Wave Riders - University of Warwick

Wave Riders - University of Warwick

Criterion 4 Wave Riders The move towards EFQM 3B Consulting Your first step towards Business Excellence EFQM Framework Enablers Results

People Results People Leadershi p Strategy Partnerships & Resources Processes Products

& Services Custom er Results Key Results Society Results Learning, Creativity & Innovation EFQM model,

2010 Knowledge Management Agenda Partnership & Resources & the Management of Knowledge Potential Benefits to Wave Riders Current Wave Riders Scenario Identification Analysis Areas for Improvement

Steps towards Business Excellence Step by step plans Structure Partnership & Resources Current Status Identify Assets

The Future Carry out Audit Find areas for Improvement EFQM Implementati on AM & KM are

implemented as a continuing process Knowledge Companies Operate Maintain ledgers, box files Form teams Carry customized strategies Individuals carry out day to day guidelines Follow job objectives

Ventures & projects Create Knowledge This Knowledge can be re-used, assesses, evaluated & effectively refined. Importance of Knowledge A Commodity Companies offer knowledge at a price Management, sharing, updating is vital Leads to benefit to organization Knowledge is Power Sir Francis Bacon

Knowledge Management Any idea or practice of creating, acquiring, capturing, sharing and using knowledge, where ever it resides, to enhance learning and performance in an Quintas et al 1997 organization Asset Management- EFQM 4C Identifying Assets in organization Managing the Assets to increase efficiency

and overall life-cycle cost Utilizing resources in eco-friendly manner, reducing waste and recycling waste Creating standards to ensure safety and health Optimizing the use of assets, warehouses, equipments, materials, stocks Knowledge Management EFQM 4E Introducing strategies/plans of creating, sharing, evaluating and assessment of knowledge Proper recording of knowledge to create records

for company use Discussion of knowledge to increase sharing Effective and timely availability of Knowledge Provide security provisions for adequate use of knowledge Ensuring how to use manuals availability for all personnel Ensuring partners are made available to limited knowledge for benefits to other organizations Organizational Knowledge Development Cycle Knowledge

Creation Knowledge review & revision Knowledge Adoption Knowledge Distribution Bhatt et al 2000

Knowledge Management Encouraging sharing of ideas and plans Networking (later discussed) Implementation of plans like Risk Register, RIDDOR The ILO-OSH (2001) Management System on a 2-year implementation process Code of Practice on S&H Proper Filing system and access to information Review, assessing and updating knowledge maintained Why Re-Invent the Wheel?

Benefits KM is internal strength Provides Competitive Advantage Improves Customer Focus Improved Employee relations & departmental Leads towards Innovation Reduces costs Eliminates inefficient practices Leads towards Effective business Chourides et al 2003 practices

Knowledge Based Asset Management Facilities Management Health & Safety Security (Physical & Virtual) Environmental Management Facilities Management Generally is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its core activities.

(Zehra W., Scott F., 2009). provides the necessary infrastructure to create an appropriate environment for the employees to perform the core functions effectively and efficiently (If P., Fari A., 1999). Facilities Management for Wave Riders Current situation Ordering the initial fibre glass from outside supplier, resize and reshape is required

Issue Effectiveness of utilising material is poor Costs of production is high Solutions Outsourcing (primary plan) JIT for purchasing the fibre glass (backup plan) Strategic Plan for Facilities Management Outsourcing: 1st year plan (short-term) 1) Assessment and approval

2) Contract negotiation 3rd year plan (medium-term to long-term) 1) Project execution and transfer 2) Managing relationship 3) Review and prepare for training Facilities Management for Wave Riders Current situation Mess workplace in warehouse Issue Efficiency of production is poor

Potential health and safety risks for employees Solution Redesign the layout and structure as implements Lean and Six Sigma tools Strategic Plan for Facilities Management Lean methodology (5s): 1st year plan (short-term) 1) Formation of a 5s implementation team 2) construct and evaluate the 5s strategy

2nd year plan (medium-term) 1) launch the actual 5s strategy 2) By the end of year review the performance to determine is there a need for employ additional techniques e.g. Poka-yoke Facilities Management for Wave Riders Current situation Exmouth factory has been bought but not utilised Issue Wasting the addition property, lead the noneffective utilising resource

