UCA International Users Group Organizational Chart

UCA International Users Group Organizational Chart

UCA International Users Group Organizational Chart Advisors Board Of Directors Operating Officers Executive Committee Technical Oversight Committee Board of Directors Board Of Directors

John Burger, AEP (Chairman) Steve Dalyai, QEI Erich Gunther, EnerNex Clemens Hoga, Siemens Mike Ingram, TVA Thierry Lefebvre, RTE Dan Nordell, Xcel Energy Mark Simon, ComEd Bob Yinger, SCE <


Subcommittee Liaison Subcommittee Top Chart Executive Committee - Co-Chair ECS.Kunsman

Members M. Simon - Co-Chair ABB ComEd ConEd HQ IP&L KCA Areva SEL Siemens KEMA EDF Pacificorp DR DR DR T. Maffetone M.Toupin J.Hohn J.Robinson- Secretary C.Ziegler G.Scheer C.Hoga Ed Dobrowolski

Eric Lambert Bradley Williams TBD TBD TBD <

SISCO ABB Areva Omicron Basler Siemens AG KCA SEL B&V GE QEI RuggedCom Omicron

ZIV Areva R. Mackiewicz - Chair F. Hohlbaum C. Fricks B. Vandiver D. Weinbach G. Wong K.Clinard - Secretary G. Scheer C. Preuss G. Brunello C. Dale M. Pozzuoli F. Steinhauser O. Bolado Lori Heyne Marketing SC Members Marketing Subcommittee <

Ralph Mackiewicz - Chair Trade Show WG Members Trade Show Working Group <

Ralph Mackiewicz Kay Clinard Membership Recruitment WG Membership Recruitment WG <


UtinNovation C.Brunner Liaison Liaison Subcommittee Dan Nordell George Schimmel Kay Clinard IEC TC57 WG 13 IEC TC57 WG 14 Herb Falk IEC TC57 WG 16 IEC TC57 WG 19 Charlie Sufana Jerry Hohn Alex Apostolov Marco Janssen Subcommittee - SCC 36 (IEEE, and ISO/ IEC Coord) - TC 57 WG 7 (Control Center Communications) - TC 57 (General plus WG 10 for Substations) - TBD - TBD - TC 57 WG 15 ( Communications Security) - TBD

- TBD - IEEE PSRC - IEEE H6 - CIGRE - CIGRE/ IEC 61850 Implementation <

TOC Org Chart Help Desk Technical Oversight Committee Harmonization Working Group Testing Sub - Committee IEC 61850 Technical Subcommittee Technical Publications Demand Response Technical Subcommittee CIM Technical

Subcommittee Top Chart Technical Oversight Committee TOC GE M.Adamiak - Co-Ch, IEC61850

Utility Co Chair KCA K.Clinard Sect., Help Desk EnerNex B.Muschlitz - TSC Co-Chair EPRI Joe Hughes - TSC Co-Chair Areva A.Apostolov - Tech Pub EnerNex E.Gunther - DR Co-Chair HydroOne J. Whatley IEC61850 Co-Chair DR TBD - DR Co-Chair TVA Greg Congleton CIM Co-Chair Xtensible Terry Saxton CIM Co-Chair Exelon Dean Hengst CIM Harmonization TSC Co-Chair Harmonization TSC Co-Chair <

Help Desk 61850 Help Desk Kay Clinard (request coordinator) Christoph Brunner Herb Falk George Schimmel Karlheinz Schwarz Erich Gunther

Alex Apostolov Jack Robinson Ralph Mackiewicz DR DR CIM CIM CIM <

Back Testing TSC Testing Technical Subcommittee AEP A. Clark EPRI J.Hughes Co-Chair EnerNex B.Muschlitz Co-Chair KCA

J.Robinson * Secretary Tamarack G.Schimmel * Sisco H.Falk * CIM CIM DR DR * Also on the Accreditation/Recognition Task Force for Tester Approval. <

AEP ABB ABB UtinNovation GE KCA Siemens KEMA KEMA KEMA N.Automation UtinNovation SEL SEL Sisco Tamarack Omicron Omicron HQ

A. Clark Editor S. Gerspach J. Servoz C. Brunner D. Baigent J. Robinson G. Lang R. Schimmel Editor W. Strabbing Editor J. Jansen Van Der Sligte K.Schwarz M. Janssen Editor D. Woodward T. Tibbles H.Falk G.Schimmel F. Steinhauser B. Vandiver D. Bui IEC 61850 Test Procedures WG IEC 61850 Test Procedures WG



CIM TSC TVA Greg Congleton Co-Chair Xtensible Terry Saxton Co-Chair Siemens Kurt Hunter - CMM TBD TBD TBD Subcommittee <

Demand Response Technical Subcommittee Erich Gunther, EnerNex Co-Chair TBD Co-Chair TBD TBD TBD <

Grid Networks, Ray Bell Co-Chair GE, Kerry Evans Co-Chair eMeter, Chris King Co-Chair IntelliGrid, Anne-Lise Didierjean - Secretary <

GE HydroOne KCA Cinergy PPL Xcel Entergy Enernex Areva EnerNex EnerNex M.Adamiak - Co-Chair J. Whatley - Co-Chair K.Clinard - Secretary

D. Reckerd J.Gilbert C.Kinne L. Priez B.Muschlitz A.Apostolov E.Gunther G.Gilchrist <

ABB W. Wimmer KEMA J. Jansen Van Der Sligte ABB K. Brand AEP J.Burger KCA K.Clinard Siemens H. Dawidczak Siemens G. Lang - Co-Chair SISCO H.Falk Tamarack G.Schimmel N.Automation K.Schwarz Note: Tissue Voting includes ALL of IEC TC57 WG 10 Members <

C. Brunner M.Adamiak IEC 61850 DIT WG <

M. Adamiak K.Clinard KCA N.Automation Siemens SISCO DR DR CIM CIM J. Robinson K.Schwarz G. Lang R. Mackiewicz Tech Pubs WG

Co-Chair <

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