State PTA Resolutions -

State PTA Resolutions -

PVP COUNCIL OF PTAS AND PVPUSD CAPITOL CONVOY 2018 AGENDA Welcome and Introductions Overview of Capitol Convoy Advocacy Dr. Don Austin, PVPUSD Superintendent PTA and Advocacy Process of developing advocacy points

PVP Council of PTAs Legislative Rep., Beth Meyerhoff Four Advocacy Points School Funding Crisis Response Mental Health UC Admissions Capitol Convoy 2018 Cathy Fresch and Lori Siembieda, Capitol Convoy Chairs Overview Travel Schedule Preparation

Binder Meeting with Legislators Legislative Teams Team Meetings Save the Dates Capitol Convoy April 17-18, 2018 State PTA Convention, April 27-29 in Ontario PROCESS OF DEVELOPING OUR ADVOCACY GOALS * BEGAN LAST FALL WITH INPUT FROM PVPUSD AND PTA PARENTS

* LEGISLATIVE REPRESENTATIVES FROM EACH SCHOOL MEET MONTHLY * COUNCIL PTA EXECUTIVE BOARD AND ASSOCIATION APPROVED 3/16 * PVPUSD SCHOOL BOARD VOTES TO APPROVE State PTA Resolutions PTA resolutions act as touchstones for our advocacy. State PTA also has: * Position Statements - updated by State PTA Commissions * Legislative Planks

Can be found on FOUR ADVOCACY POINTS 1. Increases in per pupil funding Support for Assembly Bill 2808 2. Crisis response trainings/drills as part of school safety plans 3. Block grants for mental health and wellness programs SB 972 (Portantino) and AB 2390 (Harper) for pupil identification cards to include National Suicide Prevention Life telephone number AB 2639 (Berman/ODonnell) for online training to train school

staff and pupils on pupil suicide prevention 4. Legislate cap on out-of-state UC applicants LCFF, LCAP AND THE DASHBOARD CALIFORNIA SCHOOL FUNDING THE BASICS LOCAL CONTROL FUNDING FORMULA

Local Control Funding Formula Enacted as a Trailer Bill to the 2013-14 Budget Act (Assembly Bill 97) Major restructuring of school finance formula Makes fundamental changes to how Proposition 98 funds are allocated LCFF Concentration Grant Districts/counties with over 55% of at-risk students

receive additional per student concentration grant Supplemental Grant for at-risk students Low Income Per Pupil Funding Under LCFF Concentration Grant 50% of Base Grant Supplemental Grant 20% of Base Grant For each at-risk student

English Learners Foster Youth Base Grant based on grade level Target equal base grants per pupil adjusted for four grade spans will be the same for all students at all school districts and charter schools Base Grant Grades K-3 Grades 4-6 Grades 7&8 Grades 9-12

Actual funding will depend on districts prior revenue levels along with other factors. LOCAL CONTROL FUNDING FORMULA LOCAL CONTROL AND ACCOUNTABILITY PLAN (LCAP) The LCAP is a critical part of the LCFF:

* Describes the overall vision for students, annual goals and specific actions districts will take to achieve the vision and goals * Must address the needs of all students * Must link the district plan with the district budget Each school district must engage parents, educators, employees and the community to establish plans Districts must establish Parent Advisory Committees to provide advice to the district regarding the LCAP Districts where 15% of the students are ELL must

establish an English Learner Advisory Committee that must review and provide comment on the LCAP Districts can utilize existing committees PARENT INVOLVEMENT 8 KEY PRIORITY AREAS WHAT IS THE DASHBOARD?


IN THE PALOS VERDES PENINSULA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT Total student average daily attendance is 11,100 We have an Unduplicated Pupil Percentage of 12.13% Statewide the UPP was approximately 62% 2017-18 State total funding is approximately $9,050 (not including local donations or the parcel tax) Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF) raises approximately $3 million/year Measure M parcel tax is $408/parcel (2017-18) and generates $8 million/year

HOW DOES PALOS VERDES COMPARE? ADVOCACY POINTS Crisis response trainings/drills as part of school safety plans WHAT ARE WE DOING IN PALOS VERDES? Safety Training Twice a year site training exercises Staff have viewed Santa Ana Unified School District Run, Hide, Fight video

Safety Supplies Emergency response manual PTA maintained emergency supplies Facility Enhancement Lock blocks on all doors Window shades Window film at multiple sites FUTURE PLANS FOR PALOS VERDES Ongoing: Increased availability of counselors Regular meetings with law enforcement and cities

Review of communication strategies Spring 2018: Evacuation scenario for Spring safety drills Security firm will conduct perimeter assessments Process for security enhancements at sites FUTURE PLANS FOR PVPUSD CRISIS RESPONSE August full scale active shooter training Awareness training for staff Student and parent education program Investigate entry system to school campuses

Implement a District Emergency Operations Command Between 2000 and 2013, there were 27 shootings at US schools, resulting in 57 deaths and 60 wounded More than 135,000 students have experienced a shooting on campus Over twenty states require lockdown procedures and six states mandate active-shooter drills CRISIS RESPONSE TRAINING AND DRILLS ADVOCACY POINT

Education Code 32282 addresses school safety plan requirements Fire drills and earthquake preparedness are mandated School security drills are not Mandating crisis response training and drills would ensure that our teachers are trained and students practice crisis response drills ADVOCACY POINTS Mental Health Block Grants

