THE ATLANTIC CITY MASTER PLAN - Home - City of Atlantic City

THE ATLANTIC CITY MASTER PLAN - Home - City of Atlantic City


D A A L G L N AT R PA L K 2 0 1 5A N N I E E T 6, PL E T H T AS T I M E R 1 I T Y M OON EMB IC C N



1977 Master Plan 1996 Southeast Inlet Redevelopment Plan 2007 Downtown Revitalization Plan 2009 Workforce Housing Plan 2009 Regional Transportation Plan 2008 Master Plan 2011 Tourism District Master Plan 2011 Artspace Feasibility Report 2011 ACA Revitalization Study 2011 Absecon Inlet Waterfront Development 2013 Bike and Pedestrian Plan 2015 Gardners Basin, Bader Field, Chelsea Heights Plans 2016 Master Plan Reexamination Report

ANOTHER PLAN?!?! NOT JUST ANOTHER PLAN NJ Municipal Land Use Law delegates States authority to municipality (home rule) MP is required in order to adopt zoning laws MP and zoning laws must be substantially consistent Planning Board adopts the MP, requires public hearing Re-examination required at least every 10 years

WHAT IS A MASTER PLAN? Establishes a communitys development goals and objectives Provides a snapshot of the community: demographics, existing uses of land, current zoning Changes from the last MP Identifies problems and provides recommendations to solve them 1978 MASTER PLAN 1978 MASTER PLAN

1978 MASTER PLAN Casinos along boardwalk (highest environmental quality) and in Marina Protect, keep secure, and make more viable the residential neighborhoods Diversify the economy Southeast Inlet change from residential to casino Create water-borne City- integrating manmade and natural landscapes Make nature a routine and integral part of the lifestyle offered by the City IT WASNT A LACK OF

PLANNING Execution, Execution, Execution! THE GOOD ENVISIONED BY THE 1978 PLAN Northeast Inlet Redevelopment & New Housing The Walk Community schools Compact, walkable neighborhoods

ECONOMY 1978 Plan Accelerate development of casino hotels Enhance convention industry Expand tourism Expand retail opportunities Provide incentives for spin off growth Promote balance by new housing, retail and other commercial ECONOMYYOU HAVE TO READ THIS!! 1978 The Plan has taken active measures to guard

against casino gambling remaining isolated, self-contained and self-serving. Rather, the Plan proposes specific recommendations which aim to make such an isolation impossible and to set in motion a .cyclical reaction which will stimulate all sectors of the economy and will reach all parts of the population. This has been the primary goal of the Plan. the intentions were good! LAND USE/ZONING 1978 Established casino as permitted use along boardwalk, Marina & SE Inlet

Reduced the Resort Commercial district to just along the boardwalk Increased area zoned for residential Organization of residential based on traffic flow Required roof gardens (!) HOUSING 1978 Identified lack of new housing as a problem Produce a variety of housing Encouraged owner occupancy Disperse low income housing Provide energy efficient housing

Goal of 15,000 new housing units 19781990 OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION 1978 Rectify absence of vegetation with aggressive tree planting program Protect beaches from erosion and secure thei preservation and replenshment wht man made works as necessary. CIRCULATION 1978 Parking for casinos identified as a

problem Stressed the dependence of tourism on a strong circulation network Development of a Bikeway system connecting links along its length and width URBAN DESIGN STANDARDS Required doors and windows on along the sidewalk (no blank walls!) No parking lots in front of buildings Orientation of buildings along streets sidewalk level adjacent to said structure, be

designed predominantly for entrance lobbies and retail commercial uses. Parking, mechanical equipment, storage and similar uses shall not be allowed along any such frontage 2008 PLAN EXCELLENT PLAN!! Problems Lack of a diversified economy. Transportation accessibility and traffic problems. Age of infrastructure (water, sanitary sewer, electric and gas systems).

