The Renaissance - Weebly

The Renaissance - Weebly

The Birth of the Italian Renaissance Mr. Barchetto Notes #6 Renaissance Definition: a rebirth or revival. ~But Who, What, When, Where and Why?~ Who: Europeans (more specifically Italy) What: Experienced revival of classical art, architecture, literature, and learning. When: Beginning in the 1300s and lasting to the 1600s Where: Began in Italy and spread across Northern Europe

Why: After the Middle Ages Europeans began changing the way they thought. Italy?: Why Italy as the Rebirth of Europe Pt.1 Italy was the center of the greatest empire the world has ever seen The Roman Empire. Italy?: Why Italy as the Rebirth of Europe Pt.2-3 Wealth from trade and manufacturing, developed powerful Italian cities. Remember Italy flourished during the Crusades Success of Italian cities leads to a Powerful working class patrons of the arts.

Italy?: Why Italy as the Rebirth of Europe Pt.4 Most importantly Italy was able to survive the Black Death & the Middle Ages!!! A Time of Monumental Change Economic Cultural Crusades exposed Europeans to other cultures and ideas Politically

Rich get richer and more powerful the fall of Feudalism Social Black Death changed the mindset of Europeans. European Mindset Changes MEDIEVAL VALUES RENAISSANCE VALUES highest good=salvation of your soul

Virtue in human achievement (like Greeks) Importance in: GOD Importance in: MAN (Individual) Religious Piety= Blind Faith (Non-Secular World) Secularism= the world outside religion withdrawal from world

participation and involvement in the world Supernatural nature or natural Faith Reason Europe during the 1300-1400s Why does Northern Renaissance take so long to develop? Italy

Rest of Europe During the 14th Century was experiencing the benefits of the early renaissance period Why was the rest of Europe behind Italy? Was still restructuring society after the Black Death Early Renaissance Analogy: Italy has a baby named Early Renaissance= Renne Where is Renne living?

What does Renne and everychild need? Parents Who are the parents of Renne? Nuturing Support Guidance Where does this typically come from? Italy

Patrons- merchants, wealthy families, business owners, politicians, and the church. Who does Renne represent in Italian society? The Artists Significance of The Italian Patrons What is a Patron of the Arts: One that supports an artists work; they become a sponsor or benefactor. Why might powerful rulers and wealthy business people choose to become patrons of the arts during the Renaissance? Is it out of the niceness of their hearts? Money can buy you a lot of things but what cant it buy you?

RESPECT! Patrons wanted to be respected, remembered, revered. How does being a Patron help to achieve these things? Sanction Art Honoring God Sanction Art Honoring City Earn spot in heaven, appear to be a religious and honorable man Earn respect and admiration of the people Sanction Art Honoring Family and Self Earn Immortality

Patrons provide artists with money and support After centuries of support this small child (known as Renaissance) will grow. What do you think happens next? What will you do when you grow up? What are the two reasons the Renaissance took over a century to move into the rest of Europe? Europe was not ready because they were still recovering and restructuring society as a result of the Black Plague The Renaissance needed time to mature and grow from the guidance and support of the patrons.

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