MENTAL HEALTH BLOCK GRANTS Mental health issues affect our youth 20% of youth have a diagnosable mental health disorder Anxiety affects 25.1% of youth 1 in 5 teens has a history of depression Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 young people aged 15 to 24 attempt suicide each year Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth MENTAL HEALTH BLOCK GRANTS Training staff on identifying students that might need mental health services

Hiring mental health staff More counselors Wellness centers Alcohol and drug education for students Parent education programs to recognize signs of mental health problems MENTAL HEALTH LEGISLATION SB 972 (Portantino) and AB 2390 (Harper) Pupil identification cards for public high schools would be required to include the telephone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, among other

numbers AB 2639 (Berman/ODonnell) Requires the State Department of Education to identify one or more evidence-based online training programs to be used to train school staff and pupils as part of the policy on suicide prevention ADVOCACY POINTS Legislate cap on out-of-state UC applicants UC NONRESIDENT ADMISSIONS The nonresident enrollment rate for the UC system

has risen from 5% in 2006 to 16.5% in 2015 The increase in nonresident enrollment impacts ability of California residents to secure admission to UCs LEGISLATE A CAP ON OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS TO UC SCHOOLS At five campuses, enrollment will be capped at 18% At UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UCLA and UC San Diego, nonresident enrollment will be capped at the proportion that each campus enrolls in the 2017-18 academic year

We advocate for an 18% enrollment for nonresident students at all campuses TRIP LOGISTICS - OVERVIEW 72 people attending Capital Convoy this year our biggest group yet! Great representation of our District Dr. Keith Butler, Associate Superintendent, Business Services Linda Reid, PVPUSD Board of Education 5 principals across all school levels 2 Associate Principals from two high schools Teachers and parents across all school levels

32 high school students representing all 3 high schools TRIP LOGISTICS - TRAVEL Departure from PVHS or PVPHS at 4:45 am on Tuesday, April 17th Southwest Airlines Fl.1222 departs at 7:05 am Residence Inn Marriott 1121 15th Street Sacramento, CA 916-267-6806 Return Wednesday, April 18th on Southwest Airlines FL 5766 arriving LAX at approximately 7:35pm

Return to PVHS or PVPHS between 8:30-9pm TRIP LOGISTICS - SCHEDULE After arriving in Sacramento, drop bags at hotel and head to the Capital Building Speakers and programs on Tuesday in the Governors Board Room in the Capital Building Tours of the Capital Building and Governors Office Small group meetings with individual legislators or their staff Tuesday and Wednesday Group dinner Tuesday night at Lucca Restaurant with guest speakers

Speakers and tours continue on Wednesday in the Eureka Room in the Capital Building TRIP LOGISTICS - PREPARATION Adults who are not current District employees Completed a Live Scan background check Completed a TB Assessment form Review trip binders Itinerary, local maps Information on PTA Advocacy & state legislators Supporting documents for advocacy points

TRIP LOGISTICS INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS Group is split into 15 smaller groups, each with a group leader Group leader is contacting state legislators to set up individual meetings to discuss PV advocacy points Expectation is that each group will meet with 5-6 different legislators or a member of their staff Be prepared for these meetings Representing PVPUSD and your high school Business attire

SOCIAL MEDIA! Follow PTA on Twitter @CaliforniaPTA, @33rd PTA, @PVPCouncilPTA Follow PVPUSD on Twitter, @DonAustin_PVP Instagram Use the hashtag #CapitolConvoy2018 THANK YOU! Table 1

Leader Student Pen Student PVHS Teacher Admin Dawn Wynne (Lunada Bay)

Emily Bengston Lukas Kraak Caitlin Waddell-Chow (VG) Linda Reid (School Board) Lisa Ericson (Paolucci) MIS

Mumba Mulenga Pallav Chaturvedi Jennifer Rooney (CORN) Salvatrice Kuykendall (RV) Alyssa Dearborn (RV) Laura Jankowski

Matin Rezepoor Amy Bray (VG) Julie Tarango (Lunada) Rosa Easton (PEN) Karina Remer Austin Nash

Malynn Akemi (MIS) Jaime Mancilla (RIS) Chinyarai Hamilton (MM) Joseph Meyers Gabrielle Kwon Beth Bucholtz (CORN) Michele Marcus (Cornerstone)

Jeannie Hahn (Ridge) Sara Conlon Akunnia Akubuilo Matthew Dollinger (STUDENT PEN) Brent Kuykendall (PEN)

Dana Conlon (SS) Aryanna Dawson Sarabia Ilia Pilic Sandra Field (MM) Christina Hlavac (Sol) Linda Kwon (Corn) Garrett Moore

Jamie Serin Doo Kristy Weinbauer (MC) Cheryl Dawson (Council) Lenunka Senaratna Sereene Saab Lucille Pluimer

(STUDENT PVHS) Monica Mittal (RV) Connor Tumulty Ryan Pascal Alexandra Schweisberger Katie Clovis (PEN AP) (Lunada) Allison Phillips (PEN)

Ethan Hampel Emily Rener Stephanie ORear (PVHS) Elizabeth Ho Colin Palmer

Christine Armstrong (MC) Holden Dahlerbruch Isabella Hutcheson Julie Trell (PVHS) Joshua Kahen Skylar McVicar

Matt Acres (RIS) Lori Siembieda (Council) Kristen Lu Maria Fernanda Valladares (RDM) Michael Allen Blois (MIS)

Keely Hafer (PVHS AP) Keith Butler (District) Colleen Rose (Lunada) Nancy Parsons (DAP) Tecia Barton (PVHS)

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