Bengal Tiger By: Ian Classification and Description Males weigh 488 lb.- females 308 lb.

Mammal Panthera tigress Albina white tigers- blue eyes orange orange gold yellow Biome

India Swamp rainforest 1+ den in territory If has small territory may have food shortage Life Cycle

Female pregnant 15 weeks Lives 18 years in wild 26 years in zoo Cubs eat at 16 weeks from birth Solitary Adaptations

Scent marks mark territorys Preys on young, sick, old prey White ear spots scares males, helps cubs Claws five inches long Reasons for Endangered Status

Cubs may die starvation (males) Porcupines quills may kill Poaching/deforestation Humans tigers biggest fear Conservation

40 reserves in India Breeding programs Against law to kill Tiger reserves may save lives

Fun Facts Tigers can climb trees Eats deer, water buffalo, wild pigs, monkeys White tigers cross eyes when confused 1 out of five cubs die

Resources Threat to the Bengal Tiger by Claire O Neal De seve , Karen Tigers in the snow : National Geographic Dourson, Nick Tigress Wikipedia.com

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