LIVING ON CAMPUS University Housing and Dining PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Process Updates Contracts and Room Assignments Roommates and Room Changes Mooov-In Billing and Payments Options Advice for Parents Contract and Room

Assignment Updates Contract Updates We have offered contracts for the following application dates: Male Students: Dependent on Presentation Date

Female Students: Dependent on Presentation Date Offer contracts every 5 days Depending on Space Availability Next offer will be : Dependent on Presentation Date Will have 4 day deadline to complete contract Will be for a supplemental room on campus What is Supplemental? Check out our website provided in the contract offer email: http://housing.utexas.edu/future/ supplemental-housing Space Description We had over 70% choose to stay in their supplemental room last year. Roommate and Room Assignment implications Email notification when your contract is updated to a traditional room

Room Assignment Updates Room Selection was from June 18th June 30th

Email went out on 5/26 informing students of their timeslot Information regarding the halls and the process are on the building preference page in the housing portal Room Swap available after room assignment through July 31 st Paired roommates will be assigned together Roommate with the earlier timeslot can pick for both If you dont participate in room selection, we will manually assign Roommates and Room Changes Roommates

Roommate information shows in the application status page Talk to your roommate prior to your arrival Roommate Agreement Forms What should YOUR STUDENT do if theres a conflict or concern Talk to the Roommate (Fight the urge to skip this step) Talk to your RA and/or Complex Coordinator

What to do when it doesnt work out between roommates Room Changes Before Mooov-In: Room Swap Roommate Pairs move together Supplemental to Traditional

Email notification from Housing and Dining After Mooov-In Room Change Request Approval process from complex coordinator for roommate conflicts Space Availability

Limited space early in the fall semester Mooov-In Mooov-In August 24th and 25th from 7am 7pm Check out our websites:

http://housing.utexas.edu/future/mooov-in-before-arrive http://housing.utexas.edu/future/mooov-in-checkingin Register for your arrival date and time Open July 1st Early Arrival Starts at 3pm on Monday, August 20th $50 per day until Mooov-In

Late Arrival Still register for an arrival date and time Let our office know if you are arriving after the allotted date and times Billing and Payment Options 2018-2019 HOUSING PRICES Prices below include both fall and spring semesters for room, meals and ResNet with applicable sales tax. Students receive $1800 Dine In Dollars & $200 Bevo Bucks

Shared space with community bath = $11,250 Renovated Jester shared space with community bath = $11,608 Shared space with connecting or private bath = $11,966 Renovated Jester shared space with connecting or private bath = $12,234

Shared space in San Jacinto or Duren = $14,116 Single space* = $13,500 - $18,617 *There are very few single space rooms and they are typically reserved for returning students or reserved for medical accommodations. PAYMENT OPTIONS Pay in full (Due Sept. 15) Pay each semester (Due Sept. 15 and Feb. 15) Split each semester payment into three installments for an additional fee per semester. (Due Sept. 15, Oct. 15, Nov. 15,

Feb. 15, March 15, April 15) Payments are accepted in cash, check, credit/debit (fees apply), money orders and financial aid. Payments can be made on the students What I Owe page. Late fees and financial bars are placed on a student's account as needed. eProxy Students can grant eProxy status to a parent or guardian. With eProxy, parents can view housing status, pay housing bills and view transactions Students and parents can add more to their Dine In Dollars or Bevo Bucks at any time.

Bevo Bucks can be used by students who live on or off campus. Advice for Parents Advice for Parents It is important to stay connected with your student Especially at the beginning of the semester Combat homesickness

Provides a smoother transition towards independence Encourage the student to get engaged With their roommate With their floor Find events and organizations to get plugged into at UT

Join Texas Parents Send a care package or letter COME VISIT, ASK A QUESTION OR FIND US ONLINE! Housing Reservations Office Kinsolving Residence Hall 200 W. Dean Keeton Austin, TX 78712

[email protected] (512) 471-3136 housing.utexas.edu facebook.com/UniversityHousingandDining @UTHousing HOOK EM!

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