SSA-RCO collaboration in GA

SSA-RCO collaboration in GA

SSA-RCO COLLABORATION IN GA Cassandra Price, MBA, Director Office of Addictive Diseases, DBHDD Neil Campbell, Executive Director Georgia Council on Substance Abuse CASSANDRA PRICE, SSA GCADC II, MBA

Clinical background specific to womens services Began as the SSA in 2009 Serves as NASADAD President Provides oversight of state funded treatment and recovery system NEIL CAMPBELL, EXEC DIRECTOR

Statewide RCO o Public Education o Advocacy o Peer Recovery Support Services Peer Specialist Certification Training (CPS-AD/CARES) RCO Development & BCOR

Addiction Recovery Awareness Day (10 years) New Staff Orientation DOG LOVERS OUR HISTORY 2001 MH Consumer Network solidifies peer-based recovery support 1st in the country to be Medicaid billable. Over 1,800 CPS trained to

date. 2005 SSA asked for certified peer specialists for addiction was turned down 2007 - Developed peer-run service community organizations Peer Support, Wellness & Respite Centers 2009 ROSC Symposium Bill White, Ijeoma Achara 200+ participants 2010 Certified Recovery Empowerment Specialists. 620 trained addiction peer specialists to date 2011 Gathering of MH, AD PIR, providers, advocates create the Georgia

Recovery Initiative 2012 18 community-based Recovery Month events 6 Statewide Listening Sessions What Helps? Establishment of Office of Recovery Transformation OUR HISTORY 2013 Voices of Recovery at every state BH new employee orientation takes place at regional psychiatric hospitals 25 Recovery Transformation Forums

GRI continues its work, creates strategic vision, receives funding through statewide non-profit organizations Pre-screening of The Anonymous People for 450 people 2014 Strengthen partnerships with Georgia Mental Consumer Network, Georgia Parent Support Network Collaborations with local recovery leaders 2015 Continued technical assistance to 9 sites and facilitated 9 recovery symposiums 2016 - 5 Symposiums facilitated RCO Network Started

2017 3 Symposiums facilitated Continued growth of Network and RCOs 2018 3 Symposiums, $4 million appropriation of Addiction Recovery Support Centers KICKOFF TO RECOVERY! A $4 million legislative appropriation in 2018

WE DO THIS LIKE WE DO RECOVERY Build relationship by showing up for each other Honest communication Accountability Understand that were in this together Build common goals Be a good ally (stand up for me when Im not in the room)

ADDICTION RECOVERY AWARENESS DAY THANK YOU! Cassandra Price [email protected] Neil Campbell [email protected]

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