Solutions Sell the Exmouth factory at the beginning of next year use Exmouth as a storage for material or finished products Health & Safety Current situation There is an inefficient practice to record workplace safety inspections and training given to staff. There is an old data of the functions from each member in accordance with any rules or safe methods set out in

the previous arrangement. The policy has not been reviewed very often. The policy seems that each member has not been involved as much in developing the current policy. 21 RECOMMENDATION T0 IMPROVE H & S LEVEL Setting up a health and safety management system. PLAN

ACT Improveme nt CHECK SOURCE: (HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE, 2012) implementation PLAN Carrying out a regular risk management 1. To inspect around the workplace the current hazards as well as

potential hazards. 2. To review the risk (the former consequence of having this hazard and how the harm could be from the new hazard detected). 3. Confirm the data gathered from the inspection with employees perception, what they thinks the hazards are? 4. After the risk is detected, the findings should be recorded, perhaps using the risk assessment template from (HSE) PLAN Counting with the help of each employee and the data of risk identified, the policy will be written down. the policy has to cover the following points. 1. The commitment of waves riders to managing health

and safety and what the company is keen to achieve. 2. The way of wides riders organize management and who is responsible for doing what. 3. Practical arrangements, such as safety procedures and staff training. Implementation Decide what procedures the company needs and implement them. 1. Each worker has to understand all the information related to his/her job written on the policy. 2. Each worker has to work according to the

policy explained. 3. Monitoring how well the procedures works. CHECK 1. Company should review the management system itself (twice a year) to check that the system is working and to consider how it can be improved 2. To check the legal obligations regularly such as how should major injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences be recorded. 3. Ensure the worker in charge of recording this information is updated with the current form of how to do that according to RIGGORD.

ACT Take steps to maintain the system. 1. Provide training of updating regulations and review periodically. 2. The top-level of management will encourage workers to perform as much as possible their responsibilities according to the policy data. 3. To create awareness to mention minimum risk perceived throughout the organization. Benefits By having an updated and clear health and

safety policy, will aid to manage more appropriate the risk. Improved health and safety performance by Waves Riders will reduce the costs associated with accidents and incidents. If employees see that the company is actively looking after their health and safety performance, relations and morale will improve. Waves Riders can demonstrate to their insurance that they are controlling risk Security

Managing Security of Assets to meet EFQM standards. Current Stand of WaveRider Areas for improveme nt Strategic Plan

EFQM (4c&4e) Requirements for WaveRiders: Full support of management when implementing and enforcing a security policy. Document effectiveness of security measures & should be based on WaveRiders vision. Secure intellectual property such as designs of boats. Create and deploy security policy. In which any security issue should be identified, managed, implement & reviewed timely .

Assets associated with security of WaveRider Physical Security: Store House, Production plant, R&D department, Computers (Finance/production/marketing/CEO) Virtual Security: Company website, finance data, HR and Production department data, R&D information. Issues Regarding Securities of Assets. No Department wise asses. Out dated Computer System.

No CCTV surveillance. Lack of fire emergency system ex. No fire alarm, no fire exits, no fire extinguisher. No data protection policy. Solutions on Priority Basis Emergency Plan Restrict access to R&D department. Create department wise security access. 1st and 2nd Year Actions Software and CCVTV cameras. Create security Policy

Implement Backup policy 3rd to 5th Year Actions Develop Website security. Implement latest Data protection act. Ex. (DPA- 2010) Environmental Management (EM) Being one of the most important part of the EFQM philosophy Environmental Management links and assess all the areas of any companys performance and

productivity Key industries that a directly depends on the Environmental management: - Industrial Manufacturing - Service Design and Delivery - Governmental industry Environmental Management (EM) helps to: - Assess business strengths and weaknesses - Identify and manage significant environmental impacts - Saves money by increasing efficiency - Comply with environmental legalisation

- Provides benchmarks for further improvements WaveRiders current issues that contradicts EFQM EM standards Usage of non-recycable and non-ecofriendly material (Hypalon) for tubes manufacturing Usage of toxic colourings The absence of the end-of-pipe pollution control policy Company doesnt follow any environmental policy Vast amount of remained pieces of fibre

glass as unneeded surplus Solutions in compliance with EFQM EM Emergency plan: - Management style regarding environmental regulations must be changed; - Implementation of the strategy of compliance that will comply with sustainable development approach Long-term plan:

1 & 2 years: To find several alternative materials to substitute Hypalon. (i.e. PVC material) the identified alternative materials should be tested in relation to its quality and reliability and safety Create a separate department responsible for Environmental control; Start implementation process of the eco-friendly policy of production process; Analyse the outsourcing strategy of fibre glass Improve purchasing strategy of fibre glass material according to the required size and quantity.

