WEb Services Standards for Financial Service

WEb Services Standards for Financial Service

Achieving Sustainable Business Benefits with Open eBusiness Standards Patrick Gannon President & CEO Best Practices in Standards Setting Cambridge, MA 11 March 2005 Patrick J. Gannon OASIS C.E.O., President, Board Director (2001+) UNECE Chair, Team of Specialists for Internet Enterprise Development (2000-2005) BEA Systems Sr. VP Strategic Marketing

Netfish Technologies VP Industry Marketing Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) Executive Director RosettaNet First Project Leader (1998) CommerceNet VP Strategic Programs

XML eCommerce Evangelist (1997-1999) Interoperable Catalog WG (1995-1998) PIDX, CIAG, PVF Roundtable, CIMIS (1988-1995) Achieving Sustainable Business Benefits Vision for Service Oriented Architecture Business Benefits from Open Standards Who is OASIS

Why Companies Participate Vision for Future Global eBusiness built on a Service Oriented Architecture The Dawn of a New Era Built on Service Oriented Architecture Vision of a Service-Oriented Architecture

A place where services are ubiquitous and organically integrated into the way we think and work. A place where both users and providers of information interact through a common focus on services. A world where technology is implemented within industry frameworks that operate on a global scale, enabled by open, interoperable standards. A Common Web Service Framework Is Essential

To provide a sustainable foundation, That will allow end-user companies to achieve the payback they require, To invest widely in the service-oriented architecture. Achieving Sustainable Business Benefits through a Open Standards for Web Services In this post-dot-com era, end user companies are expecting more liquidity and longevity of their assets. To achieve the ROI, Cost Reduction and Service Expansion benefits expected; the widespread deployment of standards-based Web services is essential. Fundamental Issues that Must Be Addressed

A common framework for Web service interactions based on open standards must occur. An agreed set of vocabularies and interactions for specific industries or common functions must be adopted. Business Benefits from Open Standards Why do standards matter? ROI for e-commerce

Normalizing data, processes and users costs time and money ROI can come from operational savings and outweigh the costs, if those savings are stable and persistent This requires Stable versioning Reliable, fixed terms of availability (some protection against withdrawal or embrace-and extend) INTEROPERABLE standards

CONVERGING standards What is an Open Standard? An open standard is: publicly available in stable, persistent versions developed and approved under a published, transparent process open to public input: public comments, public archives, no NDAs subject to explicit, disclosed IPR terms See the US, EU, WTO governmental & treaty definitions of standards Anything else is proprietary:

Delphi Group Research on the Value of Open Software Standards Greatest benefit to support open standards Increases the value of existing and future investments in information systems Provides greater software re-usability Enables greater data portability Factors driving participation in standards

Vendor neutral environment Access to a community of developers Membership comprised of both end-users and software developers Open Standards Process: Essential to WS Adoption Enables collaboration Assures fairness

Provides for transparency Embraces full participation Ensures a level playing field for all Prevents unfair first-to-market advantage for any one participant Meets government requirements Standard Adoption To be successful, a standard must be used Adoption is most likely when the standard is

Freely accessible Meets the needs of a large number of adopters Flexible enough to change as needs change Produces consistent results Checkable for conformance, compatibility

Implemented and thus practically available Sanction and traction both matter Who is OASIS? Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards OASIS Mission OASIS drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards.

OASIS is a member-led, international non-profit standards consortium concentrating on structured information and global e-business standards. Over 650 Members of OASIS are: Vendors, users, academics and governments Organizations, individuals and industry groups Best known for web services, e-business,

security and document format standards. Supports over 65 committees producing royaltyfree and RAND standards in an open process. Current Members Software vendors User companies Industry organisations Governments Universities and Research centres Individuals And co-operation with other

standards bodies OASIS Members Represent the Marketplace OASIS Member Organizations Users & Influencers 35% Government & University 15% Technology Providers 50% International Representation Total OASIS Members - 2000 4%

13% 83% Asia-Pacific Europe North America Total OASIS Members - 2004 11% 66% 23% Asia-Pacific Europe

North America OASIS Relationships Cooperate and liaise with other standards organizations Working to reduce duplication, promote interoperability Gaining sanction/authority & adoption for OASIS Standards Formal working relationships with: ISO, IEC, ITU, UN-ECE MoU for E-Business


Asia PKI, CNNIC, EA-ECA, ECIF, KIEC, PSLX, Standards-AU BPMI, CommerceNet, GGF, IDEAlliance, OAGi, OGC, OMA, OMG, RosettaNet/UCC, W3C, WfMC, WSCC, WS-i OASIS Member Sections CGM Open DCML LegalXML

PKI UDDI Current Scope of Work Web Services e-Commerce Security Law & Government

Supply Chain Computing Management Application Focus Document-Centric Applications XML Processing Conformance/Interop Industry Domains Transparent Governance and Operation Technical agenda set by members Open technical process designed to promote

industry consensus and unite disparate efforts Completed work ratified by open ballot Board chosen by open nomination and democratic election Leadership based on individual merit, not tied to financial contribution, corporate standing, or special appointment Progression/Approval of OASIS technical work 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. Any three or more OASIS organizational members propose creation of a technical committee (TC) Existing technical work submitted to TC; or TC starts work at the beginning. TC conducts and completes technical work; open and publicly viewable TC votes to approve work as an Committee Specification TC conducts public review, and three or more OASIS members must implement the specification TC revises and re-approves the specification TC votes to submit the Committee Specification to OASIS membership for consideration OASIS membership reviews, approves the Committee Specification as an OASIS Standard Business Benefits of Participation in OASIS

Membership Benefits Influence Information Participation Education Co-ordination

Creadibility Visibility Openess End-User Company Benefits

Educate employees on trends and developments of technology Learn and adopt best practices Influence direction and priorities of standards development by providing business requirements Evaluate and observe vendors in their implementation and product directions Participate in interoperability demos by providing business scenarios See practical implementation from multiple vendors for given scenarios University and Research Centre Benefits

Monitor state of the art in technology and standards development Propose new ideas and get feedback to those ideas Reduce the time to market from concept to wide spread adoption Create a broader market for adoption of development from your research projects Gain visability for your project efforts Establish closer ties with more busineses and

industry organisations OASIS Value Sanction x Traction = Adoption Twelve years demonstrated success Neutral and independent Technical and procedural competence

Worldwide visibility and outreach Close coordination with peer standards organizations on a global level Relevance, Openness, Implement-ability Contact Information: Patrick Gannon President & CEO [email protected] org +1.978.761.3546

www.oasis-open.org www.xml.org www.xml.coverpages.org

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