The Natural Regions of Pennsylvania

The Natural Regions of Pennsylvania

The Natural Regions of Pennsylvania Possible Sentences Write one sentence for each of the following words the way you think it could possibly be used in todays lesson.

Share your sentences with your partner. Erie Lowland Region The land in this region is low, flat land

along Lake Erie. Erie Lowland Region Lake Erie is one of five Great Lakes. They are: Lake Huron

Lake Ontario Lake Michigan Lake Erie Lake Superior Erie Lowland Region

The Great Lakes make up the largest group of freshwater lakes in the world. Erie Lowland Region

The low, flat land of the Erie Lowland Region makes it ideal for building highways and railroads, making it a center of transportation. 5

Erie Lowland Region The Erie Lowland Region has fertile soil which is good for growing many types of fruits and vegetables, including grapes.

Erie Lowland Region Some crops are still taken to market through the port of Erie. Erie Lowland

Region Products such as electronics, paper goods, and transportation equipment are produced in this region. Erie Lowland

Region Presque Isle State Park and Erie National Wildlife Refuge are two recreational areas in the region. Erie Lowland Region

There are many activities people enjoy in this region. They include swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and ice skating. Exit Question

List two things that make the Erie Lowland Region unique.

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