3 & 4, 5 years: Final decision regarding alternative material for tubes manufacturing must be made Long-term contract with new supplier must be set up; Implement ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard To strengthen the end-of-pipe pollution control strategy within the company Effective performing in accordance with the Cleaner Production plan All the production wastes must eliminated (no remained pieces of the unusable materials)

Conclusion Low-cost action plans Medium & long-term, costs are divided Effective use Lowered costs Links with EFQM Criterion 4 Leads the way towards stage-5 Processes module List of References EFQM Model, http://www.efqm.org/en/tabid/132/default.aspx Quintas. P, Lefrere. P, Jones. G, (1997), Knowledge management: A strategic agenda, Long Range

Planning, Vol 30, Issue 3, Pg 385-391 Bhatt. D, (2000), Organizing knowledge is the knowledge development cycle, Vol 4, Issue 1, pg 15-26 Chourides. P, Longbottom. D, Murphy. W, (2003) "Excellence in knowledge management: an empirical study to identify critical factors and performance measures", Measuring Business Excellence, Vol. 7 Iss: 2, pp.29 45 E. Mahmoodzadeh, Sh. Jalalinia, F. Nekui Yazdi., (2009). A business process outsourcing framework based on business process management and knowledge management, Business Process Management Journal. Bradford: 2009. Vol. 15, Iss. 6; p. 845 Lucas S., Robbie H., Glenn D., Clay W., (2010). Lean Implementation in a Low Volume Manufacturing Environment: a Case Study, IIE Annual Conference. Proceedings. Norcross: 2010. p. 1, 6 Rod G., Ron F., Kaoru K.,(2008). Implementing 5S within a Japanese context: an integrated management system, Management Decision, London, Vol. 46, Iss. 4; p. 565 Zehra W., Scott F., (2009). Knowledge based facilities management, Facilities, Bradford, Vol. 27, Iss. 7/8;

p. 258 If P., Fari A., (1999). New patterns in facilities management: industry best practice and new organisational theory, Facilities, Bradford, Vol. 17, Iss. 5/6; p. 159 N Rajam Ramaswamy, V Selladurai, A Gunasekaran., (2002). Just-in-time implementation in small and medium enterprises, Work Study, Vol. 51, Iss. 2/3; p. 85 Health and safety executive. (2012). using health and safety management systems/ business link. retrieved 04 23, 2012 from http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?itemid=1074403738&r.i=1074403734&r.l1=1073858 799&r.l2=1087350872&r.l3=1074402501&r.s=m&r.t=resources&type=resources Health and safety executive. (2012). retrieved 22 04, 2012 from http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg453.pdf List of References Anixter Inc., 2010. DuPont is Discontinuing Hypalon. [Online]

Available at: http://www.anixter.com/AXECOM/AXEDocLib.nsf/0/5ZEX7S2R/$file/DuPontDiscontinuing HyphalonJuneJuly09.pdf?openelement British Standards Institution, 2012. Environmental Management. [Online] Available at: http://www.bsigroup.com/en/Assessment-and-certification-services/management-systems/ Business-areas/Environmental-Management/ Business Link, n.d. Environmental management systems (EMS) - the basics. [Online] Available at: http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/layer?topicId=1079422683 Chrisite, I., Rolfe, H. & Legard, R., 1995. Cleaner production in industry : integrating business goals and environmental management. London: Policy Studies Institute. Robbins, P. T., 2001. Greening the corporation : management strategy and the environmental challenge. London: Earthscan.

T.E.W. Consultants, 2011. Managing the Environment. [Online] Available at: http://www.tewconsultants.com/Environmental-Management.php Q&A 3B Consulting Group plc Suite No.115, IMC, WMG University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL

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