University Procurement

University Procurement

University Procurement James Trotter, Director of Procurement for University of Leicester and Head of Procurement for Loughborough University Structure HE sector (procurement) landscape and horizon Leicester & Loughborough procurement approach HE sector purchasing consortia / frameworks (Local) SME-friendly procurement audit Useful links Landscape / Horizon Blockchain BREXIT New supply chain monitoring responsibilities GDPR, IR35, Modern Slavery, CFA Value for money for students Busy! Investment in campus (Construction & IT-Cloud) Further budget pressures

(Review of post-18 education) Extension of Social Value Act Wider sustainability benefits - Employability Organisational change Greater competition Dearth of procurement talent HEPA Purchasing consortia Inadequate eProcurement systems Procurement Value Survey PMA Generally, Contracting Authorities Category Management Contracts Officerinto...Category Manager!

Dual facing Markets and Requirements across University Structure - IT, Estates, Laboratory and Professional Services Core documents Contracts Register, Tendering Schedule & Savings Tracker Collaboration opportunities NEUPC, Loughborough University and local public sector organisations University Procurement Strategy Objectives: 1. Procurement will become engrained within the Universitys planning processes 2. Fully worked up category strategies will cover 100% of our procurement spend 3. We will make optimum use of e-Procurement technology 4.

Our sector leading procurement policies and procedures will continue to reflect the latest legislation and best practice, whilst staying clear and proportionate Performance Measure Procurement savings as a % of influence-able non-pay spend Collaborative procurement spend as a % of influence-able non-pay spend No. of contracts where collaborating with (Loughborough/Leicester) University Regional SME suppliers as a % of all University suppliers No. of contracts including Social Clauses (incl. internship/placement clauses) University suppliers awareness of, and response to, modern slavery, as indicated through the NetPositive Supplier Engagement Tool Target 5% 30% 10 20% 50 100 registered suppliers with MS mitigation actions

Procurement Rules Mandatory Contract in place? (e.g. Windows PCs, Furniture) Suitable Framework Agreement available? Total Contract Value Minimum Procurement Process Below 10k Obtain one written quote 10k - 24,999 Seek three written quotes 25k - 49,999 Obtain three written quotes using RfQ template 50k - 99,999 Obtain three written tenders 100k EU Threshold Obtain five written tenders EU Threshold EU tendering exercise Red = Use Delta and managed by Procurement Unit Red italic = Estates manage 50k-EU Threshold Works tenders Encouraged to request a quote from a local supplier where 10k-24,999 and openly advertise where 25k+ [Where openly advertising at 25k+, must (also) advertise through Contracts Finder] Head of Procurement approval required at 50k+ Director of Finance/Procurement Unit waiver approval required at 10k+

Category Manager to be informed of all 25k+ contracts awarded Head of Department to nominate Contract Managers for 25k+ contracts Our Ts&Cs Equal opportunity Mitigate our risks Supplier Ts&Cs favour the supplier Goods, Services, Consultancy, IT and Estates (JCT with standard default amendments) Opportunity to amend pre-tender and tweak post-tender Procurement Project Strategy Risk assessment > Specification +/or Evaluation criteria +/or Contract Conditions > Contract Management Financial stability Social value Slavery/human trafficking Insurance levels Equality and diversity

Business continuity Data security Environmental issues Intellectual property Cloud assessment Local economy TUPE Health & Safety SME-friendly Funding body requirements Purchasing consortia and framework agreements Crown Commercial Service

(Central government) Pro5 / Eastern Shires Purchasing Org anisation (Local government) HE sector consortia LUPC (London), SUPC (South), NEUPC (North East), NWUPC (North West), APUC (Scotland), HEPCW (Wales), TUCO (catering), and TEC (energy) Aggregate public sector requirements Established by way of one of the EU procedures Maximum of four years One or more suppliers (often lotted) Call off by way of direct award and/ or further competition (only including suppliers on the framework)If procuring

organisation named in the OJEU Benefits of economies of scale, pre-agreed terms and conditions cover common risks, swift route to market Often default route for public procurer Audit Procurement Strategy & Policy Element University Strategy & Policy Leicester & Loughborough University Strategic Plan University Procurement Strategy (Consulted suppliers) SME-Friendly Procurement Policy

Sustainable Procurement Guidance Procurement Regulations Performance Measures Regional SME suppliers as a % of all University suppliers % of invoices paid within 30 days of invoice Communication Regularly speak at Meet the buyer events, incl. latest policy and legislation (e.g. Modern Slavery, GDPR) Always respond to speculative supplier enquiries Comprehensive Dear John letters Happy to give debriefs Leadership Hosted How to find, compete for, and win public contracts event at inaugural Leicester Business Festival Developed LLEP Procurement Taskforce Communication & Action Plan In-house Training University Strategy, Policy & Measures What were telling local SMEs, incl. register on Delta Tips where running own <50k RfQ exercise, incl. lean templates, proportionate financial & insurance reqmts Audit Procurement Operations

Element Leicester & Loughborough Lotting Strategy Procurement Strategy Checklist prompts consideration of (Local) SMEs Regularly push for sub-regional lotting for consortia framework agreements Financial & Insurance Requirements Proportionate and risk based Dont over-rely on credit checks, allow for range of evidence of financial stability Specifications Outcome based, where possible May be informed by pre-procurement market sounding

Terms & Conditions Tweaks to the standard may be informed by preprocurement market sounding Payment of sub-contractors clause Pre-Procurement Market Sounding Sometimes used to inform procurement strategy (elements above), and may be for markets with limited tendering capability to explain process E.g. Used for Minor Works Templates As lean as possible Leicester and Loughborough harmonised Question main contractor about management of subcontractors Audit Procurement Operations Element

Leicester & Loughborough Contract Opportunities Use of closed lists Delta allows suppliers to register once for all buying organisations using the system, unlike In-tend! Pipeline of upcoming procurements on Delta Leicester and Loughborough both now use Delta Publication of Contracts Lists flagging potential subcontracting opportunities Signpost Delta, HE consortia, CCS, ESPO & Contracts Register at Meet the buyer events Evaluation Consider allowing for variant bids Evaluate consortium bids as a whole, taking account of the roles and responsibilities of consortium members, and the risks and guarantees/indemnities associated with the consortiums constitution Bidders Conferences May use for markets with limited tendering capability to explain the tender pack and the process Useful links Contracts Finder (ALL openly advertised 25k+ contracts) How to do business with the University of Leicester

Leicesters e-tendering system (Delta) registration Leicester University Internships & Placements How to do business with Loughborough University Loughborough's e-tendering system (Delta) registration Loughborough University Internships & Placements Summary Explained our values, risks, challenges and approach For you to consider when seeking and competing for our contract opportunities

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