WELCOME TO MEET & GREET August 15,2008 - St. Johns County ...

WELCOME TO MEET & GREET August 15,2008 - St. Johns County ...

WELCOME 4 grade parents may go to their childs homeroom and 5th grade parents may have a seat in the house. th WELCOME TO HCE Open House 5th Grade Team 2018-2019

Mrs. Begley 20th year teaching taught grades K-3 and 5 in St.Johns County Schools (Crookshank, Julington Creek and Hickory Creek) Bachelors of Elementary Education K-6 and Specific Learning Disabilities K-12, Flagler College mom to Emily (9th grade) and Matthew (6th grade) aunt to Jacob (6th grade) and Kara (3rd grade)

Mrs. Rice 29th year teaching 18 years in Duval County 2 years in Nassau County 9th year in St. Johns County & HCE Bachelor of Education from Univ. of Toledo

*Minor in Mathematics National Board Certified Teacher Husband, Bill (CSX 39 yrs) Daughter, Allison (19 FSCJ) Mrs. Turnipseed Born in Santiago, Chile 14th year of teaching

Previously taught in Virginia , at Greenbrier Intermediate and in Florida at Mill Creek Elementary Navy wife, have 2 daughters and a cute dog named Cody Mr. Ouchi 22nd year of teaching 20 years teaching in Scottsdale, Arizona in grades 1st through 4th 16 years in Scottsdale Unified School District

4 years in a small non-profit private school Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education K-8 from Arizona State University (Go Devils!) Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Technology Mrs. Wiley

8th year of teaching 7 years in Arkansas 1st year in St. Johns County Bachelor of Science in Inclusive Childhood Education (K-6) Husband, Steven (11 years) Daughter, Emma (10 years) Son, Noah (4 years) Pup-pup (1 year) Mrs. Woods

12th year teaching 10 years in Duval County 2nd year in St. Johns County Bachelor of Elementary Education K-6 from University of North Florida Husband, Tyler (Apple 13 yrs) Son, Christopher (7 years old-Hickory Creek) Daughter, Kylie (5 years old-Hickory Creek)

Daughter, McKenzie (2 years old-Living Water Preschool) Our Classroom Rules Come to school prepared everyday with a positive attitude. Treat everyone with kindness. Show respect to teachers, classmates, and school property. 5th Grade & Team Websites

Please visit 5th grades webpage as well as our teams websites for sites to enhance your childs learning. https ://www-hce.stjohns.k12.fl.us/ St Johns County Schools Website http://www.stjohns.k12.fl.us/ -Common Core State Standards for all subjects -Year at a glance pacing guides for all subjects EDMODO By now your child should be set up with an Edmodo account. This is

a great tool for communication between home and school. Edmodo is utilized for these reasons: *Homework/assignment reminders (picture of teachers planner) *Videos to watch that are related to lessons taught in class *Links also related to lessons *Homework assignment/question from teacher posted on Edmodo *Communication tool for students to respond/question each other (must be school related and proper Edmodo etiquette used) *Parents should use school email to contact teachers not Edmodo. PLANNERS Student planners will be an important part of your childs fifth grade year.

Students will be expected to write down their homework, project dates, and upcoming test dates in their planner daily. Please monitor your childs planner as this is the primary tool for communication. Nightly Reading Students are expected to read uninterrupted for 20-30 minutes nightly. They should be reading chapter books on their reading level. Students are expected to read a determined amount of minutes each

month. A parent signature each week verifies minutes read. Teacher/student conferencing will take place periodically. Binders

