The Outbreak of War -

The Outbreak of War -

The Outbreak of War How the world fell back into another World War Japan Before War Ruled by parliamentary system Weak b/c of restriction of Cabinet and Prime Minister power Emperor = figurehead Military leaders reported only to Emperor Hirohito Great Depression hits Japan,

people blame govt Military gains control Become fascist Restore Hirohito to power Japan Before War Plan of the new military govt Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Cultural and economic unity of East Asia Created for Asian populations

during Japanese occupation Meant to fix Japanese economic problems with foreign expansion Also give it room for growing pop. Japan at War Invasion of Manchuria 1931 Rich in iron and coal Japan put in puppet govt

First direct challenge to League of Nations LoN Protests invasion 1933 Japan leaves LoN The Conflict Expands Marco Polo Bridge incident July 1937 Japans lost soldier?

Led to full invasion of China Chinese general Jaing Jieshi forced to retreat Japanese Nanking Japan in China To Japanese, surrender made you less than human

Rape of Nanking Japanese spent six weeks killing civilians in capital city Killed 300,000 civilians and soldiers Single worst atrocity during World War II Japan, China, and the US China in collapse

US aids Chinese Flying Tigers American pilots who fly for Chinese Panay Incident Dec 1937 Japanese fire on USS Panay, American ship anchored on Yangtze River Japan apologizes, US forgets it Italian Expansion

Mussolini seizes Ethiopia 1935 Haile Selassie (King of Ethiopia) asks League for help League asks Mussolini nicely he ignores them Britain allows Italy to use Suez Canal Done to keep peace

Appeasement APPEASEMENT - agreeing to aggressors demands to keep peace Discussion question: Britain and France practiced appeasement with Germany and Italy, was that the best course of action? Things to think about: Hitler and Mussolini were hyper-nationalistic (would they have stopped?) The tragedy of WWI Societal ideas of war after WWI Groups (4.5 minute discussion): Michela, Alex, Jacob, Max, Jenny H.

Colin, Noah Darby, Jenny M, Carter Kevin, Cameron, Jena, Jack Matt, Lexi, Ethan, Mason Lewis, Noah A, Patrick, Noah D, Madison Hitler and Nazi Germany Hitler defies Versailles Treaty Promised to end treaty Started by building up army (1933) not allowed by treaty

LoN let him because they thought it would be enough 1935, Germany left LoN Josef Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Chief Hitler Advances March 1936 militarized Rhineland (on French

border) Britain and France appease Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis (1936) Nations agreed to fight Soviet communism Will NOT interfere with plans to expand The Spanish

RevolutionWell everyone else was doing it 1931 Republic replaced Monarchy 1936 Socialists and Communists win seats Try to de-Catholicize Spain Angry Catholics and Conservatives rebel under Francisco Franco

Germany/Italy support Franco USSR support Socialists, Communists Democracies stay out of it Franco wins dictator in 1939 The West Stands By France and Britain afraid of war Dealing with Depression Still trying to figure out WWI US wants isolation

Neutrality Acts bans loans and weapon sales to warring countries Anschluss and the Munich Conference March 1938 Hitler annexes Austria Anschluss union of Austria and Germany League sends strongly worded message

Czechoslovakia 3 million Germans living in Czech region called Sudetenland Czech refuse and go to France for help A Line in the Sand 1938 - Munich Conference France and Britain convince Czech to give up the

Sudetenland Neville Chamberlain representative for Britain Churchill is the only one to speak AGAINST Appeasement The Munich Agreement 1938 Hitler Keeps Pushing the Line 5 months later Hitler

occupies Czech New line in the sand Hitler demands Polish corridor and port of Danzig to connect E. Prussia Lebensraum is reason The Enemy of My Enemy Hitler and Allies approach USSR

USSR sides w/ Hitler b/c want land NON-AGGRESSION PACT 1939 Divided E. Europe into German and Soviet spheres of influence Germany removes threat of two-front war

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