The 8 Elements of Culture

The 8 Elements of Culture

Quick Write: in your composition journal Guess the definition of each of the following British slang terms. Write a definition for each, even if you have no idea what they mean:

1.Damp squib 2.Gobsmacked 3.Chunder 4.Kerfluffle If you didnt turn in your notebook yesterday, staple it and put it on the front table.

Write the following in your composition journal Take your best guess at the following British slang words Know Ones Onions

Hard Cheese Laughing Gear Honk Argy-bargy The 8 Elements of

Culture What is Culture????? Culture is the way of life of a group of people who share similar beliefs and customs. Civilization is a society that has a highly

developed culture and technology. Cultural Hearth Where your culture comes from the place it spreads from. Look Ahead: Fill in the 8 elements of Culture

8 Elements of Culture 8 Elements of Culture 1. Social Groups 2. Language

3. Religion 4. Daily Life 5. History 6. Arts 7. Government 8. Economy

Social Groups Think-pair-share: Part 1 Are the roles of women and men different in America? How so?

Family Family is the smallest, most basic social group. Families can have patriarchal dominance

(the oldest male makes the final decisions) or matriarchal dominance (the oldest female makes those decisions). Element 2. Language

Language Video Quick Write: Lets say two people have different cultures, which have different customs.

How can this affect communication? HSBC ADS Element 3: Religion Religion helps people answer basic

questions about lifes meaning. There are many conflicts about religion in the world. Major Religions:

Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism Element 4. Daily Life Daily life addresses how a culture addresses basic human needs.

Food, Clothing, Shelter reflects the culture and the physical surroundings. History Element 6: The Arts

The arts involve how people express what they think is meaningful. Think Pair Share

Types of Art Element 7: Government Rules and laws are created by government.

How a country is run varies from country to country. Think-pair-share: How can government affect every other element of culture?

Video: Saudi Arabia Element 8: Economy The economy deals with how the people in a society earn a living.

An economic system answers 3 basic questions: how to produce, what to produce, for whom to produce. Fill in graphic organizer on Cultural change

Discussion: What cultural changes have occurred during your lifetime in America?

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