Today's Orientation Goals - Nevada Virtual Academy-First Grade

Today's Orientation Goals - Nevada Virtual Academy-First Grade

Nevada Virtual Academy Elementary School Orientation 2017-2018 Todays Orientation Goals WELCOME TO ORIENTATION! By the end of this orientation session, participants will be able to:

Meet school staff and other new families Use participant tools in Class Connect Understand daily expectations Make a school contact list and receive individual follow-up as needed Understand next steps School Administration 2017 - 2018 Dr. Yolanda Hamilton Head of School Mrs. Teresa Gregory

Principal: K - 5th grades Ms. Tser Diamond Vice Principal: K - 5th grades Elementary School Counselor Assigns students to their homeroom teachers classroom

Adds foreign language classes per your request Provides academic-based student counseling and online social groups Gives family counseling resources to parents Ms. Crystal Shay 702.407.1825 x 4271 Family Academic Support Team (FAST) Our mission: empowering students to overcome challenges academic, emotional, medical, social, and otherwise

Provides assistance with onboarding, early intervention for engagement, support services, and community based resources for all families and students Homeschool vs. NVVA The Learning Coach The role of the Learning Coach is essential to the success of the student.

Lesson facilitation Materials preparation Progress planning Administration of a students day-to-day education The role is exciting and challenging AND requires parental commitment, discipline, and organization. The Learning Coach

Nevada law requires a students education be supervised at all times by an adult. The Learning Coach fills this requirement at Nevada Virtual Academy Have an organized work space for your student; i.e. common household areas vs bedrooms LC must maintain communication with the students teacher and school staff LC should have working knowledge of computer systems LC must log into their account daily to check e-mails and student grades. **If no adult will be present with the student during school

hours or cannot follow the requirements, this program is not the right choice for your childs education.** The Student The role of the student is to engage in learning. Complete lessons daily Attend and actively participate in Class Connect sessions (live attendance is mandatory) Check emails daily and respond in a timely

manner Submit assignments on or before due dates The Pathways Virtual/Blended Virtual Student NVVA Elementary School

Blended Student Live Virtual Class Connect Sessions - BOTH PATHWAYS STUDENTS must log in on time through their WEEKLY PLAN and participate with teachers and peers in Blackboard Connect Assigned Coursework - BOTH PATHWAYS STUDENTS must log in and complete all virtual lessons, in-class exit tickets, and ELA/Math Class Connect graded assignments DAILY Blended Pathway students are REQUIRED to attend an in-person, face to face, class with their teachers one day a week ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

(This is optional for Virtual Pathway students) Student & Learning Coach Daily Commitment The Student and Learning Coach must be extremely dedicated to their schooling. It takes a certain time and energy commitment to be efficient. The Teachers Students will have a homeroom and content teacher(s): Homeroom teachers: oversee all student coursework

Content teachers: oversee/teach specific subject areas OLS and Class Connect Math English/Reading/Writing OLS ONLY History Science Social Studies Art/Music Grading Basics Expected Lesson Progress

Course progress as completed in your Daily Plan OLS Assessments Assessments completed in your Daily Plan Teacher Graded Assignments All coursework assigned by teaching staff: in class and as homework School Testing

State Mandated Testing On-site, in-person state testing is required of all students at NVVA in April/May 2018. Students are assigned sites according to their address. Initial Enrollment Testing All students are required to complete initial testing in Math and ELA to determine present levels. Students will be tested again in November and at the end of the school year to show progress. Kindergarten: Brigance testing 1st 3rd: MAP testing 4th 8th: iReady testing Parents and students will be notified via email/phone calls how and

when to complete testing. Academic Integrity Creating Student Account In order to promote and insure academic integrity in our online school: All students must have a separate account from their Learning Coach. Do not share your Learning Coach Account log in or password with your

student. If you forget your information, contact K12 tech support. Attendance Policy Logging in and submitting ALL assignments on daily plan Attend Class Connects according to schedule every day Attending physical location for blended classes 100% attendance is expected There are NO excused absences

After 10 consecutive days of absence, truancy is reported to Child Protective Services (educational neglect) and enrollment will be reassessed Computer & Internet Requirements It is the responsibility of the family to provide computer and internet access AT ALL TIMES for the students. Nevada Virtual Academy does NOT automatically provide computers or internet. A back up plan MUST be put into place for any

computer or internet issues. Library, family or friends, Starbucks, etc. Back up all assignments on external drive Call Technical Support at 1-866-512-2273 to help with any computer issues. **Computer issues do NOT excuse you from ANY assignments OR attending Class Keys To Success

Daily attendance in Class Connect sessions and participation is required Complete all lessons in the Daily/Weekly Plan Students MUST attend Class Connect sessions and complete OLS lessons in their Student Account

Contact homeroom teacher if unable to attend Monitor Grades in the OLS and Infinite Campus Promptly reply to teachers email & phone calls A 24 hour response is required

Attend Monthly Progress Conferences Attend and Complete all school required testing The Online School (OLS) Updated Learning Coach Page

The Online School (OLS) Learning Coach Page The Online School (OLS) Changing Users The Online School (OLS) Student Page IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE 1) 2) 3) 4)

Students Name and Grade Students ID number Materials for Today (daily/weekly view options) Weekly Plan (recommended view) The Weekly Plan Student Page When a lesson is not completed, the OLS moves that lesson to the next day in the pattern, which moves all the following lessons over as well. This movement can cause a student to fall

behind in their progress Each lesson you dont complete will lower your grade. If you fall behind, you will need to double up on the next days lesson to not fall further behind. Checking Progress Not Mastered lessons must be retaught and the quiz retaken and mastered before moving on to the next lesson. You

can access the Not Mastered lessons from the progress page. OLS Level of Mastery = 80% passing grade or higher (according to grade level standards) Completed Lessons tab = Level of Mastery reached! The Online School (OLS) Student Page

Participate in Class Connect Participate in Class Connect Audio Set Up Participate in Class Connect x o

B t C ha Participate in Class Connect g n i l l o

P Tools Participate in Class Connect d r a o b e Whit

Tools Participate in Class Connect d r a o b e t Whi

Tools Use this tool to type MORE d r a o b e t i

h W Tools Change font size & color Contact/Resource Information Main Phone Number: 702-407-1825 Strong Start Website: Learning Coach University, school information, events, how to videos, etc. K12: Tech Support- 866-512-2273: help with computer set up, system

compatibility problems, usernames and passwords for students and LCs Customer Service - 866-626-6413: course materials, UPS tracking **It is crucial that we have your correct address, phone numbers, and personal email address at all times** Questions?

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