The Perfect Space: Classroom Environments and Learning Outcomes

The Perfect Space: Classroom Environments and Learning Outcomes

The Perfect Space: Classroom Environments and Learning Outcomes Elizabeth Yates, Liaison/Scholarly Communication Librarian Justine Cotton, Liaison Librarian

Is there a perfect space? What we heard *Flexible everything* Storage

Bright colours/windows 1+ Projector/whiteboard Possible bonus feature! gin & tonic for the librarian post-workshop

Strong wifi The Perfect Space?

4 The Survey:

Fall 2014

Librarians & library staff In-person library instruction Ontario college and university libraries 52 respondents About the respondents

Landaff, Grafton County, New Hampshire. The Blue School teacher is a Massachusetts girl, new this year U.S. National Archives Formal training in teaching? 41.20%

58.80% Yes No Years of Experience in Teaching:

Years of Experience as Librarian/Library Staff: Where do we teach? School Classroom. Water J. Hussey Collection, Smithsonian Institution:

In a Library/Learning Commons classroom In the instructors classroom Another space on campus

Classroom preferences Classroom preferences: themes Familiarity

Image: 'Catnap' os/[email protected]/62721 47093 Found on Technology + Active learning

Image: laptop work by sqback Classroom landscapes

Tory Island outdoor classroom by David Baird CC-BY Classroom landscapes: themes Sensory conditions Noisy

Hot Too dark or too bright Physical conditions

Poor sightlines Too small Little flexibility Classroom spaces

Classroom furniture & equipment 100% 90% 80% 37

33 63 67 Desks

Chairs 41 70% 60%

50% 40% 30% 59 20%

10% 0% Enough Not enough

Computers A/V & software 100% 80% 60% 40%

20% 0% 89 87

11 13 Yes No Learning Outcomes & Assessment

Most (80.4%) respondents are using learning outcomes in library teaching Interestingly, only about half (52%) of respondents ASSESS their library teaching Assessment how?

Impact of Classroom Space & Instructional Design Most respondents (76%) agree that the classroom space has an impact on instructional design

Themes that emerged: Library classrooms foster hands-on, active learning Lecture hall space = demo/discussion Classroom Features that affect student learning outcomes:

As to noise, lighting and temperature - you cannot learn if you are uncomfortable - it is hard to concentrate.

any tech issues (esp. wifi) really impede the learning, as students become more focused on trying to troubleshoot. Teaching Space Where do you feel most confident?

All of the above/ confident in any space Why? Familiarity with the

space and technology Important to get students in the Library Ability to incorporate active learning vs. outside Library:

Regular classroom = easier for the students Neutral territory Teaching Space Where do you feel most anxious?

Anxiety: I feel responsible if something doesn't work well since it is considered as "my space". What does this mean for classroom

design? Incorporate flexibility in design Ensure reliable & strong technology Consider physical & sensory issues 35

What does this mean for instruction? Library classrooms = lower anxiety for library instructors Library classrooms offer more opportunity for active learning & group work = better

learning outcomes? Your thoughts on the perfect space?

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