SMU Card

SMU Card

SMU Card INFORMATION GUIDE UPDATED 3/14/16 2 Purpose The SMU Card is available for use ONLY on purchases that are on behalf of Southern Methodist University business Who Can have a Card? Full time benefit eligible faculty/staff Part time benefit eligible faculty/staff Faculty/Staff must complete their 90 day probation period before applying for a card

Exceptions can be requested on a case by case basis with justification. Exceptions will be reviewed by the Director of Purchasing. Temporary staff must have higher approval and a significant business purpose to obtain a card 3 Overview Card Profiles Applying for a Card Card Test Activation of Card Adjusting Card Profiles

Canceling Card Card Cycle Data Transfer Receipts Fraudulent Charges PaymentNet Concur Training Concur Reporting

Compliance Consequences Contacts 4 Card Profiles There are 3 profiles offered for the SMU Card The One Card: This MCC group offers the user the ability to purchase non-travel related items and travel related items on behalf of the University. The Purchase Only Card: This MCC group offers the user the ability to purchase non-travel related items on behalf of the University.

This includes: retail (office supplies), other supplies (books), meals, conferences, other supplies (books), printing, & copying, etc. This excludes: airfare, hotel, car services, bus services, rental cars, & gas for rental, etc. The Travel Only Card: This MCC group offers the user the ability to charge SMU travel related expenses only. This includes: airfare, hotel, car services, bus services, rental cars, gas for rental, meals, parking, tolls, & conferences, etc. This excludes: retail (office supplies), other supplies (books), printing, copying, & anything that is not directly travel related 5 Applying for a SMU Card Applications for the SMU Card can be found on the website under SMU Card tab or Forms tab. There is a 90 day waiting period for new employees. Applications must be signed the by the default org owner and a Financial Officer or Authorized Approver

Applications can be sent interoffice or scanned and emailed to [email protected] Once completed applications have been received, you will receive 2 emails- one from the Card Administrator with instructions and then an invitation from Canvas to take your SMU Card test. TEST MUST BE TAKEN BEFORE YOUR CARD IS ORDERED AND A SCORE OF 100% IS REQUIRED. Card Policy, along with other training info will be provided prior to taking your test in Canvas-please review this information Once this is done, your card will be ordered You will then receive 2 emails from JP Morgan with your log in info to PaymentNet. Please allow 4 to 5 business days for card to come in. All cards will be delivered to the SMU Card Administrator and you will be contacted for pick up.

Any cards that are ordered on a RUSH status will be charged $25 as a fee from the bank. This charge will be on that card and will show up as an expense in Concur. 6 Card test Test must be taken by all NEW card applicants starting 02/01/2016. The SMU Card test is based off of the SMU Card Policy and this guide. Once sent an invitation, the test along with the training information can be access in Canvas It is a 20 question test and in order to pass and receive your card a score of 100% must be achieved. 7 Activation of Card

The SMU Card is now a chip card and a pin must be set up. The card can still be swiped at terminals that do not accommodate chip cards. Call the number on the front to activate the card. You will use the last 4 of your SMU ID#, not your SS#. After activation, set up a pin . The bill to address for your card is the PO Box address provided on your application. Make sure you input your card info into your Concur profile or update it if you are receiving a renewal card. 8

Adjusting Card Profiles Card adjustment requests need to be requested via email to a Financial Officer or approving authority. If approved, the request can be forwarded to the Card Administrator stating if the change is permanent or temporary. Changes include: Spending Limits: Increases above $25,000 monthly or $5,000 single without a PO or Contract must be granted with approval from the Vice President of Business and Finance. A description of what/why the purchase is for must be sent to Card Administrator in order to obtain approval. Monthly is the amount available for the complete card cycle Single is the amount available per transaction If your single amount is less than a transaction, a request to increase for that purchase is required. SPLITTING A TRANSACTION SO THAT IT IS UNDER YOUR SINGLE LIMIT IS NOT ALLOWED, IS CONSIDERED ABUSE, AND IS SUBJECT TO CARD CANCELLATION.

Card capability: Changes in card profile- travel only, purchase only, travel and purchase 9 Adjusting Card Profiles Swipe count: This is the number of times you can actually use your card. There is monthly count and daily count. This can be increased at the discretion of the Card Administrator. 10 Canceling Card If you decide you no longer want your SMU Card or you are leaving the university, please send an email to the Card Administrator requesting cancellation and an end date so that the card account can be closed in a timely manner. Once request is received, the Card Administrator will instruct you on how to proceed. Please make sure all your available transactions have been reconciled in Concur for your card. It is very important to submit reports for all outstanding expenses if you are leaving the University. For certain issues:

For all travel related items, contact Millicent Grant For all non-travel related items, contact Monica Corte If you know you are leaving, please discontinue use of your card so that all charges are posted before your end date. If your end date is immediate, please get with your manager to provide them with your documentation to your purchases so that they may work with the Concur Administrators to close your profile. 11 Card Cycle Card cycle is as follows: 20th-19th of the month If the 19th falls on a Saturday, then the close is end of business on the 18th If the 19th falls on a Sunday, then the close is end of business on the 20th

If the 19th falls on a holiday, then it will close end of business on the appropriate date 18th/20th Your card will refresh at midnight on the day after statement close and your funds will go back to your established monthly limit. Your non-travel card reconciling is once a month. You can do this report any time during the month. It has no impact on your card refreshing. 12 Data Transfer PaymentNet to Concur: Things to remember Charges can take up to a week or more to post to PaymentNet. PaymentNet relays the charges to Concur in a feed that runs TuesdaySunday night.

