The War of 1812

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 Chapter 10 Lesson 4 Essential Question: Why does conflict develop?

Learning Goal: Students will be able to analyze primary sources about the debate over the War of 1812 and identify points of view about the War of 1812.

Events Leading to the War 1803: Great Britain & France at War US trades with both countries and stays neutral

1804: Jefferson reelected president Great Britain & France at war in Europe threatens US trade 1805: Great Britain & France were trying to stop the other from trading with the US

Both countries blocked the others ports and made trade very difficult by stopping ships that belonged to the other country Events Leading to

the War 1807: British warship Leopard stops American Chesapeake to demand a search, Americans refuse, Leopard opens fire; three Americans are killed 1807: Congress passes the Embargo Act- prohibits trade with any other country (results?)

1808: James Madison elected President 1810: Congress passes new trade law that allowed US to trade with GB or France depending on who lifted restrictions first- France lifts their restrictions June 1st, 1812- Madison asks Congress to declare war against Great

Britain due to seizing & searching American ships Defeats & Victories of 1812 Americans were unprepared for war against

British who had help from the Native Americans Regular army had less than 12,000 soldiers, 5,000 were new recruits

There was little support, people who didnt like it called it Mr. Madisons War

Defeats & Victories of 1812 July 1812- War begins William Hull leads

Americans in Detroit to Canada Lose battle against Native Americans and surrender Detroit to

British Americans wanted to control Lake Erie in order to defeat British

US Naval Strength video US had three of the fastest frigates Constitution defeated British ships, along with privateers defeating

British ships September 10, 1813, Americans defeat British and take control of Lake Erie End of 1813- British still controlled Canada Video 2

Defeat of the Creeks Native American leader Tecumseh died at a battle in

Detroit Ends hopes of help from natives further south Ends native alliance with Britain

Andrew Jackson leads troops at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend where he defeats the Creek Indians in present-day Alabama 900 Creek people died

Creeks were forced to give up land British Offensive

it was LIT! 1814: Britain defeats France in European war, now can send more troops to the US to fight

Aug. 1814: British sail to Chesapeake Bay and march to Washington, D.C. to burn the government to the ground video Burned the capital building and the presidents mansion

Fires were put out by a thunderstorm, which happened to make sure the buildings were not destroyed British Offensive video British headed north to Baltimore

Americans were ready at Fort McHenry and held firm Kept the British from entering the city September 13, 1814 Francis Scott Key watched as the bombs burst over the city

September 14, 1814 Key noticed the flag was still flying over the city Wrote a poem called The Star-Spangled Banner Became the national anthem in 1931

A Turning Point at Plattsburgh During the DC & Baltimore attacks, British were moving toward New York from Canada Goal was to capture Plattsburgh near Vermont

US naval fleet stops them and British retreat to Canada This battle made British realize war in America was too expensive and not worth it

The End of the War December 1814: US & British representatives meet in Ghent, Belgium to sign the peace agreement called the Treaty of Ghent

January 8, 1815 British advance: Battle of New Orleans Andrew Jackson was waiting for them VIDEO

Americans won a decisive victory killing hundreds of British in New Orleans Nationalism & New Respect After the war, some states threatened to leave the Union,

most wanted to stay States proposed new amendments to the Constitution People became very proud of their victory in the war Other countries began to respect the new United States

Tweet about the War of 1812 as one of the following people:

War Hawk British Soldier Native American

Citizen who did not support the war Twitter Wall 1. When was the official end to the War of

1812? 2. When did Lewis and Clark begin their expedition? 3. Who was president during the War of 1812? 4. Who was president when we purchased the

Louisiana Territory?

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