All students are required to have a 1 -2 inch binder that contains 5-8 dividers. These dividers will be used to organize tests, homework, class work, work in progress, graphic organizers, and study guides. Your childs planner is housed in his/her binder. Please review this nightly with your child. Homework is kept in the binder, as well. A soft pencil pouch with holes will fit in his/her binder perfectly. Teachers are asking that parents review their childs test logs and tests which are in each subject section. Please DO NOT

remove any papers from the binder. We do this with the children at the end of each quarter. HOMEWORK All homework is expected to be returned the day after it is assigned unless otherwise noted in the binder. Any incomplete homework is expected to be turned in the following day. Students who continuously come to class

without completed homework will earn a phone call home from the teacher. This will also affect his/her grade. If your child does not understand the homework or it could not be completed due to family issues please write a note and the homework will be excused for that night. However, it is still expected to be returned the following day. Your child will receive one 20% grade for homework at the end of each quarter in math and ELA. Grading Policy Assessments (Summative) 80% These are defined as assessments that are administered at the end of a learning sequence after ample practice or rehearsal of essential knowledge. Assessments indicate mastery of benchmarks and standards.

General Classwork/Assignments (Formatives) 20% This category can be defined as frequent, in-progress checks for understanding, on a regular basis to inform instruction and track students progress towards standards mastery. Students are given the opportunity to process and apply newly learned concepts, skills, and/or concepts. GRADING SCALE 90-100 A 80-89B 70-79C 60-69D

0-59 F Friday Folder This folder will come home every Friday. Inside you may find a class newsletter, informational type flyers, important notes from the classroom, and your childs weekly behavior report.

Please sign this report, remove your childs papers along with the weekly newsletter, and have them return the folder and report every Monday. Note any questions or concerns on the report and we will contact you ASAP. Home Access Center

In order to receive your childs grades online, you will need to fill out the appropriate papers in the office in order to receive a username and password. You may email Mrs. Swartzwelder and she will send yours via email. We will be entering grades on a weekly basis so please visit the sight for current grades. Parents please email, call, or write us if you have any questions and/or concerns. School Rules

Dress Code Please make sure your child is dressed in accordance to the dress code. Here are a few helpful reminders: Shoes must have backs (closed toe is preferred) Shorts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.

No tank tops, halter tops, or shirts that show the midriff are allowed. Straps on sleeveless shirts must be at least 3 inches wide. Unusual hair color is not permitted. If a student is in violation of the dress code, parents will be notified and asked to bring a change of clothes.

Electronics Cell phones for students must remain in their backpacks at all times. If cell phones are found out of book bags during the school day, they may be collected and held until a parent can come and collect the cellphone. Cell phones are only for communication with a parent to ensure a students safety after the school day has ended. Student usernames and

passwords Volunteers Parents MUST be cleared as a volunteer if they want to participate in any classroom activities, eat lunch, or go on field trips. This applies to dads, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.(even if they are from out of town and it is just for one day). In addition, parents should always click "volunteer" when they are coming into school for any reason. If the parents were previously cleared at another school, they will not need to resubmit an application but do need to let Ruth know so she can clear them for Hickory. If it has been more than 3 years since parents were cleared at Hickory, they do not need to resubmit an application, but they do need to let Ruth know and she can update them on the system. If they have any questions, they can ask Ruth. She works really hard to get parents cleared in a timely manner.

School Pay Checks Please add your phone number on the check when making a payment of any sort to HCE. 5th Grade End of Year Field Trip

This year we will be taking our 5th grade class to Islands of Adventure on Monday, May 20, 2019. This field trip is a celebration of our 5th graders moving on to new and bigger things. We want them to have one last adventure spending quality time with his/her classmates. Children will be expected to stay in assigned groups and with chaperones the entire time. More details will follow as planning continues. The cost will be approximately $100 for students and $110 for chaperones. We are still waiting for 2019 pricing.

To hold a seat on the bus, $35.00 is due by Oct. 31st for students and those who want to chaperone. Forms will be sent home soon. Birthday Treats If you plan on bringing or sending in treats with your child for his/her birthday, please make sure it is something that can be easily passed out during lunch time. For example, capri suns, cookies, brownies, etc. (Please no cupcakes and/or cakes with messy frosting) Wish List

Please visit your childs homeroom teachers Giving Tree to see what items they are in need of this year. Any donations are appreciated. Thank you for coming!

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