SWAN Older Child Matching Initiative (OCMI)

SWAN Older Child Matching Initiative (OCMI)

What is the Older Child Matching Initiat and Why Should I Consider Referring My Youth For This Free Service? Joyce Riche Karen Knodel Diakon Adoption & Foster Care Kelly Myers Family Design Resources What is the SWAN OCMI Grant? State-funded grant Focuses on matching older youth with adoptive families Involves intensive recruitment Free service Created in 2008 What are the Requirements? 10 years of age or older. Sibling groups- 1 youth must be 10 years of age or older. Have a primary goal of adoption (county established or court ordered). Be legally free unless the court that determines dependency will not terminate parental rights until an adoptive resource has

been identified. Be eligible for active PAE registration. Be allowed to use identifying photos for recruitment purposes. OCMI Partners Diakon Adoption & Foster Care SE and NE Pennsylvania- Helene Kosciolek NE Pennsylvania- Marian Kolcun Central Pennsylvania- Katie Juliana Central Pennsylvania-Amanda Harlacher Partner Agencies Bethanna, SE Pennsylvania-To Be Hired Project STAR at The Childrens Institute, SW Pennsylvania- Russ McCurdy Family Pathways, West and NW PennsylvaniaNic Landon and Karly Vogt Older Child Matching Initiative (OCMI) Map Erie Karly Vogt Warren Family Pathways McKean Potter

Tioga Bradford Susquehanna Wayne Crawford Forest Elk Venango Mercer Cameron Clearfield Butler Nic Landon Family Pathways Indiana Russ McCurdy Project Westmoreland

STAR Amanda Harlacher Blair Diakon Huntingdon Carbon Dauphin Perry Diakon Greene Fayette Berks Diakon Fulton Franklin Lancaster York

Adams Karen Knodel: [email protected]; 610.682.1527 Amanda Harlacher: [email protected]; 717.795.0317 Katie Juliana: [email protected]; 717.795.0479 Marian Kolcun: [email protected]; 570.351.9290 Helene Kosciolek: [email protected]; 610.682.1564 Nic Landon: [email protected]; 724.284.9440 Russ McCurdy: [email protected]; 412.244.3083 Karly Vogt: [email protected]; 814.807.2578 Bucks Montgomery Katie Juliana Bedford Northampton Helene Kosciolek Lebanon Cumberland Somerset Monroe

Lehigh Juniata Cambria Allegheny Diakon Snyder Northumberland Schuylkill Mifflin Pike Marian Kolcun Montour Columbia Union Centre Armstrong Washington

Luzerne Jefferson Lawrence Beaver Lackawanna Lycoming Clinton Clarion Wyoming Sullivan Bethanna Chester Philadelphia Delaware OCMI Recruiters Katie Juliana

Karen Knodel Helene Kosciolek Nic Landon Marian Kolcun Russ McCurdy Karly Vogt Erie Warren McKean Potter Tioga Bradford

Susquehanna Wayne Crawford Forest Mercer Elk Venango Cameron Sullivan Clearfield Butler Beaver Union Centre Armstrong Indiana Juniata

Blair Dauphin Lebanon Fayette Bedford Fulton Franklin Bucks Berks Montgomery Cumberland Somerset Northampton Lehigh Perry Washington

Greene Carbon Huntingdon Westmoreland Monroe Montour Columbia Snyder Northumberland Schuylkill Mifflin Cambria Allegheny Pike Luzerne Jefferson Lawrence

Lackawanna Lycoming Clinton Clarion Wyoming Lancaster York Adams Chester Philadelphia Delaware 64 Counties and Growing! What Services are Provided? Recruiters Recruiters Recruiters Recruiters complete a case record review complete PAE registration

meet youth monthly meet with treatment team and participate in team meetings Recruiters read family profiles and submit possible families to county Recruiters participate in matching, selection, and placement Recruiters perform family finding if requested Youth-Driven Recruitment Activities Matching Moments Matching Events Flyers, Power Point Presentations Older Youth Match Parties Waiting Child TV Segments Vals Kids, A Little Love, Waiting Child, Wednesdays Child, Hearts Without Homes, Adopt Lehigh Valley Kids, Heart Gallery and/or SWAN Photographers Radio Waiting Children at a Glance Diakons Website and Facebook Page Media campaign featuring OCMI youth- 2013, 2014, and 2017 Television and radio Print

Documentary Top Flight Media won a Mid Atlantic Emmy Award for the 2013 #MeetTheKids documentary. 6 youth from the 2013 campaign have been finalized; 2 others achieved another type of permanency. 3 youth from the 2014 campaign have achieved permanency OCMI versus Traditional CSR OCMI youth must be 10 CSR referrals can be any years old. OCMI youth must meet eligibility requirements from earlier slide. OCMI youth must be eligible for PAE registration. Youth-driven recruitment. Free service. Continued involvement through finalization

age child. CSR referrals can be for children with any goal. CSR referrals should be PAE registered. CSR can be youthdriven. Uses SWAN dollars . Services typically end prior to placement of child. Statistics 2008-2009 7/1/08 to 6/30/08 2017-2018 7/1/17 to 2/28/18 (66.6% of the year) Matches: 53 Matches: 25 Placements: 18 Placements: 17

Finalizations: 3 Finalizations: 12 Referral Process Type of service you are requesting Non-relative recruitment, family finding, or both Demographic information Goals Brief summary of youths current circumstances SWAN services as well as other services youth is receiving Verification that identifying photographs can be used for recruitment purposes Making an OCMI referral on the SWAN portal Search for the Child Click on their name to get to the Child Summary Page Click on the OCMI referral button Verify the demographic and sibling information Select the county contact for OCMI referral

Next Steps Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Contact person to receive monthly OCMI reports Make a referral at anytime First come, first serve! Waiting List Questions? For future questions: Karen Knodel, Manager of Permanency and Grants Diakon Adoption & Foster Care 1 South Home Ave. Topton, PA 19562 610-682-1527 [email protected]

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