The Great Reform Act and the Chartist Challenge

The Great Reform Act and the Chartist Challenge

The Great Reform Act and the Chartist Challenge Dr Robert Saunders #unravellingbritain: week 2 Spencer Perceval (1832)

I tell ye that this land will soon be desolate; a little time and ye shall howl one and all in your streets. The pestilence is let loose among ye, and the sword will follow it. Therefore, trouble

yourselves not with this Bill; for this which I have told ye is your doom. The Age of Reform 1832: The Great Reform Act

Reforms the constituency system and extends the franchise to middle class voters 1867: The Second Reform Act Extends the vote to working men in towns 1884/5: The Third Reform Act Extends the vote to working men in counties 1918: The Fourth Reform Act

Establishes universal suffrage for men and enfranchises most women over 30 1928: The Fifth Reform Act Equalises the voting qualification for men and women, enfranchising almost everyone over the age of 21 Francis Place: the country

within a moment of general rebellion Sidney Smith: a hand-shaking, bowel-disturbing passion of fear

Rotten boroughs: Old Sarum POPULATION: 0 MPs: 2


CATHOLIC EMANCIPATION, 1829 Formation of Whig government, 1830 The Reform Bill Boroughs: 10 franchise (later: 50 franchise for counties)

Redistribution: 143 seats redistributed. Rotten boroughs abolished Seats for Manchester, Birmingham etc. Residence: Abolishes out-voters Registration: All voters must be on the electoral register a year in advance.

The Tree of Taxation Benjamin Haydon, The Meeting of the Unions (1832)

The Song of Freedom God is our guide! from field, from wave, From plough, from anvil, and from loom, We come, our countrys rights to save, And speak a tyrant factions doom; We raise the watchword Liberty.

We will, we will, we will be free! The reform bill was a Satanic measure, the work of the AntiChrist All who supported the bill were banded with the enemies of God

William Ewart Gladstone Bristol Burns OCTOBER 1831

SATAN REFORMER Satan stood high upon Brandon Hill, With his fiery eyeballs glowing; He banged the ground with his swinging tail, And the Demons came round him, and cried, All hail!

See, see, how Reform is going! Satan he stood in the blazing square, In the midst of conflagration; And shouted, Reform! the days my own, Ive won me on earth another throne And this is my Coronation.

Blackwoods, April 1832 Sir Robert Peel I was unwilling to open a door which I saw no prospect of being able to close

King William IV, aka Reform Bill Chartism and the Peoples Charter

The Six Points Universal manhood suffrage Equal electoral districts Secret ballot Annual elections Payment of MPs

Abolition of the property qualification for MPs The Poor Law (Amendment) Act, 1834 Two main principles: The workhouse test (no poor

relief outside the workhouse) Less eligibility (the condition of the pauper must be lower than the poorest independent labourer A system based on DETERRENCE

Please, sir, can I have some more? The Tolpuddle Martyrs (1834) The First National Petition (1838-9)

our workmen are starving; the home of the artificer is desolate, and the warehouse of the pawnbroker is full; the workhouse is crowded and the manufactury is deserted. It was the fond expectation of the people that a remedy for their grievances, would be found in the Reform Act. They have been bitterly and basely deceived.

Chartist Hymns How long shall babes of tender years Be doomed to toil for lazy peers The locusts of our land? Make bare thine arm, O Lord! defend

The helpless, and, be thou their friend And shield them with thine hand! Women in Chartism Peels Second Government,

1841-46 Reintroduction of income tax Repeal of the Corn Laws Free Trade in most foodstuffs and raw materials Goal: that thoughts of the

dissolution of our institutions should be forgotten in the midst of physical enjoyment.

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