Stevenage FC - Pitchero

Stevenage FC - Pitchero

STEVENAGE FC SHADOW SQUAD TOUR May 25th May 28th 2015 Sportilia (Italy) U9 -U15 Monday 25th Thursday 28th 2015 3 nights Detailed schedule of the tour, including confirmation of departure times / venue and arrival times / venue Staffing Structure Contact details and Social Media communication Rooming Allocation Sports Insurance

Clothing and sundries to take EHIC/ Passports / Money Payment details Overview Monday 25th May

Depart Heathrow 0830 BA 540, arrive Bologna 1135 Thursday 28th May Depart Bologna 1240 BA541, arrive Heathrow 1355 Flight Schedules

Monday 25th May Lunch Tour of facility Train in the afternoon Rest 2nd training session Evening meal Relax

Bed ! 10pm everyone Itinerary Day 1

Tuesday 26th May Breakfast Meeting in Conference Room Training Technical & Tactical Lunch 12.30pm Training light session technical Game 1 - at Sportilia v Matterano Official AC Cesena Shadow Squads 4pm kick off Cool Downs Evening meal - 9pm Wine at table for parents Bed 10pm EVERYONE!!

The Itinerary Day 2

Wednesday 27th May Breakfast 8.30am Team meeting 9.15am Train 10am 11.45pm Lunch 12.30pm Training session light technical Game v Rimini in Rimini 4pm Cool downs Evening meal 7pm Player feedback meetings

The itinerary Day 3 Thursday 28th May Breakfast 7am Room check and depart for Bologna Airport 8.30am

Arrive Heathrow 1.55pm The itinerary Day 4 Tour led by Robbie OKeefe Head of Coaching U9 U18 Tom Hart and Dean Clark (Academy Lead Phase Coaches) plus Academy coaching staff to work with and coach age band squads Physiotherapists TBC ( Academy Physios) Tour point of contact: Robbie OKeefe

Staffing Structure Robbie OKeefe 07950- 399216 / [email protected] Sportilia: Tel No 00 39 0543 996133 Twitter score updates etc Contact details and Social Media 3 players to a room if players want to make 4 no

problem Single room occupancy for parents Players can choose who they room with Rooming Allocation Endsleigh Insurance price to be advised Players can take out their own medical insurance Please be aware that when playing sports abroad a standard insurance policy will not cover you for injuries / treatment

Sports Insurance Laundry facility for training kit, 2 sets max ( label everything!) No rules on leisure wear out of training Tracksuit to games Electronics allowed Named water bottle Banana Boat sunscreen if possible ( named) 70 / 80 euros for Sportilia Euros and sterling for travel, both ways!!

Clothing and Sundries to take Players travelling on own to hand in EHIC and Passports to staff - receipts given Money, in clearly marked envelopes or wallets to be handed to staff before trip receipts given Parents travelling with children can look after everything What is EHIC? Expiry date of passports!!!

EHIC/ Passports and money Q&A Full payment for tour must be completed by March 31st 2015 Payment includes full board accommodation and all transfers in Italy Any questions please email [email protected]

Payment Details & Questions

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