Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thursday, 7 January 2016

ENTERING THE CLASSROOM Class Leader calls class to ATTENTION At ATTENTION by side of desk Take SEATS Say: Per Ardua Ad Astra Work on Black Book Starter: Black Book What am I writing: WHATEVER you choose! How long does it have to be?

7 minutes to write Whats the point? Writing! Writing! Writing! GOAL: STAY IN POSITIVE TERRITORY FOR MERITS. Simple. To the Point. REMIND about Stamps! Heads Up Short week this week (No school Friday Veterans Day)

THE CURRENT CLASSROOM MODE Quiet Mode Stand & Deliver Let others think too Open Team Work Discussion

STANDARDS FOR QUIET WORK: Let others think too I am listening to the teacher or speaker. I am not talking. I am taking notes or doing other silent work as directed. I am paying complete attention to the teacher or speaker.

Notebooks Entries Are: Quiet Mode: Let others think too

In pencil or pen Labeled with the Entry Number Labeled with the Name of the Entry Labeled with the Date Clearly legible Followed by a horizontal line to separate entries on a single page Written so as to maximize the use of each page Representative of your best effort Complete

Entry 187: Todays Objective 6 Nov 17 I will determine the qualities of a strong written response. Entry 188: Word Wall 6 Nov 17

Acronym a set of initials representing a name, organization, with each letter pronounced separately Example Sentence: My friend refused to buy a Ford because she said it meant Found on Road Dead. Entry 189: SOAPSTone 6 Nov 17 Dissecting the Acronym

Who is the Speaker? The voice that tells the story. Whose voice is going to be heard: your own, or a fictional character. What is the Occasion? The time and the place of the piece; the context that prompted the writing. Writing does not occur in a vacuum. All writers are influenced by the larger occasion: an environment of ideas, attitudes, and emotions that swirl around a broad issue. Then there is the immediate occasion: an event or situation that catches the writers attention and triggers a response. Who is the Audience? The group of readers to whom this piece is directed. Determine who the audience. It may be one person or a specific group. This choice of audience will affect how and why students write a particular text.

What is the Purpose? The reason behind the text. Consider the purpose of the text in order to develop the thesis or the argument and its logic. What do I want my audience to think or do as a result of reading my text? What is the Subject? Students should be able to state the subject in a few words or phrases. This step helps them to focus on the intended task throughout the writing process. What is the Tone? The attitude of the author. The spoken word can convey the speakers attitude and thus help impart meaning through tone of voice. With the written word, tone extends meaning beyond the literal, and students must learn to convey this tone in their diction (choice of words), syntax (sentence construction), and imagery

(metaphors, similes, and other types of figurative language). The ability to manage tone is one of the best indicators of a sophisticated writer. Entry 189: SOAPStone 6 Nov 17 Speaker Occasion Audience

Purpose Subject Tone Write 1 paragraph focusing on that 1 element. Write your paragraph about a tv show you would create OR a CD you would produce. HOMEWORK READING and Reading Log

END OF CLASS Quiet Mode: Let Others Think Too Planner check by class leader (homework must be recorded for each class period today) SECURE YOUR GEAR Class, ATTENTION Dismissal by group

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