Welcome to Fifth Grade Back to School Night!

Welcome to Fifth Grade Back to School Night!

Welcome to Fifth Grade Back to School Night! Mrs. Quantes Class Kenneth Culbert 2019-2020 Jen Quante 12 years in education

9 years at Kenneth Culbert Family Live in Hamilton Lead mentor in the building Love the beach, kayaking, hiking Personalized Learning

Tailoring learning experiences to individual strengths, needs and interests. Setting goals, voice and choice, flexible grouping Same learning targets, different paths to achievement Same curriculum, new approach to

instruction Coffee Chat with Ms. Edwards in September Curriculum Overview The entire curriculum can be found on the fifth grade website Reading Language Arts Pathways

Grammar Just right books Reading stamina Creative Writing Spelling: words every 2 weeks Conferring and strategy group More Curriculum Overview

Content Social Science and Science Project for each unit in S.S. and have map quiz. Math IXL- 80% or 20 minutes (yellow star review) Dreambox (chrome) 60 minutes/week Mini-lesson, small groups, playlists Futura

Mr. Randy Morgan will be pushing in two times a week to meet the needs of Futura students. He will pull them out once per week. We are excited about this format where everyone will benefit from the expertise of another teacher.

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC [email protected] Things To Know Email unless time sensitive Conferences first quarter SOLs Reading, Science, Math Class website (homework, study guides, etc.)

Peach Jar ParentVue Learning Progressions Scale PBIS Behavior Expectations PBIS Matrix

Encouragement Crocs cash Class Dojo PAT 1:1 Devices "Bootcamp" begins week 1 during library Device will be check out to student Acknowledge rights and responsibilities/agreement form Internet filtering/monitoring at home and school

Tech support/warrenty if needed Should come to school with a full charge Student device handbook BYOT is still an option - More info for parents Student Handbook Absence Call the attendance line 540-751-2541 Email [email protected] If you would like, you can CC me on the email

Birthdays please do not send in treats or party invitations Toys Toys may only be used at recess (within reason) and CASA. During instructional time toys need to be in your Fall Festival Valentines Day

Spring Fling (possibly Pi Day) Room parent will help organize During the 1st Quarter Signups will be in ParentVue I will send out an email when it is time to sign up We can meet anytime if needed D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education

10-12 times per year 45 minutes DARE graduation in May Leadership Positions Morning News Show Ushers Flags Photographers Croc Shop

2019-2020 Fabulous Fifth Grade My goal is for your child to have an excellent year! We are a team! Please contact me any time with any questions or concerns. [email protected]

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