Unit 4 - Development through the Life Stages

Unit 4 - Development through the Life Stages

NATURE NURTURE DEBATE P1, Explain the principle psychological perspectives of nature nurture D1. Analyse psychological perspectives in relation to nature/nurture Born or brought up? Steven Gerrard England captain and Liverpool player Tracey Connolly Baby Ps mother. Born bad?

James James Arthur Arthur XXfactor factor winner winner 2013 2013 Nature versus nurture debate The nature versus nurture debate focuses on the argument on whether: We are born the way we are i.e. People are

to have an eating disorder. Or The way we are brought up and our surroundings make us the way we are e.g. People see thin models on TV in magazines and they want to imitate them. born Born with Definitions

Nature genetic and biological influences Nurture social, economic and Brough t up environmental issues You how do you live? We all live in different environments. Nobody can claim that their

life has been the same as yours. You might be wealthy or poor, an A-listed super star or an anonymous face in a city of millions. Your genes make you unique, but so does your life. It is different from every other human life on earth. Different beginnings You may have had quite a different nine months in the womb compared to that of your brother or sister. and once you are born then just

about anything can happen. And almost everything that occurs during your childhood and adolescence could be having an impact on your health, your career and the relationships you are forming today. Determinism Determinism is the belief that your future is fixed or determined either by what you have genetically inherited or by your social environment and experience.

This word, this specialist vocabulary needs to be in your course work. Learning new vocabulary is necessary for you to write up your course work. Example in practice; Leijla is 65 and is unable to walk very far. A health issue.. One of the nurses who work with her says. These people bring it on themselves, I bet she is, or was a smoker The second nurse says.. I dont think its that at all because her genes will have caused her to be like this.

Both the nurses statements are determinists. ..the cause Choice and interaction The alternative to determinism is the belief that people can take control of their own lives through the choices they make (free will). Some people believe that everything is fixed by nature or nurture or that everything is a matter of choice, However, you must take into consideration that the human life course involves an interaction of nature, nurture and the decisions and choices that people make.

Example in practice; Nurture Nature Genetic inheritance and biology Genetic inheritance and biology Individual reaction and choices To smoke or not to

smoke? Your environment includes cigarettes; family and friends smoke around you. Your genetic inheritance means your more likely to have an addiction.. but then you have the free will to choose to do so Biological programming It is argued that our genes can programme the amino acids which influence our body cells.

Genes provide the instructions for structuring amino acids which in turn influence the proteins within our body cells thus programming chemical basis of our biology (confused??? Ill explain) However, human development and behaviour are not programmed by genes, although, development may be influenced by genes, for example, addiction. Biological programming Our body shape, size as well as our behaviour depend on the interaction of our biology with broader environment.

A human being is the result of the interaction of genes (biological programming) and the environmental influences they are exposed to. Question; Can you see the importance of psychology; psychological influences, when dealing with service users either.. a) In a health care setting? (P2)

Or b) In a social care setting? (P3) Maturation theory Some aspects of development such as the ability to speak a first language are thought to be due to an inbuilt genetic process its innate. An instruction in the gene to learn to communicate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_rpzovTVzk Studies have shown babies only hours old are able to differentiate between sounds from their native language and a foreign language, scientists have discovered. The study indicates that babies begin absorbing language while still in the womb, earlier than previously thought. ..nature o/and nurture..

Concentration Children naturally become interested in span..and signs that they see around sounds and Discuss.. the ability to speak unfolds. them Pre-programme to learn in early development Maturation theory The impact of the environment on this ability is

crucial as the learned language or communication method is the one used within the environment: Does the baby use a dummy? Does the baby only have a primary carer only? Is the atmosphere loud, fraught, stressed, aggressive? Has the child moved into a foster home? Thus the environment always interacts with a persons genetic inheritance In your course work, you need to. P1. Explain the principle psychological perspectives

So, in general you need to demonstrate your understanding EXPLAIN (and not just describe), the nature nurture debate. This will form part of your introduction to Unit 7 course work.. You will then next learn about the biological perspectives [nature]and the research that supports different theories. You will continue on to explaining these in more detail. D1. Analyse psychological perspectives in relation to nature/nurture

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