Titel / Thema der Präsentation - IBM

Titel / Thema der Präsentation - IBM

Usage Scenarios for a Community Cloud in Education and Research Paul Heinzlreiter, Wolfgang Hennerbichler, Michael Krieger 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 1 The Location 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 2

Johannes Kepler University Linz founded in 1966 3 faculties social sciences & business and economics, law, engineering & natural sciences about 15.000 students first parallel computer in Austria built at JKU in 1978 by Prof. Bruno Buchberger Austrian Centre for Parallel Computing founded at JKU in 1989 Austrian Grid Initiative started at JKU in 2004

40 years of computer science at JKU (in 2009) Research Laboratory for Client-Centric Cloud Computing founded in 2011 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 3 JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg 2008+ founded in 1989 by Prof. Bruno Buchberger 1.000 Employees 1.300 students (from more than 25 nations at the RISC Institute) 8.000 m office spaces 8.600 m for University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg 600 students rooms (550 O Studentenwerk, 50 Manro)

19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 4 Going back in time 1987 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 5 After the renovation 1989

19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 6 RISC Software GmbH Ownership 80% Johannes Kepler University Linz 20% Upper Austrian Government (UAR GmbH) RISC Software GmbH Software development

Applied research Technology transfer 50 employees RISC Institute 19.04.2012 Basic research in Symbolic Computation Head: Prof. Peter Paule Founder (1987): Prof. Bruno Buchberger 60 members (including PhD students) RISC Software GmbH

7 The Aim 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 8 The aim A regional cloud computing environment for Research: CD-Laboratory for Client-Centric Cloud Computing Education: first lectures in SE for CC started in 2008 Business: R&D usage

A cloud computing environment to See Touch Experience 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 9 The (current) Solution 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 10

IBM [email protected] 3U Blank 5U Blank 5U Blank A F R B R F 5U Blank DS3524

Mgmt Switch 2 Mgmt Switch 1 1U Keyboard Mon. Mgmt node 1U Blank C F R D R F 3U Blank

5U Blank Blade Center H M gt PS1 Fan 1 PS3 GbE FCs M gt PS2 Fan 2

PS4 GbE FCs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1112 13 14 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 11 Public unveiling on April 17, 2012 JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 12 Connection 1 GBit/s current network planned Firewall network Firewall

1 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s 220 IPv4-addresses 256+ IPv4-addresses IPv6 support MPLS support services GridFTP via GlobusOnline services GridFTP via GlobusOnline Single-Sign-On via Shibboleth

19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 13 Access Login Windows-Images: RDP Linux-Images: SSH Firewall Restriction regarding available port and network ranges File Transfer via GridFTP-Server und GlobusConnect

19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 14 GridFTP CloudBurst GlobusOnline MyProxy GridFTP GridFTP 19.04.2012

GridFTP GridFTP RISC Software GmbH 15 GlobusConnect 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 16 Parallel Rendering 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 17 Setup for Testcase 4 virtual machines: 8 Cores 2 GB RAM 8 GB HDD Total: 32 Cores 8 GB RAM 32 GB HDD 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 18 DatA analysis 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 19 BigData Analysis in the Cloud Human Genome: about 3,2 Gbp Human X-Chromosome: about 158 Mio. Basepairs

about 152 MB 1 AAA AAC ... t0 t1 Mouse Genome: data 2 t2 3

t3 about 2,6 Gbp Mouse X-Chromosome: about 170 Mio. Basepairs about 163 MB 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 20 Teaching 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 21 Topics addressed in lectures Background of Cloud Setups virtualization, computer networks, etc. Security in Clouds physical security, network security, application security, etc. Software engineering for Clouds Data distribution, application distribution, etc. Legal aspects in Clouds SLAs, cross border data transfer, privacy, etc. 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 22 Next steps 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 23 Next Steps Further technical steps

Direct 10 GBit/s connection to ACOnet & GEANT Integration of Austrian Identity Federation IPv6 ... Further Use-Cases Telematics Network Security ... Education Full access for lectures at JKU Full access for University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg Full access for Austrian Centre for Scientific Computing 19.04.2012

RISC Software GmbH 24 Cloud Computing @ JKU Softwarepark Hagenberg Thank you for your attention! 19.04.2012 RISC Software GmbH 25

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