The Modes of Discourse - Dearborn Public Schools

The Modes of Discourse - Dearborn Public Schools

The Modes of Discourse Modes of Discourse: Discourse: written or spoken communication or debate Narration Description Process Analysis

Exemplification Comparison and Contrast Classification and Division Definition Cause and Effect Narration Refers to telling a story or recounting a series of events. It can be based on

personal experience or on knowledge gained from reading or observation. Narration typically includes concrete details, a point of view, and sometimes elements of dialogue. Writers use narration as a way to enter into their topics Description

Is closely allied with narration because both use specific details. However, unlike narration, description emphasizes the senses by painting a picture of how something looks, sounds, smells, tastes, or feels. Used to establish a mood or atmosphere. A clear vivid description can make writing more persuasive.

Process Analysis Explains how something works, how to do something, or how something was done. The key to successful process analysis is clarity: its important to explain a subject clearly and logically, with transitions that mark major steps, stages, or phases of the process .

many self help books are essentially process analysis. Exemplification Providing a series of examples--facts, specific cases, or instances--turns a general idea into a concrete one; this makes your argument both clearer and

more persuasive to a reader. Comparison and/or Contrast A common pattern of development is comparison and contrast: juxtaposing two things to highlight their similarities and differences Writers use comparison and/or contrast to

analyze information carefully, which often reveals insights into the nature of the information being analyzed. Classification and Division It is important for readers as well as writers to be able to sort material or ideas into major categories.

By answering the question, What goes together and why? writers and readers can make connections between things that might otherwise seem unrelated. Definition So many discussions depend upon definition. Defining a term is often the

first step in a debate or disagreement. Cause and Effect Analyzing the cause that lead to a certain effect or, conversely, the effects that result from a cause is a powerful foundation for argument. Since causal analysis depends upon crystal clear logic, it is important to

carefully trace a chain of cause and effect and to recognize possible contributing causes.

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