OBJECTIVES -2008 Provide opportunities for the continued growth of the Citys resorts and casinos while using land use planning to diversify its tourism economy and meet the needs of local residents. Redevelop Bader Field as a signature site and viable community asset. Encourage the redevelopment/revitalization of existing neighborhoods and provide pedestrian and bicycle connections between them. Encourage development in the Central Business District. Protect the Citys natural resources. Provide adequate capacity for future growth on access roads

to Atlantic City. OBJECTIVES - 2008 Minimize impacts of traffic on Atlantic City residents and businesses. Plan strategies for diversification of the Citys economy. Encourage urban design and establish design criteria and performance standards that improve the quality of development within the City. Promote and reinforce the City as a desirable residential location. Promote academic uses to attract new economic development opportunities. Preserve and maintain the existing utility infrastructure and take advantage of best available technology for sewage treatment

and stormwater management. TOURISM DISTRICT MASTER PLAN TOURISM DISTRICT MASTER PLAN 2016 MASTER PLAN Objectives Maintain a compact urban form and growth pattern which provides adequate space to meet housing. employment, business, and public service needs Create attractive neighborhoods that are affordable, and well-served to provide a high quality of life for the residents.

Encourage redevelopment on under-utilized properties along the Black Horse Pike and White Horse Pike. Provide for adequate parking to serve established residential and commercial areas in addition to the central business district. 2016 MASTER PLAN Strengthen and improve City-wide and neighborhood commercial districts as centers of employment, shopping, services, entertainment and education.

Encourage transit-oriented development near the proposed integrated multimodal Transportation Center, with strong pedestrian, bus/trolley/ mass transit and bicycle linkages between the Transportation Center, CBD and casinos. Encourage the reuse of vacant lands within the Downtown area and along the Boardwalk. Integrate the design and use of the Boardwalk as the prime

destination corridor connecting various destinations including the allimportant beach to the City. Upgrade substandard properties in the City through code enforcement efforts, education, ordinance amendments and other initiatives. 2016 MASTER PLAN Housing Preserve, protect and ensure the availability of decent, safe and adequate housing units of different types, sizes, and price ranges through new and compatible infill residential

development in appropriate locations to meet the needs of current and future residents. 2016 MASTER PLAN - HOUSING Objectives Preserve and enhance the existing housing stock. Encourage and promote greater home ownership opportunities through increased access to mortgage financing (CDBG Funding) and production of for-sale housing. Encourage the continued development and redevelopment of a variety of housing ranging from affordable to middle income and market rate units. Address substandard housing conditions and the need for housing rehabilitation to ensure that the City's existing housing is well maintained and up to code.

In conjunction with existing non-profit organizations within the City, address existing special needs housing, including the homeless, disabled, persons with AIDS/HIV, people with substance abuse and / or mental health challenges, and people returning or re-entering the community post-incarceration. 2016 MASTER PLAN - HOUSING Work closely with community groups to establish reliable and trustworthy Community Development Corporations (CDC) to utilize 501(c)3 status to procure grants. Explore creative and non-conventional methods such as Community Land Trust (CLT) to mitigate anticipated workforce housing shortages in the City. Encourage the use of mechanisms such as payment in lieu of

taxes to assist with new construction and improvements. Provide support for the encouragement of aging in place mechanisms that will allow for seniors to remain in their homes. Encourage appropriate infill development and look at the relationships to present zoning codes. Encourage the second home ownership market in the city. 2016 MASTER PLAN- CIRCULATION Provide a safe, effective and energy efficient multimodal transportation system by increasing mobility, reducing dependency on single-occupancy vehicles, protecting roadway capacity, decreasing air emissions and enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the streets. Objectives

Enhance connections within the City between and among residential neighborhoods, community resources, the Central Business District, the casinos, and the region, through the use of public transit system, walking and alternative modes of transportation. Revitalize or create identifiable, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood areas with focal points, mixed-use centers, and employment areas that are linked with each other. Promote the creation of a multi-modal transportation system and hub that enhances local circulation, increases regional access and encourages alternatives to driving, such as, mass transit and bicycle/pedestrian facilities. Develop a comprehensive bicycle and integrated jogging trail and sidewalk system along the back bay connecting the residential neighborhoods in the City. 2016 MASTER PLAN- CIRCULATION Encourage the growth and expansion of specialized transit services to meet the

needs of the elderly, disabled, schoolchildren, and other transportation dependent groups. Require that traffic-calming techniques be implemented where needed to create a pedestrian friendly street environment, control vehicle speed and reduce the number of vehicles cutting through residential neighborhoods. Use contrasting material and texture for sidewalks and crosswalks and streetscape elements such as landscape bulb-outs to create a safe pedestrian environment. Enhance and improve street signs within the City for general navigation and wayfinding to important City destinations. Encourage public safety with the implementation of the recommendations of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, in particular for high traffic areas, such as Atlantic Avenue CBD. Create a Parking Department to provide a more comprehensive parking strategy