Please keep this in mind when you are reconciling if you do not see new charges. Charges must post to Concur to be IMPORTED to the report. Never add a new expense for a card charge. Please remember that charges will not show up on the general ledger until the report has completed the approval cycle through Concur. 13 Receipts Submitting statements and receipts to Image Now is no longer necessary. Scan your receipts per transaction and upload them into Concur or take a picture with the mobile app.

Match the receipts to the appropriate charges. A random monthly audit will be conducted to view the receipts and charges. Receipts are required for all non-travel card transactions. Travel transactions on the card require receipts for purchases made over $25.00. 14 Fraudulent Charges Please utilize PaymentNet to monitor your charges. Charges post to this system first and could take days to transfer to Concur. Fraud can be detected faster. If you determine that there is fraudulent activity on your card, please call the number on the back of your card ASAP to report to JP Morgan. JP Morgan will review and verify charges with the card holder. Your 4 digit pin/ss# is the last 4 of your SMU ID#.

Notify Card Administrator that you have contacted JP Morgan and a new card will be coming for you. Fraudulent charges are to be reconciled like other charges. Please leave them in your available expenses until the SMU Card Administrator reaches out to you. The credits for these frauds will not show up in your queue and in most cases are only made available to you by the Administrator. ***TIP*** When traveling out of your home area, it is always a good idea to reach out to the bank and let them know you will be in a different location, especially if you are traveling overseas. 15 PaymentNet PaymentNet is JP Morgans system that is used to manage the SMU cards. Everyone has access to this system and be provided log in info for their accounts. This system is primarily for the cardholder to view their statement and

transactions. All account coding is done in Concur. You can set up notification reminders in PaymentNet under your profile if you find them useful. 16 Concur Training Help with Concur can always be requested. If needed, one-on-one sessions can be scheduled. Millicent Grant [email protected] 214-768-2800 Concur help can also be requested on the Online Support Center @ 17

Concur Reporting Your once a month non-travel (expense policy) Concur report for card expenses and reimbursements should be done every month that you have charges. For assistance in reconciling your non-travel items, please go to for training materials. Your travel (travel policy) related card transactions/reimbursements should be reported per trip after the trip is complete. For assistance in reconciling your travel items, please go to For all card charges- NEVER add a new expense for items charged on your card. You must IMPORT the card charges to your report. If you dont see your charge- WAIT until it posts or you will be reimbursed something not owed to you. Any fraudulent charges/credits or any other credits will need to be reported on your travel/ expense report. If you need assistance reporting your fraud charges or do not see a credit post, please contact the Card Administrator.

18 Compliance REPORTS Non-travel Reports: Once a month and must include card transactions (if applicable) and reimbursements together. Receipts are required for all purchases except mileage and reimbursements to SMU. Travel Reports: Travelers should submit one complete travel policy report with card transactions (if applicable) and reimbursements per travel occurrence. Reimbursements will not be made until the travel is complete Travel reports must be submitted within 30 days after travel is completed or expense

was incurred to avoid tax implications. 19 Compliance Card Usage Disallowed Purchases Personal Expenses- Even if you are planning on reimbursing SMU Gas for Personal Car- Even if your vehicle is being used for SMU business. Mileage reimbursement is how SMU reimburses for this expense. All trips must originate at SMU. Greeting Cards or Floral Arrangements- see policy 3.10 & 13.5 Services Wire Transfers

Gambling Jewelry stores/shops- This requires approval with a valid business reason and is granted on case by case basis Cash Withdrawals 20 Compliance Personal Use Personal use is not allowed even if you are reimbursing the University First offenses will be reported and tracked Notify the Card Administrator ASAP when you realize the error

Work with the Card Administrator to make sure the University is reimbursed in a timely manner Continuous personal use will result in investigation and possible termination Splitting Transactions Your card is assigned a single limit amount based on what was approved by your Supervisor/FO. This is the limit amount for one purchase. If you feel this limit is not adequate for your job scope, you will need to reach out to your Supervisor/FO for a permanent adjustment on your profile. Splitting the amount between 2 or more swipes because your limit is not high enough for one swipe is not allowed. 21 Consequences REPORTS

Reports that are not submitted by noted deadline After the 15th cut off- Email to cardholder with a deadline date After deadline given in Email #1- Email to cardholder and supervisor/FO with 2nd deadline date After deadline given in Email #2- Card suspension and email to cardholder and supervisor with 3rd deadline date After deadline given in Email #3- Card cancellation and email to cardholder and supervisor 22 Consequences Card Usage Any misuse of the card will result in a warning to the cardholder with Supervisor/FO copied.

Depending on the severity of the offense, card suspension, cancellation, or termination may be a result. Continued violation will result in card cancellation and possible termination. 23 Contacts SMU Card Administrator [email protected] SMU Concur Administrator Millicent Grant [email protected] 214-768-2800

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