The Argumentative Essay - Dearborn Public Schools

The Argumentative Essay - Dearborn Public Schools

The Argumentative Essay English Language Arts What is an Argument? An argument is a discussion involving different points of view; it is a debate. ( In order for there to be an argument there must be two opposite sides; a disagreement and an agreement. Those in favor and those against. For instance, the statement that America is a wasteful

country is cause for an argument because there is an audience who is in favor and an audience who is against. What is an Argumentative Essay? The argumentative essay is a genre(type) of writing that requires the student to investigate a topic; collect, generate, and evaluate evidence; and establish a position on the topic in a brief manner. (Purdue University, 2014)

What is a Possible Organizational Structure of an Argumentative Essay? Sample Issue: Is America a wasteful country? The Introduction The introduction paragraph has two major parts: 1. Background Information: where you talk about the issue in a general way; you basically present the issue.

2. The Thesis/Claim: Where you state your position on the issue and the supporting reasons in one clear sentence. Introduction: Background Information The United States of America is a nation characterized for its abundance of goods and services. It is a nation that has prospered and conquered the globe with its diverse population of consumers and its powerful corporations. A lot can be said about this

developed country; nevertheless, America has become a wasteful nation. Introduction: The Thesis/The Claim Americans must be less wasteful before it is too late to save the planet; there is no place to throw trash and we are poisoning all living organisms. Red= Position and Blue= Supporting Reasons Americans must be less wasteful because there are fewer places to dispose of garbage, and we are

poisoning all living organisms. Complete Introduction The United States of America is a nation characterized for its abundance of goods and services. It is a nation that has prospered and conquered the globe with its diverse population of consumers and its powerful corporations. A lot can be said about this developed country; nevertheless, America has become a wasteful nation. Americans must be less wasteful

before it is too late to save the planet. Body Paragraphs An argumentative essay will have as many body paragraphs as there are supporting reasons. This will determine how many paragraphs your essay should be made of. For our example, we will be working with a four paragraph essay. The order that you stated your supporting reasons in

your thesis/claim will be the order of your body paragraphs. (only for closed claims) Body Paragraphs The Body Paragraph of an Argumentative Essay has five basic parts. 1. Topic Sentence: The main idea; the assertion/supporting reason restated. 2. Details (Evidence): Textual evidence, facts, statistics, examples, observations, expert opinions, etc. 3. Reasoning: An explanation of the evidence and assertion.

4. Counter-Argument (Opposing Side): where you mention the other side of the supporting reason. 5. Rebuttal: Concluding statements in refutation (against) of the counter-argument. 6. Concluding Statement-rephrase the topic sentence. Body Paragraph One The excess of trash has left us without any places to dispose of it properly. According to Andrew Rooney from the editorial America the Not- So- Beautiful, the citizens of New York City throw away

nine times their weight in garbage each year. If this is just New York City, not even the entire state, can you imagine all fifty states? Very soon America will have to start exporting its trash to other nations because our landfills are overflowing. On the other hand, there are new methods of recycling goods that seem to assist with this trash issue. However, it is very unlikely that this will help as only a small quantity of products can actually be reused. The idea that disposing of things properly is going to make a difference still does not eliminate the need for places to throw away the actual trash.

Body Paragraph Two Moreover, our excessive amount of garbage is poisoning all living organisms. Mr. Rooney stated in his editorial that American chemical corporations have been dumping their poisonous wastes in the rivers behind the mills This is truly alarming. This explains why a lot of our animals are becoming extinct, why more incurable diseases keep appearing, and why certain areas have become inhabitable. On the contrary, there are those who believe that this is only happening on a very small scale and that while certain organisms die, new ones will be born with a sort of

antibody to protect them from the poison. This is an extremely ridiculous notion because all living organisms includes those who reproduce new organisms as well. The Concluding Paragraph 1. Readdress your thesis/claim using different words from your introduction. 2. Offer possible solutions to reach a consensus (agreement) if possible.

The Concluding Paragraph Finally, the aesthetic of America the Not-SoBeautiful is flawed with trash and dead organisms caused by an unfortunate level of unconsciousness on our part. On a lighter note, maybe if Americans decided to limit their amount of consumption and opted for more research on better forms of recycling all types of trash, then there may be some hope after all. As of now it seems that we should just follow Rooneys advice of boarding a ship to Mars.

Some Extra Pointers (read over) Sample Student introductions at the end Planning Position: I agree OR PROS 1. Too much trash

2. Organisms are dying 3. The problem is staggering I disagree with the issue. CONS 1. There are many recycling companies now

2. New organisms are born each day 3. There are worse problems in the world Thesis/Claim This is one of the most important parts of your essay. Your planning becomes your thesis/claim without the cons. However, you will use the cons for your counterarguments.

Finally Make sure to use transitions: However, Therefore, Furthermore, Moreover, Additionally, On the other hand, On the contrary, In Opposition to, Regardless, Nevertheless, etc. Make sure to use parallel structure particularly when designing your thesis/claim. Make sure to use diction which you can actually define and understand.

This will help your essay sound cohesive. DO NOT STRESS Make sure to become an avid reader Practice your writing Learn to be organized Put forth maximum effort THE END

Intro: Student Sample 1 Advances in technology have become so widely accepted in todays culture that very few people are willing to pause to consider the consequences. People get so excited about what new technologies can offer that they forget to question whether there might be any negative effects. Without caution and deliberation, replacing the natural with the mechanical

would undoubtedly be disastrous. Intro: Student Sample 2 In the age of technology, many of our daily tasks have been simplified. As this may be considered progress in our society, it can also cause some hindrances. We as a society need to consider some of the dangers that lurk around us, and do our best to make good decisions about how much technology is too much. Driving is a daily task that can easily become more dangerous than it already is with the hands free communication

devices offered in all new cars. Is this a safe option? While cell phones are banned from use while driving in most states, the hands free options are not banned, except in one state, which banned it for 18 years old drivers and younger. This has become a hot debate in the nation, and it needs to be addressed. All states should pass a law banning drivers 18 and younger from using communication devices while driving.

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