistake. BY 3. Just a moment I'll put you ____________ THROUGH to the manager's office. 4. In Japan it's common ______ FOR people to bow when they meet. ON foot? 5. Did they come here ______

TO Stella's grandmother. 6. This dress belonged ______ 7. My secretary had three days ______ OFF work with a terrible headache. 8. Mr Woods hasnt got much experience ______ IN office work. 9. You broke that plate ______ ON purpose! I saw you! 10. I work __________ FOR / IN an import-export company in London. PRACTICE: VERBS AND PREPOSITIONS. Dopunite sledee reenice odgovarajuim predlozima (veba 26, str. 77, knjiga Engl. poslovni jezik) Jean's motivational letter 1. My name is Jean Wilson and I have just started working IN a bank. I graduated ______ FROM Edinburgh University ______

last year with a degree ______ IN Business and Management. FOR an accountant. I think I will Now I am going to train ______ do well because I am good ______ figures and I am skilled AT AT using computers. I think that training ______ IN a ______ specific job will be more interesting than the general education I got at university. Matching exercise: verbs and prepositions Match the verbs with the corresponding prepositions. VERBS apply benefit

approve result believe refer succeed belong depend report PREPOSITIONS from in (x3) to (x3)

for of on Language focus: Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple Teorija: Present Perfect (str. 49-50, knjiga Engleski poslovni jezik) Teorija: Past Simple (str. 44-45, knjiga Engleski poslovni jezik) Knjiga New Insights into Business, str. 9 Zadaci: 96, str. 110, Engleski poslovni jezik

97, str. 110-111 prvih 5 reenica Present Perfect Simple TEORIJA, STR. 49-50, ENGLESKI POSLOVNI JEZIK Use Form Affirmative An action that happens in the past but connects to the present Have / has I have + verb in written an the past

email. participle An action that started in the past but continued up to the Key Words: present Already yet just still ever Since for recently Negative Interrogativ e I havent written an email.

Have you written an email? so far up to now Simple Past TEORIJA, STR. 44-45, ENGLESKI POSLOVNI JEZIK Use Form Affirmative Negative

Interrogativ e One time past actions Verb + ed Or Verb in past form I wrote an email. I didnt write Did you write an email. an email? I woke up (1) at half past seven yesterday, I had a shower (2) and ate some breakfast (3). I left for work (4) at quarter past eight. Remember that there are phrases and helpers in your

sentence that can help you identify the simple past tense. They are called Key Words. Key Words: Last ago in 1990 yesterday PRACTICE - Present Perfect, zad. 92, str. 109, Engleski poslovni jezik A shop named after Present Perfect , in Portland, United States Complete the sentences in Present Perfect Simple. 1. We are happy to inform you that we (establish) a new branch in Australia.

2. Bob Westley (sign / already) the contract. 3. We (acquire) a new customer. 4. Alice Wilson (agree) to organise the teams. 5. I (print out / just) the letter. 6. Our customers (be / always) satisfied with our services. 7. Unfortunately, you (react / not) to our reminder notice. 8. Hannah (send / not) out the quotation yet. 9. (receive / you) our order? 10.Which company (submit) the most favourable offer? Present Perfect, zad. 92, str. 109, reenja Present Perfect - Portland, United States 1. We are happy to inform you that we have established a new branch in

Australia. 2. Bob Westley has already signed the contract. 3. We have acquired a new customer. 4. Alice Wilson has agreed to organise the teams. 5. I have just printed out the letter. 6. Our customers have always been satisfied with our services. 7. Unfortunately, you have not reacted to our reminder notice. 8. Hannah has not sent out the quotation yet. 9. Have you received our order? 10. Which company has submitted the most favourable offer? 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 96. zadatak, str. 110, Engleski poslovni jezik PRACTICE & REVISION - Present Perfect or Past Simple? have just finished I (just/finish) _________________________ my homework. already Mary (already/write) has _____________________ five letters. written Tom (move) _____________________ to this town in 1994. moved My friend (be) _______________

in Canada two years ago. wa I (not/be) ________________ to Canada so far. haven't s been But I (already/ travel) ___________________________ have already to London a couple of times. travelled Last week, Mary and Paul ____________(go) to the cinema. went I can't take any pictures because I (not/ buy) _________________ haven't bought a new film yet. ___________________ Did they spend (they/ spend) their holiday in New Zealand last year? ________________________

Have you ever seen (you/ever/see) a whale? DESCRIBING CHANGES, KNJIGA FIRST INSIGHTS INTO BUSINESS, STR. 10 intransitive verbs (gl. nemaju objekat) increase, rise, go up. The prices are increasing. decrease, fall, drop, go down, decline The prices of toiletries have fallen. transitive verbs (gl. imaju objekat) increase, raise The government has increased income tax. decrease, reduce, drop We have reduced our prices by 5%. New Insights into Business - Workbook, task no. 7, p. 8 DVD Projections PRESENTING COMPANIES You are going to watch DVD projections by OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS 1. LoveFilm an online retailer

2. Porsche PRESENTING COMPANIES Hook: What is the most surprising, exciting or unusual aspect of the companies 1 & 2? Objective: Why are you making the company presentation and what do you hope to obtain? Agenda: How will you organize your presentation and what will happen after the talk? Summary: What are the highlights of your talk? Call for action: What do you want your audience to do now? Close: How can you avoid an embarrassing silence at the end of your presentation? Thank You for your attention ! See you

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