Thanks for Popping In! Back to School Night MRS. EOSSO Grade ...

Thanks for Popping In! Back to School Night MRS. EOSSO Grade ...

Thanks for Popping In! Back to School Night MRS. EOSSO Grade 2 Room 103 September 29, 2016 Please find your childs desk and 1. 2. 3. Read your childs note Decorate a bookmark for your child Write your concerns for me on the First things first

THANK YOU!!! For your generosity with purchasing so many classroom supplies and sending them in with your child! Who is teaching my child? My background Credentials Curriculum READERS WORKSHOP Daily 5 Genre Exploration Independent Reading Shared Reading

Guided Reading Readers Theater Vocabulary Development Book Clubs Word Wall Decoding Practice Groundwork for Close Reading PLEASE ENCOURAGE READING AT HOME! Curriculum WRITERS WORKSHOP Personal Narrative Informative/Explanatory/Expository

Persuasive/Opinion Poetry Grammar and Editing Skills Free Write Journals Letter Writing Curriculum MATHEMATICS enVisions Some topics include: Numeration/Place value Addition/Subtraction Time Money Geometry Problem Solving

Fractions Multiplication groundwork Curriculum SCIENCE The Solar System Heat, Energy, Light, Sound Habitats Fossils STEM projects SOCIAL STUDIES

Citizenship & Government Geography & Culture Diversity & Environment Economics Curriculum HEALTH Wellness: Growth & Development Safety Feelings and self-esteem Curriculum SPELLING Differentiated Groups Cooperative Group Practice

Focuses on phonics/patterns Fosters spelling growth through word sorts Categorizing instead of just memorizing Spelling of Functional Words for writing Curriculum HANDWRITING Handwriting Without Tears PLEASE MONITOR AT HOME FOR POOR HABITS Letters AND Numbers Practice in class frequently

May occasionally send home practice sheets Use of tactile modality (sand, salt, shaving cream, soap in the shower, back-fingerspelling) RAVE Reader Mrs. Freidman Volunteer through the Monroe Township Public Library Dedicates her time to take out library books and read to students Tries to make the reading relative to what we are learning in class

Visits approximately twice per month Positive Pickles GREEN: Hooray for being a POSITIVE PICKLE! YELLOW: Warning/Slip sent home to be signed Checked off in Fridays Newsletter to parents ORANGE: Recess Detention Parent notification via email or phone call RED: Recess Detention Phone call home that day to parents Conduct Form completed for Principals

Positive Pickles Each day one boy and one girl (whose cards have remained green) are chosen as our Pickles of the Day for the following day. These students are allowed to pick special privileges, such as sitting in our special chair, choosing our brain break, etc. If our class card remains on green, we receive a letter towards spelling out a special reward, such as an ice pop party, pajama day, game period, etc. Students also try to achieve having their group number written on our class grid to increase their probability for prizes Homework Please try to foster independence, allowing your child to attempt homework on his/her own with perhaps an

example or two Average/approximate time your child should be spending on HW = 20-30 minutes (Some children may finish more quickly, while others may take longer based on work habits, etc.) STUDYING Please encourage: *NAMES ON ALL PAPERS! *NEAT HANDWRITING *MARKING UP ASSIGNMENTS WITH STRATEGIES LEARNED IN SCHOOL -THIS IS INVALUABLE

*Please note that the intensity of homework will increase during the second half of the year. However, you should ALWAYS reach out to me if your child is struggling with homework completion within a reasonable amount of Homework continued **Please note that we cannot distribute HW ahead of time if a child is going to miss school. The amount of allotted makeup time will correlate to the amount of time your child is absent (ie., absent two days=two days to make up the missed work) Vacations should be cleared with the office. Grading* New Report Cards

Trimesters (First report card in December) Based on Core Curriculum Content Standards ***REPORT CARDS MAY ONLY BE VIEWED THROUGH PARENT ACCESS (GENESISonline) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP * Birthdays Please send in only treats that are peanut-free, such as pretzels, ice pops, Oreos, etc. You can search Google for different brand name items. If

your child has an allergy, please send in some snacks for me to keep in the classroom. A class list has been provided for party invitations, if needed. Please be aware that birthday invitations can ONLY be distributed if the entire class is invited. The only exception to this is if you would like to invite ALL the boys or ALL the girls. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, as we do not want to hurt any Snack Second grade eats lunch at 12:56

Because of this, we encourage you to send your child in with a snack that may be eaten at a short break in the morning. Sometimes it will be a working snack so please send in items that are not too messy. Children may NOT share snacks or be given snacks due to allergies; your cooperation is appreciated.

