The Departure - Ms. Kernan's Class

The Departure - Ms. Kernan's Class

Activity 1.6: The Departure Learning Targets I can analyze a story for archetypal structure and narrative techniques. I can draft the opening of an original Heros Journey Narrative. Writing Prompt (Monday) Before Reading

Joseph Campbell describes the first stage of the Heros Journey as the heros departure or separation. This activity focuses on the three steps of the Departure: The Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call The Beginning of the Adventure 1. Think about the hero stories you have heard. What are common events that represent a call to

adventure for the hero? As a result of a dramatic/traumatic event, the hero is called upon to overcome challenges he does not think he is ready to handle. 2. Why would a hero refuse his or her call? Why might this be a common event in hero stories? The call most likely involves great danger and requires the hero to do things he/she does not feel capable of doing. An example comes from the Percy Jackson series when he

loses his mother and discovers he is a demigod. 3. Preview the short story title. What can you predict about the story and how might it follow the archetypal Departure stage of the Heros Journey? A boy is called upon to go to war and has fears about his own safety. During Reading Analyze the text to identify the Departure stage of the Heros Journey by trying to

determine how each step fits the story. Metacognitive Reading Markers Symbol Meaning ! Surprising Part ?

Confusing Part W Wonder Part * Important Part LOL Funny Part

Favorite Part Emoji Mnemonic Device = SCWIFF Symbol Meaning ! Surprising Part

? Confusing Part W Wonder Part * Important Part LOL

Funny Part Favorite Part Emoji About the Author Ray Bradbury Key Idea & Details: During Reading What indications in the story show that the boy is afraid?

The boys thoughts indicate his fear: I got only a drum, two sticks to beat it, and no shield. dilemma Key Idea & Details:During Reading What is significant about Joby joining the army? He is only 14, and he ran off from home to join The general comforts Joby by saying he also

cried. What is different about why the two characters cried? Joby cries out of fear for himself, whereas the general cries out of fear for his soldiers. Key Idea & Details:During Reading Summarize the drummer boys importance to the army, according to the general? The general calls him the heart of the army. As the drum beats, so does the spirit of the

soldiers and the pace of the movement forward. Key Idea & Details:During Reading Notice how in the paragraph that starts out with so bring the right speeds up the pace of the story. Examine the paragraph and determine how the author makes the reader and Joby feel the excitement of the general. Sentences are focused on action and verbs, which keeps the story moving, and the reader

feels the generals passion. Key Idea & Details:During Reading At the beginning of the story, what is the boys perspective or point of view about his role in the war? Compare his perspective with the generals. He is afraid he has only two sticks and a drum, while the soldiers have a shield of confidence. Joby is concerned for himself while the general is concerned for his men.

Dialogue You will be expected to use dialogue in your narrative. Dialogue in this story moves the plot forward and develops characters. Yours should too. 5. Summarize the Departure stage of the Heros Journey as it relates to Joby in The Drummer Boy of Shiloh. Embed at least one direct quotation in your summary to strengthen your response.

The Call to Adventure has already occurred when the story begins. The boy, Joby, is now experiencing an internal conflict that characterizes the Refusal of the Call he wants to be in the army, but he is afraid because he has no shield. He only has a drum, worse than a toy. The fear threatens him to overcome his courage and commitment to accompany the army in the coming battle. It is at this time the general comes by and convinces Joby of his crucial role in encouraging the troops and maintaining their courage. Joby is now ready to Begin the Adventure.

Theme The central idea, a message, or purpose of literary work. BIG PICTURE When determining the theme ask yourself: What did the character learn? How did they grow or change? 6. Write a theme statement to express how Joby is now ready to start his journey. How did the writer communicate this idea? Provide textual evidence to support your interpretation.

Theme: Joby gains a sense of importance of his purpose and his role, which helps set the stage for heroism. Evidence: The author communicated this idea by showing us Joby was ready. The author states that he wipes his eyes. He cleared his throat. He settled himself. Then, at last, very slowly and firmly, he turned the drum so that it faced up toward the sky (Bradbury, p. 24).

7. Reread a chunk of the text to identify and evaluate the narrative elements listed in the graphic organizer, with a partner. Structure: Exposition Setting 1862; night before the Battle of Shiloh Character 14 year old volunteer drummer boy Conflict

Internal: fear vs. duty What descriptive details does the author provide? Setting Theres darkness all around and the boy is under a peach tree with blossoms falling Character

He is alone and only has a drum. He is crying and hes afraid. Conflict The boy is crying. The author contrasts his two sticks to soldiers with guns as being better prepared for battle. He then begins to think about his family he may never see again. How effective is the description? Setting

The author effectively portrays the quiet before the battle when fears are most likely to reveal themselves. Character The reader can clearly imagine the youth and vulnerability of the drummer boy. Conflict The reader sympathizes with the boys sense of his

Narrative Techniques Description Dialogue Pacing How does the author use each element to develop the story? Description The author builds suspense the night before the battle by showing the shadows in the night. The lack of clear visibility is like the boys need for more clarity of purpose so he is not overcome by fear.

Dialogue The Generals dialogue gives the boy a sense of his importance and purpose. Pacing The pace is fairly slow, measured, and thoughtful. Once the dialogue begins the pace picks up and more is revealed to the boy. How effective is the authors technique?

Description The authors technique is effective because the scene is as vague as the boys fear; he hides his fear in the darkness. It is only later in the story that it is revealed. Dialogue The Generals words are inspiring. This is the turning point for the boy as his purpose is revealed. Pacing

The pacing is effective for a story about a boy experiencing fear and how he is pulled out of his fear. Check Your Understanding Use your imagination to create an original hero. In the left column, sketch your image of a hero. Label unique characteristics and give him/her a meaningful name. In the column on the right, brainstorm ideas for

your story. A Wrinkle in Time is a great example of a narrative opening. Writing Prompt Think about the hero you just envisioned. What might the hero experience in the Departure Stage of his or her journey? Draft the beginning of a narrative using the three steps of in this stage (The Call, The Refusal, and the Beginning) to guide your structure and development. Be sure to: Establish a context (exposition) and point of view

(first or third person). Use narrative techniques such as description, dialogue, and pacing to develop experiences, events, and/or characters. Use details and imagery to create mood.

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