The Two Big Questions

The Two Big Questions

The Two Big Questions The life of Thomas Jefferson poses two key philosophical questions What does the most important phrase in our Declaration of Independence actually mean? Does it matter if a person with significant historical importance has terrible aspects to their character? This is the question we will be focusing on!!! Thomas Jefferson

The Good Founding Father Wrote the Declaration of Independence

Considered a Top 5 President by may historians Founded the University of Virginia The Bad Owned slaves Had children out of wedlock with slaves Called for extremely

bloody violence in French Revolution Andrew Jackson The Good One of most democratic Presidents American people had some of the most liberty in history

Encouraged continued expansion of the United States The Bad Indian Removal Act of 1830 Led to the Trail of Tears16,000 Cherokees forcefully removed from Southeast to present-day OK Leader during the deaths of

thousands of Native Americans John F. Kennedy The Good War hero Strong leadership during Cuban Missile Crisis Created the Peace Corps Advocate of civil rightshelped MLK

NASA grew Made Presidency and White House a more personable thing The Bad Allegedly had weekly (near daily) affairs Support various overthrows of elected foreign governments

Robert Oppenheimer, President Harry Truman, Crew Members of the Enola Gay The Good Demonstrated the advancement of American technology Protected the United States Essentially ended World War II

Helped establish the U.S. as a superpower Affected and killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians (men, women, and children) http:// ocs/MED/med_chp10.shtml Changed the landscape of

future conflicts Key part of fear in the Cold War Phil Knight The Good Provides high quality shoes to people around the world http://

-foundation Charity for multiple poverty organizations Donates millions to various causes annually The Bad 43 factories and 160,000 workers in Indonesia alone. Make a mere $1.25 a day http:// =M5uYCWVfuPQ Steve Jobs The Good Donated tens of millions to charity- $50 million to hospitals in CA Donated millions more to HIV research

Brought amazing technology to the world Changed the way we live our lives The Bad Known to be a strict authoritarian leader- Apple private security known to search peoples homes Self-document awful sweatshops in Asia- Despite summer

temperatures hitting 35 degrees, with 90 per cent humidity, there is no air-conditioning. Workers say some dormitories house more than 40 people and are infested with ants and cockroaches, with the noise and stench making it difficult to sleep.

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