Ta - PMI La Crosse - Rochester Chapter

Ta - PMI La Crosse - Rochester Chapter

Leadership Development Abbey Hellickson, M.Ed. Business Growth Consultant www.enterpriseminnesota.org Agenda Talent Management Leadership Development

Action Plan 2 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Todays Objectives Describe the impact leaders have on an organization Describe steps to develop leaders

Create an action plan 3 www.enterpriseminnesota.org 4 www.enterpriseminnesota.org 2017 State of Manufacturing 5

www.enterpriseminnesota.org Leaders What impact does a leader have on an organization? Why focus on leadership development? What happens if we dont focus on development of leaders? 6 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Talent Management & Leadership Development

Key to Competitive Advantage 7 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Leaders are not born; they are grown. - Peter Drucker, Harvard Business Review 8 www.enterpriseminnesota.org

Steps to Leadership Development 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Align to business strategy and talent management plan Employee involvement Identify leadership competencies Identify current and potential leaders

Identify current and future skills gaps Implementation of development Measure and evaluate 9 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 1: Align to Business Strategy and Talent Management Plan Business Strategy Talent Management Team Plan

Individual Plan 10 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 2: Employee Involvement Organization Needs Values Strategy Goals Mission

Vision Individual Needs Desired Competencies Open Positions & Opportunities IDP IDP

Development Needs Annual Goals Strengths Career Plans (Individual Development Plan) Adapted from Talent

Management Formula Bersin by Deloitte 11 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 3: Identify Leadership Competencies

Determine the competencies most important to your business Create the foundation for development Establish the competencies for leaders at different levels Frontline Middle Management

Senior Level 12 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 4: Identify Leaders Identify current and potential leaders Review their competencies

Review their performance 13 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 5: Identify Skills Gaps Analyze and monitor current skills gaps Analyze and monitor future skills gaps

Create a leadership skills matrix 14 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Leadership Skills Matrix Example 15 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 6: Implementation of Development

Prioritize skills focus Create an IDP (Individual Development Plan) Implement and support development activities

Applied development Mentoring and coaching Development opportunities Peer groups 16 www.enterpriseminnesota.org 17

www.enterpriseminnesota.org 18 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Step 7: Measure and Evaluate

Create metrics as part of development program Conduct pre and post assessments and compare results Evaluate your development activities Consider impact on results 19 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Action Plan What is one thing you learned from the session today?

What will you implement from todays session in your organization? 20 www.enterpriseminnesota.org Putting it All Together Competitive Advantage

Individual Development Leadership Development Talent Management Business Strategy 21 www.enterpriseminnesota.org

Thank you Abbey Hellickson Enterprise Minnesota Business Growth Consultant [email protected] 22 www.enterpriseminnesota.org

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