SPRING LIKE A MUSIC FRYDERYK CHOPIN Most famous polish composer Chopin was born in the village of elazowa Wola, in the Duchy of Warsaw, to a Frenchexpatriate father and Polish mother and was regarded as a child-prodigy pianist. On 2 November 1830, at the age of twenty, he left Warsaw for

a Austria, intending to go on to Italy. The outbreak of the Polish November Uprising seven days later, and its subsequent suppression by Russia, led to Chopin becoming one of many expatriates of the Polish Great Emigration In Paris, Chopin made a comfortable living as a composer and piano teacher, while giving few public performances. Though an ardent Polish patriot, in France he used the French versions of his names and eventually, to avoid having to rely on Imperial Russian documents, became a French citizen After some ill-fated romantic involvements with Polish women, from 1837 to 1847 he had a turbulent relationship with the French authoress George Sand. Always in frail health, he died in Paris in 1849, aged thirty-nine, of pulmonary tuberculosis

Chopin's compositions were written primarily for the piano as solo instrument. Though they are technically demanding, the emphasis in his style is on nuance and expressive depth. Chopin invented musical forms such as the instrumental ballade and was responsible for major innovations in the piano sonata, mazurka, waltz, nocturne, tude, impromptu and prelude. a

Chopin composed: 58 mazurkas 27 tudes (twelve in the Op. 10 cycle, twelve in the Op. 25 cycle, and three in a collection without an opus number) 26 preludes 21 nocturnes 20 waltzes 17 polonaises (one with orchestral accompaniment, and one for cello with accompanying piano) 5 rondos 4 ballades 4 impromptus 4 scherzos 4 sets of variations 3 piano sonatas, Opp. 4, 35, and 58 3 cossaises 2 concertos for piano and orchestra, Opp. 11 and 21

He also composed a barcarolle, a fantasia for piano, a berceuse, a bolero, a tarantella, a contredanse, a fugue, a cantabile, and a lento. For solo piano Chopin also wrote an Andante spianato (for the Grande Polonaise in E-flat major, Op. 22); a Funeral March; a Souvenir de Paganini; a Feuille d'album; and an Allegro de concert (possibly the remnant of an incomplete 3rd concerto). FRYDERYK CHOPIN 1810 - 1849 Chopin statue, Warsaw's Royal Baths Park Stylized rendition of Delacroix's joint portrait of Chopin and George Sand.

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