Unit 21 Website Production and Management

Unit 21 Website Production and Management

1/27/20 Unit 28 Website Production User Requirements Website Purpose Lesson 5 Objectives Define website purpose Understand how to define website requirements Protection mechanisms Building towards assignment 1 Assignment 1 Explain website security and protection Design Create

a website and explain features Review and improve Explain accessibility Prove your site fits the design criteria In the beginning Websites designs must include: Customer requirements Purpose of the website Additionally Features (desirable & essential) Language used

Accessibility security Website purpose Commercial Commercial websites usually exist to acquire more revenue Provides: Advertising Access to services Product information Purchasing

Security Payment Customer information Non-Commercial Non-profit-making Home use Display information Forums Share Defining Website purpose

Website Objectives What is the website for? Commercial Non-commercial Specifies the audiences type Information Data Discussion community/Forum

Specialist focus Location Objective Interest Behavioural: Benefits sought, Occasions (e.g. Christmas), usage rate Analyses the required functionality What is the website to do? Target Audience Your

target audience should dictate: Tone of voice Method of Contact Where you advertise Colours used Navigation How you advertise Services offered Your logo Prices Depth of content Products Sold Everything! Customer requirements ensures the website meets the clients needs states the content, layout, and features of the website

Pages required Time scale Features Choice of images Layout

Sections Relevance Pages required Web space Resolutions Disabilities Sight Hearing

Other Language Videos Music Flash interactivity Access Forums Mail lists Downloads Media

Website size Colours Structure Information Font used Font size Features Formatting

Shopping cart Forum Style Modern, slang, technical, American Audience level Multilingual Formatting styles Description of any styles Protection mechanisms the most important thing after its creation must be implemented at the stage of development

individual approach taking into consideration the specific character of the particular web project. High security level for: website content, user accounts, confidential information collected from users and protection of admin control from illegal capturing. Requirements protection from: spam,

automatic form submission, use of single account by multiple users, etc. Also: not decrease website usability by multiple authorization procedures or slow malicious-code testing mechanisms. High level of convenience for users. Methods encoding of HTML-code or its key parts. Access control password system

must be invisible through web code i.e. it must be saved in separate file or database on a web server. security for site users Unreliable security system can badly influence your business reputation. complete protection for users personal data, Much of website protection depends on your hosting service. Assignment 1 Website design You have a new post at a local website company as a junior programmer. Your first task is to produce a website for a local

company. There are several jobs to be finished, therefore you have a choice. Assignment 1 - jobs Extreme Sports Shop that predominantly stocks mountain bike gear. But also provides mountain boards and skateboards. It does not stock cheap items. Website is to be lively, trendy, and simple to navigate. Pot Shot A local pools hall that is open 24/7. It provides English and American pool tables for hire. It has its own licensed bar. Evolution A gaming store that provides games for various computer and console formats. Also proves hardware equipment and reviews of products

Big Foot A highly competitive shoe store on the high street. They are a small chain of stores in the Midlands that provide trendy shoes for both genders. Website should be simple and elegant. Unbranded Local store that stocks specific clothes-wear unavailable in other shops. This is a premier store that provides highly researched and sought-after clothing. Require a clean, simple website. Amplitude Car and house stereo equipment. Amplitude does not stock low quality equipment. They require a stylish, modern website. Hard snow a snow boarding information site to promote resort destinations around Europe. They provide information about accommodation, ski-lift access, pricing, board reviews. This is a noncommercial website updated by members My-bad clan a new gaming clan for a major game. They provide information about the game including, cheats, shortcuts, clan members, schedule of clan tournaments, rankings. This is a non-commercial website updated by members Assignment 1 Explain the security risks and protection mechanisms involved in website performance. (P3) 1.

Create the initial designs for the website. (P4) Market research Create a Word document with useful competitors websites Review their websites Identify the following: How have they structured their website? Do they have a target audience? What tone of voice do they use? What services / extras do they offer? What can you do differently / better? What are their product features / prices?

How do they promote themselves (new and existing visitors / customers)? Domain naming Find an appropriate domain name Site Map Site map defining the required pages and detailed navigation between each page. Home Contact us About us Products Returns Storyboard

An artistic version of the proposed site Will give all the information required Storyboards The Real Deal Page details Table outlining the details of each page. Include the following headings: page name, description of page content, required images and web technologies used. Page Topic/objective Informati on

Images Technolog y Compare and evaluate designs Reference your user requirements Criteria: Accessibility to hyperlink/button on page

Good use of colours Number of colours Professional appearance elegance & sophistication Font styles Width Height Sections Information clarity Logo position

Does it fit with the users specification? Alignment Features (if any) Colours Allowable space for information Disabilities Aesthetics

Navigation Layout Accessibility Introduction to Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is an Integrated development

environment (IDE) Allow you to build websites Compliant with: HTML PHP ASP XML JavaScript JSP CSS Industry standard application Task Create a simple Webpage

You will design a simple website You will gain Dreamweaver skills Not directly part of the assessment Chips Computers Chips Computer Supplies Processors Memory Graphic cards Home Graphic Cards Processors Hard Disks Hard Disks Sound Cards Cases

Cases Sound cards Memory Create a section page with some text and hyperlink them together Next week: Complete research Select domain name Refer closely to the job options doc on Wiki Prepare and complete design table, outlining the details of each page: page name, description of page content, required images and web technologies used.

Prepare and complete storyboard. Prepare and complete site map. If/when you have completed the above you may start work on the actual web-site.

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