throughout the City. 2016 MASTER PLAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMT Provide a vibrant and diverse economic environment which will protect and enhance the long term economic and social interests of present and future residents in order to maintain and improve the City's overall quality of life. Objectives Promote the continued redevelopment of the Central Business District as a mixed-use pedestrian-oriented core with a concentration of commercial and residential uses in close proximity to mass transit. Create an attractive physical and economic environment to bring back professional services such as medical professionals, engineers and

lawyers to locate within the City. Provide a business friendly environment that encourages opportunities for existing businesses and local contractors to succeed by providing a supportive environment for those wishing to grow or expand. 2016 MASTER PLAN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMT Provide access and information on new small and low interest loans available to local businesses. Support the arts and culture of the City by focusing on historic connections and leveraging the existing entertainment market to provide opportunities for local artists. Work with the Atlantic City Convention and Visitors Authority, Chamber of Commerce and other similar agencies to promote

destination tourism, business and leisure trip packages and beach related tourism. Further investigate the ideas of making Atlantic City a regional if not national example of resiliency design, education and planning. 2016 MP - OPEN SPACE & RECREATION To promote participation in diverse, interesting, and high quality recreational and leisure opportunities in safe, modern, and wellmaintained parks and facilities for both the residents and visitors. Preserve and enhance the existing system of parks and recreation facilities. Promote further development and expansion of

parks and recreational facilities to meet neighborhood and community needs. Develop and promote open space and recreation opportunities along primary circulation corridors through a network of green urban trails. 2016 MP OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION Promote recreational activities along the back bay and consider partnerships with private property owners to provide access for canoeing and viewing wildlife and waterborne transportation. Investigate opportunities for water sports to be provided access in the back bay and beach areas, to facilitate their development

within the City. Consider the creation of neighborhood oriented "pocket" parks in locations that are not currently afforded close access to existing park facilities. Improve and expand the cultural, non-athletic, and recreational opportunities for residents of all ages within the community. Preserve and protect open space areas that have scenic views and/or important historical, cultural significance and exceptional ecological value. 2016 MP OPEN SPACE AND RECREATION Initiate the development of a community/recreation center for people of all ages in the CBD to increase activity.

Create linkages between existing parks and open space areas to residential neighborhoods and commercial centers where possible, to form a network of open spaces. Create attractive gateways at the principal and secondary entrances into the City through upgraded land uses, streetscape improvements and signage. Encourage the use of standards, such as, Safety by design that seek to design out environmental health and safety risks for recreation during design development. Provide and encourage opportunities for RV and camping access within Atlantic City in specially designated areas. 2016 MP HISTORIC PRESERVATION Encourage historic preservation in order to maintain the City's unique character, protect

existing historic resources and complement economic development efforts. Objectives Establish a historic preservation entity within the City administration. Acknowledge the importance of historic resources in providing a link to the past, preserving the City's unique character, enhancing the appearance of neighborhoods and the casinos, and promoting economic development and tourism. Discourage the unnecessary demolition or significant alteration of historic structures/buildings. Encourage the preservation of historic landmarks designated in the National Historic Register. Encourage and explore incentives to assist with the proper maintenance of facades and local historically notable structures. Work with the City's Arts Commission to develop programs and incentives for arts and cultural promotions.

Promote the understanding and appreciation of the City's heritage and historic value in local schools and other regional education centers. 2016 MP- CONSERVATION Green Energy as an economic development tool, marketing position, and to promote the environment 2016 MP NEW ELEMENT RESILIENCY Generate awareness of coastal risk; Assess coastal risks and opportunities; Identify options or choices for

addressing priority risks and vulnerabilities (short term); andDevelop and implement an action plan to put selected options or choices into place (long term). 2016 MP RESILIENCE Limit new development and subdivisions in the floodplain. Promote uses, such as open space easements, natural areas, and recreational open space to reduce impervious surfaces in floodplains. Work to acquire properties in the lowest lying portions of the 100-year floodplain, and return them to a natural state. Consider code changes that will limit impervious surfaces.

Develop a sea level rise response strategy (including a two foot freeboard requirement for properties exposed to flooding and discourage further shoreline hardening). 2 requirement already adopted AESTHETIC REQUIREMENTS for HOUSE LIFTING? FOR MORE INFORMATION Atlantic City Department of Planning and Development 609-347-56404 Elizabeth Terenik, PP, AICP, Director [email protected]

Planning Board Secretary Arlene Wilkerson [email protected]

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