PEANUT & DAIRY FREE PLEASE if possible Star Student Star students will be chosen weekly or bimonthly (depending on our calendar) Your child will come home with three sheets of information to complete, along with an example of what is expected. Please send in photos if possible. (They will be returned but may not remain completely in tact!) Your child may also bring in a special item such as a trophy, stuffed animal, etc. to show the class.

A poster is optional! If your child does not glue the information on a poster, please just cut out the materials and place them in a Ziploc bag so that I can staple them to our hallway display Assessments Tests/Quizzes Class Work Homework DRA Levels and Words Their Way Checkpoints Writing Portfolios Rubrics for Journal Entries Projects/Special Assignments

(i.e. Pizza Book Report, Scientist of the Day experiments) Participation/effort District Benchmark assessments (MAP this

Technology Use of overhead projector Use of IPEVO document camera Word processing for spelling and finding synonyms Reading Eggs RAZKIDS Pearson Envisions (Science)/Pearson Realize (Math) Brainpopjr. Study Island Newsela Google Drive (Google Classroom likely to follow) Laptops for special projects/assignments iPads

For technology homework, please just contact me if you have technical issues or do not have access to a computer. DRA Developmental Reading Assessment Students were assessed in first grade for their INDEPENDENT reading level

Second grade assessments will take place in the Fall, Winter, & Spring to monitor student progress Please dont focus solely on your childs numerical level, as it is more important to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses with reading skills and strategies. (Use the number to guide you when choosing leveled books for your child.) Students must be successful with both Fluency and Comprehension before moving up Students must be successful with both Fiction and Non-fiction texts before moving up Sign Language Your child may have mentioned that we have been using some sign language in class.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified sign language specialist! I simply have some experience with sign language from a few advanced college courses, so I use sign language as a fun motivator in class. I find that sign language helps my students focus on directions, remain engaged on our lessons, etc.. It is very possible that some of the signs we are using are not completely accurate, yet they make sense for communicating quietly in class. If you know anyone who is an expert in this area, please let me know and I would LOVE to reach out to them!

MY GOALS FOR YOUR CHILDREN To foster independence and self-reliance To establish GOOD WORKING HABITS To establish a foundation for using STRATEGIES that will serve them well through all the grades To increase my students ability to follow oral and written directions To encourage my students to be excited about learning! How can YOU help? Communicate your concerns to me

Homework Responsibility and Accountability Please check your childs backpack daily and watch them put their homework back into their folder and into the backpack for the next day Practice Math Facts-- not just randomly, but with recognition of relationships between numbers (fact families, doubles, doubles plus one, making a ten) Encourage reading outside of schoolwork

Encourage the use of broader vocabulary in every day conversation Play online games with your child from sites suggested on my webpage Your child's login for most, but not all, websites is otstudentID (type ot, then your child's 5 digit lunch code) Your child's password is ot123456 Contacting Me EMAIL is the most efficient way to contact me throughout the day. If you call the office, I may be teaching and not have an opportunity to return your call until after school or even the following day. I try my best to return emails even after school hours. I apologize in advance for errors in spelling and punctuation if texting or voice messaging a response to

you from my phone! It bothers me to not be totally professional with my written responses, however, I would rather send you a less than perfect message sooner than a proofread one much later or the following day. When in doubt, reach out to me!!! No matter how big or small, I would prefer that you share any concerns that you have about your child before an issue starts to grow. I am here to work WITH you to ensure the most positive experience possible for your child this year! ???????????????? QUESTIONS? Please write any questions that you may have on the index card provided. You can place your question card in my Notes for Mrs. Eosso basket and I

will either email you a response, send a note home with your child, or call you if necessary. THANK YOU!!! Thank you for taking the time to come out and learn about your childs academic program tonight. Your support means so much and makes a difference in your childs education! **Please understand that tonight is not designed for individual conferences. If you have specific concerns you wish to discuss, I would be glad to set up a meeting with you in the near future.** Thanks for POPPING IN!

I am looking forward to speaking to you individually at conferences PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES WILL BE OCTOBER 19-21 PLEASE TAKE SOME POPCORN AND WATER FOR THE ROAD! Mrs. Eosso

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