Sms Resources

Sms Resources

SMS RESOURCES SMS RESOURCES 1. FAA Public SMS Website: 2. AFS SMS Pilot Project & Voluntary Implementation website: 3. Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Airports website: 4. ICAO Publications and Resources website: 5. ICAO SMS Training website: 6. National Air Transport Association (NATA) SMS website: SMS RESOURCES 7. Transport Canada SMS website: 8. Transport Canada Process to Assess Industry SMS website: 9. MITRE SMS website: 10. National Business Aviation Association SMS website: 11. Australian Government Civil Aviation Safety Authority SMS Training website:

12. Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand SMS website: SMS RESOURCES 13. IATA Operation Safety Audit (IOSA) website: 14. Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore website: nuals/AFO/Reference_Materials/ 15. ExxonMobil Europe SMS Program website: 16. SMS Delta Employee Video: 17. Medallion Foundation: 18. IHST (International Helicopter Safety Team), SMS Tool Kit: ADDITIONAL SMS RESOURCES 19. WBAT (Web-Based Application Tool): WBAT (maintained by Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (UTRS)) is an option for those with an ASAP Program and/ or those that are part of the SMS Pilot Projects. WBAT provides aviation Service providers with a secure, fully customizable system that promotes safety and accountability across five employee groups. UTRS developed WBAT with funding from the FAA, and will deliver free on-site training and electronic support to Certificate Holders. Ms. Nicky Armour is the UTRS point of contact and can be reached at 937-836-8157 or [email protected]

[link to a good working model for Just Culture; free look and download] [FOD is a risk to engines and safe operations. See the following for FOD control programs. and HAI also has a good FOD program at Also, effective tool control helps prevent tools being left behind as FOD. See this article for a good description of a tool control program. ageNum=2 Noise is a known hazard. Here are the US noise limits tandards&p_id=9735

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