The Portal Project - University of Oxford

The Portal Project - University of Oxford

The Portal Project Tony Brett Associate Head of IT Support Staff Services Oxford University Computing Services 24th July 2004 9th ITSS Conference Tony Brett, OUCS

Agenda What is a Portal? Recap of the pilot project What have we done in the last year? Demos Future Work Questions What is a Portal?

What is a Portal? Abridged and customized version of Web presence(s) "pocket-sized" Adds "customization" and "community" "deep" content such as library records, museum data, individual images Standards RSS, WSRP, JSR168 Authorisation vs. Authentication

Portal Pilot The PIG Early part of 2003

set up a fully functional portal framework, based on uPortal Demonstrated how a simple authentication system linked to adequate authorisation data can be integrated into that framework Begun implementation of a fully integrated authentication mechanism Created portal channels for a number of typical information sources Provided seven seminars on portals for the University IT community Explored some of the strategic and administrative

issues associated with wide spread take-up of portal technologies What have we done since last year? Full production service Working with Webauth anyone with a herald account can log in Upgrade

to uPortal 2.3.1 JSR168 implemented 2.3.2 imminent (available now) Staff Two

from SERS have joined Portal Project Board Tony Brett project manager on 25% FTE basis Possible link with Beazley Archive being investigated Libraries Already

basic services are provided OLIS Lookup (HTML Proxy) OLIS Status (RSS) Libraries News (RSS) Hope to be able to provide services such as OXAM and TDNet

Huge support and security advantage in reducing need to use VPN ASUC Beazley Archive Extremely rich source of data and images Portal could aggregate other services Cross-resource searching becomes a possibility Graduate Skills Information

MPS Division is leading collection and dissemination of skills training available for Graduate Students Portal delivers concise version of data OUCS building database with easy data input and RSS output Chiba XForms RSS Portal Channel but real RSS that can be used on other websites, RSS readers etc.

Single Sign-on Webauth is here! Come to workshop on 14th July Portal refers to Webauth for authentication but not authorisation Secondary authentication needed for portal apps that need authentication Trust Webauth, not the portal! CREE Contextual Resource Evaluation

Environment JISC-funded - Hull is Lead Institution Investigating users' requirements with regard to appropriate access points for search and 'resource-push' interfaces Oxford has funding to do its own survey Should ensure the Portal meets real user demands Demo RSS

Channels Web Proxy Inline Frames X-Form for Graduate Skills Info Service Graduate Skills RSS Feed Skins Channel Manager Future Appearance?

Future Work ISIDORE Existing student registration (and hence authentication) systems should interoperate with the student administration system Data derived from the student administration system forms the basis for personal profiles within the portal OUCS-ISIDORE Liaison Group has been set up and has met Future Work Lecture Timetables,

E-mail Portal should be able to tell each undergrad what lectures are available to them Large complex database needed Course and Lecture categorisation required Logical extension of Graduate Skills project

E-mail portlet to show how much mail, how much new etc. Future Work Transcripts Transcripts for OUCS courses should be available soon ISIDORE data fed into a portlet could be used to produce a print-ready

(PDF?) student transcript Huge time saving for Central Admin and College Offices Future Work Admin and ITSS Facilities Enabling portal users to update their preferred name, portal preferences etc. ITSS-only facility Enable ITSS to keep own registration up to date

Administrative tasks for users in units for which you are registered ITSS Authentication is Yes, you are Tony Brett but Authorisation is Tony Brett is allowed to change passwords for OUCS Staff. Note Portal does the first not the second Resources Questions

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